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Amazon PPC Keyword & Campaign Summary

Amazon PPC Keyword Summary Keyword Summary shows the number of keywords in three performance buckets. Positive – Keywords with the high conversion rate – low ACoS, high sales orders. These are the keywords that bring the most sales. Increase your bids for these keywords Negative – Keywords that are inviting clicks but do not lead […]

Amazon PPC Campaign Spends

Campaign Spends The Campaign Summary gives you an overall sales picture of the PPC cost spent and the revenue generated from the ad sales. The illustration is a breakdown of the sales versus the PPC costs for automatic and manual campaigns separately. It is advisable to have a reduced bid rate for automatic campaigns. The […]

Amazon PPC Trends

PPC Trends Here’s an article about Amazon PPC and optimization best practices We get it – tracking PPC metrics is a hard task. The job becomes harder when you make changes to optimize your campaigns. The Trends in SellerApp’s PPC Analyzer stores the data of your PPC Campaign to compare and evaluate every tiny change […]

Amazon Selling – Setting Monthly Targets

Monthly Target Harvard studies have found that goals increase motivation and at the same time, achievement. Goals let you build the confidence to build a successful Amazon store. They also help track your progress in achieving the larger goals, giving you more time to work with the right strategies. SellerApp’s Monthly Target helps to achieve […]

Amazon PPC Campaign Manager Summary

Why do the PPC Ad KPIs matter? By combining the data from the views (Impressions) and clicks(CTRs to the impressions) and the orders, you reveal the picture of how your product ad is looked at by potential Amazon shoppers. This data helps sellers allocate their ad budget and work the right metrics for better sales […]

Amazon PPC Search Term Explorer

The filters in the Search Term Explorer, help you analyze the performance of keywords – in the campaign view and ad groups. Every keyword falls into one or more of the three categories below, Keywords with poor impression rate, clicks, and orders Keywords with high impression rate, however, a low click-through rate and low order […]

Amazon PPC Campaign Manager

SellerApp’s Campaign Manager gives you a detailed look into the structure of the campaigns and the overall performance of each structural unit of your Sponsored Ad. The Campaign Manager puts up the info in the same structure you’ve organized your ad campaign. The metrics to the right side of each campaign helps you analyze the […]

How to do Keyword Analysis For Amazon PPC ?

The hardest task in the PPC campaigns is to segregate the top performing keywords from the underperforming ones. SellerApp’s PPC Analyzer Negative Keywords and the Top Contributing Keywords make it super easy to get an easy hold on this data. Here’s an article about Amazon PPC and optimization best practices Keyword Analysis segregates the keywords […]

Automatic vs Manual Campaigns – Amazon PPC Optimization

Automatic Amazon PPC vs Manual PPC Campaigns. Both Automatic and Manual campaigns have their strengths as well as weakness. Depending on the goal of the PPC campaign, leverage the benefits of the campaigns. It is often suggested to run both Automatic campaigns as well as Manual Campaigns for the same product to reap the benefits […]

Amazon PPC Analyzer – Summary

Summary The Summary picks up the most important metrics from all your campaigns that help you understand the overall picture of how well your campaigns are functioning. The metrics in the Summary are pretty straightforward, Total Revenue – Total income from your Amazon product. The number of units sold multiplied by the listing price. Total […]

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