This section gives you a quick look at the campaigns and the overall performance of each campaign. Analyze the profitability of a campaign and analyze the overall performance of the campaign by taking a look at the total PPC costs, and the total sales brought in by the campaign.

Identify the high performing keywords and the underperforming keywords. Also, identify keywords that have a low CTR rate. If there is an increase in the underperforming keywords and keywords with low CTR, the campaign probably needs a refinement to identify the keywords that have a negative impact.

Clicking on the campaign opens up the ad groups and the keywords under the ad group.

ad group campaigns

For each ad group under the campaign, PPC Analyzer lists the KPIs that identify the profitability of the campaign

For each ad group, you can find the following KPIs

Keyword count - Number of keywords under the particular campaign.

Ad Spends - costs spent per ad group

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Sales - The revenue generated by the ad word

Orders - Number of orders fetched by the ad group

Clicks - Number of clicks on the product ad

Impressions - Number of times the ad for the product was displayed

ACoS - The ratio of the ad spends over the sales

High Performing, low Performing keywords - Keywords that are comparatively better than the others in the campaign and the keywords that are not bringing sales

Low CTR - Keywords that observe a low click-through rate even though the product ad was displayed to shoppers

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Clicking on the ad group again generates the keywords under the adgroup and a more precise report of the campaign, focussing on how well each keyword has performed and the metrics and values associated with each.\

For each keyword under the ad group, you get the following details

  • Keyword type; whether automatic or manual
  • Keyword match type; Broad, Exact or Phrase match
  • Number of searches
  • Ad spends - the total money spent on the keyword
  • Sales - The revenue generated by the sale of the product
  • Orders - The number of orders received by a particular keyword
  • Impressions - The number of times the product ad was displayed

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