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Top Selling Products on Amazon: Strategies for Picking Winners

most selling products on amazon
April 8, 2024 18 mins to read

There are more than 353 Million products on Amazon! Unfortunately, picking a winning product to sell can be challenging. After all, imagine wasting time and resources on the wrong product and losing a ton of money. Therefore, doing your homework on the top-selling products on Amazon and the best selling product categories is an absolute must. 

Of course, manually scouring Amazon and trying to find a winning product based on instinct is not a good idea. 

After having helped thousands of sellers succeed on the ecommerce platform, we strongly recommend that you use a tool like SellerApp — a tool that can process billions of crucial data points and display key information such as best seller ranking, estimated orders of a product, estimated revenue, SellerApp’s opportunity score and much more, helping you zero in on a product with high potential. 

However, we’ll also list the best selling products on Amazon in this article to help you get started. Additionally, we’ll also cover the best-selling categories on Amazon.

Whether you’re a newbie looking to launch your first product or an experienced seller wanting to grow your product line, this guide will help you find the best selling products on Amazon.

A quick peek into the article:

Top Selling Products on Amazon and Best-Selling Product Categories 

It is no secret that selling on Amazon has become increasingly competitive in recent years. So, you need to know the best-selling categories and the top-selling products in those categories to decide on the products to sell on Amazon. 

Here are the top 10 best-selling product categories and the top subcategories to help you zero in on a winning product.

CategoryProducts include
ElectricalsLaptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras, headphones, speakers, etc.
Fashion and apparelClothing, shoes, jewelry, watches, bags, and other fashion items, etc.
Leisure and entertainmentBooks, music, movies, video games, toys, sports equipment, etc.
Home and DIYFurniture, home decor, kitchenware, tools, gardening supplies, etc.
OtherGift cards, vouchers, subscriptions, memberships, etc.
Health and beautyCosmetics, skincare, haircare, wellness, supplements, etc.
Edible groceryFood, beverages, snacks, candy, spices, condiments, etc.
Household and pet careCleaning supplies, laundry detergents, paper towels, pet food, etc.
Office SuppliesStationery, pens, notebooks, calculators, office furniture, etc.

As you can see, these are the few product categories you can choose from to sell on Amazon in 2024.

However,  consider other factors like competition, demand, profit margin, and customer reviews when deciding what to sell. You should also do your own research and analysis to find out the best products within each category that suit your niche, brand, and target audience.

Most Growing Product Categories on Amazon in 2024

Aside from best-selling categories, it is also essential to know which categories are gaining traction in the marketplace in order to uncover hidden trends and opportunities.

Given below are the few categories that have seen the maximum growth in 2024:

Best Selling Category on amazon

According to Statista, fashion and apparel will be the fastest-growing product category between 2022 and 2027, with sales expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 12.4%. 

Health and beauty will be close behind, increasing at a CAGR of 12.1%, followed by office products and electricals with 11.6%, and leisure and entertainment with 11.1%.

Best-Selling Product Categories During Holiday Seasons

Now you might be wondering, all this is well and good, but what are the best-selling categories during the holiday season?

Knowing these trends can help you optimize your inventory, pricing, and marketing strategies to boost your sales in the sales days.

Here are some of the best-selling product categories during the holiday season:

Toys & Games

most bought things on amazon

This category sees a huge increase in sales during the holiday season. 

There is always a good, ever-growing demand for this category because of the entertainment value. After all, Movie, TV and Cartoon franchises launch various toys based on new shows and characters. Meaning, there’s always a growing demand for toys.

There are also different sub-categories within the niche such as educational games that you to explore.

Some of the most-selling products on Amazon in this category are:

Magnetic Toys

top selling item on amazon

Magnetic toys, specifically, magnetic building block category of toys have immense potential right now. Not only do they have a low BSR but they also have 60-100 estimated daily orders. These toys encourage learning and development, making these toys appealing to parents. 

LCD Writing Tablet

most buyed products on amazon

Parents love to buy these tablets for their children as it not only helps develop creativity but it’s also mess-free. It is also mess-free, safe and can keep children occupied when parents take them out to restaurants, appointments, etc. More importantly, these tablets bring in approximated $1000 in daily revenue making it a great choice for sellers looking to launch their Amazon business.

Karaoke Microphone

While it may not look it, the karaoke microphone has amazing potential. Not only can it be used by children of all ages, it can also be used during parties, making it extremely popular. Surprisingly, there’s not a ton of competition for this product as of now. However, the current sellers do see about 60 to 80 estimated daily orders. 

