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30-day Amazon PPC Optimization Strategy

The Most Impactful Amazon PPC Workflow Most sellers PPC campaigns are in a state of disaster. Why is it that most sellers fail at PPC? Pretty simple. They don’t spend enough time optimizing their Amazon Ad campaigns. On evaluating thousands of Sponsored Ad campaigns, we’ve discovered a strong relationship between account activity and PPC performance. […]

Amazon PPC Strategy – Setting up the right goals

Launch Strategy – Gain Initial Sales Momentum & Visibility ACOS =< 100% This strategy is usually used when the product has just been launched. Initially, with very low or no visibility, it is almost impossible to reach out to your potential customers. Amazon solves this problem by providing an opportunity to gain visibility through Sponsored […]

Improving Amazon Targeted Advertising

Making the most of the best keywords There’s much more you could do to optimize campaigns other than adding new keywords in your campaigns! Matching keyword type is currently the only filter Amazon provides for targeting audiences on Amazon. First, let’s understand why targeting with match types is so important and how it could dramatically […]

Getting Started with Amazon PPC- Must know

Introduction to Amazon PPC Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are indeed a great marketing platform for getting your Amazon business off to a good start. While most sellers are convinced that they have to run PPC to make profitable sales, it gets hard when they have to set up a campaign for making profits. For this […]

Amazon PPC Keyword & Campaign Summary

Amazon PPC Keyword Summary Keyword Summary shows the number of keywords in three performance buckets. Positive – Keywords with the high conversion rate – low ACoS, high sales orders. These are the keywords that bring the most sales. Increase your bids for these keywords Negative – Keywords that are inviting clicks but do not lead […]

Capitalizing from the Top Keywords of Amazon PPC

Finding the top performers A great feature of the SellerApp PPC Analyzer is its ability to mine out the top performing keywords in your campaign. The keywords picked up are profitable keyword opportunities with the good conversion from low ad budgets, and keywords from automatic campaigns that have been performing well. In this article, we […]

Amazon PPC Campaign Spends

Campaign Spends The Campaign Summary gives you an overall sales picture of the Amazon PPC cost spent and the revenue generated from the ad sales. The illustration is a breakdown of the sales versus the PPC costs for automatic and manual campaigns separately. It is advisable to have a reduced bid rate for automatic campaigns. […]

Amazon PPC Campaign Performance

SellerApp’s Campaign Performance helps you analyze and compare, side by side, the PPC metrics, and the sales KPIs for two different periods of time. They help you understand the effectiveness of PPC marketing efforts put in for your product listing. Understand what worked and what didn’t. How to access the Campaign Performance? Login to your […]

Amazon PPC Trends

PPC Trends Here’s an article about Amazon PPC and optimization best practices We get it – tracking PPC metrics is a hard task. The job becomes harder when you make changes to optimize your campaigns. The Trends in SellerApp’s PPC Analyzer stores the data of your PPC Campaign to compare and evaluate every tiny change […]

Amazon PPC Campaign Manager Summary

Why do the PPC Ad KPIs matter? By combining the data from the views (Impressions) and clicks(CTRs to the impressions) and the orders, you reveal the picture of how your product ad is looked at by potential Amazon shoppers. This data helps sellers allocate their ad budget and work the right metrics for better sales […]
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