  • LEGO sets,
  • Nintendo Switch, 
  • Board games


top selling products in amazon

Electronics are some of the most bought items on Amazon. This category is always popular during sale days, as customers look for good bargains on gadgets and devices. More importantly, there’s amazing growth in technology which gives rise to millions of electronic items, meaning there’s always a potential winning product lying around.

Here are some best selling products in the Electronics category:

Massage Guns

top amazon selling products

Massage Guns are extremely popular amongst fitness enthusiasts and athletes. They product short pulse bursts to help stimulate and massage of your muscles. 

Although this product has been popular for the past few years, it’s showing zero signs of oversaturation. 

Not only is the competition for this product relatively low on Amazon, but with the right branding, you could potentially make a killing as it brings in an estimated revenue of $4000-$5000 a day.

Language Translator Earbuds

most bought things on amazon

Wireless earbuds definitely have changed the world. However, Timekettle used that technology added their magic and created a language translation device to help people communicate. This effective device is so convenient that it prevents the need for a translator. This subcategory is not even close to being saturated, leaving you an unprecedented opportunity to steal a massive chunk of the market share. 

Some other top-selling items in this category are:

  • Fire TV Stick 4K, 
  • Echo Dot (4th Gen), 
  • Kindle Paperwhite, 
  • Samsung Galaxy S21/23, 
  • Apple AirPods Pro, 
  • Bose headphones.

Pet Supplies

most buyed products on amazon

Pet supplies are some of the most sold products on Amazon. This category has been growing at a steady rate over the years owing to how diverse it is. 

It offers everything pet owners could possibly need, including everything for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other aquatic animals, as well as horses and reptiles. 

Pet supplies also offer a brilliant profit margin of 30-40%, making it a highly lucrative business. Especially, if you’re planning on a selling a pet product with recurring orders like pet food or pet litter.

Here are some best selling pet products:

Pet Hair Remover

best selling products in amazon

This pet hair remover is extremely useful in getting rid of fur from couches, beds, carpets, car seats, etc. You don’t have to worry about busting out the Dyson or the using thousands of paper towels to get rid of your pet’s hair. So, it’s no wonder this product is flying off of Amazon’s virtual shelves. This product pproximately brings whopping $6000-$7000 on a daily basis. So, it’s definitely an amazing product to sell if your planning on getting into the Amazon selling business.

Pet Supplements

fastest selling products on amazon

The pet supplements market has amazing potential. In fact, pet supplements has a market size of USD 2.49 billion in 2023 and projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2024 to 2030. There are a wide range of pet supplements to choose from if you’re planning to break into this market. For example, supplements for the fur and coat, supplements for heart, immunity and much more. You could potentially dominate one pain point and make a killing.

Some other top-selling items in this category are: 

  • Furbo Dog Camera,
  • Embark Dog DNA Test Kit,
  • PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box,
  • Frisco Igloo Covered Cat & Dog Bed,
  • Greenies Dental Dog Treats.

Sports & Outdoor

which product is best to sell on amazon

After the pandemic, fitness and outdoor activity products also saw a surge in sales. It is now one of Amazon’s best selling products.

This category typically includes products associated with sports, both indoor and outdoor, fitness, and all the related equipment. For sellers who are looking to target this category, being creative and focusing on keywords is vital. 

Here are some top selling products in the Sports & Outdoors category:

Portable Home Gym

fastest selling products on amazon

Portable home gyms are a popular investment due to their convenience, versatility, and affordability. These compact exercise equipment systems offer a range of resistance training exercises that can be done anywhere, making them ideal for people who travel frequently or have limited space at home for a full-fledged gym setup. Although this product has a low BSR, it has an estimated orders of 30-40.

Collapsible Wagon Cart

most ordered item on amazon

Collapsible wagon carts are convenient, durable, and versatile. These carts offer a portable solution for transporting various items, making them ideal for activities like beach outings, camping, gardening, and shopping. The collapsible feature allows for easy storage and transportation, saving space when not in use. While this product may not fly of the shelves, you can still expect it to bring around 30 to 50.

Some other top-selling products in this category are:

  • Peloton Bike+ Exercise Bike,
  • Fitbit Versa 3 Fitness Watch,
  • Garmin Forerunner 245 GPS Running Watch,
  • Coleman Sundome Tent 
  • Callaway Golf Set.


amazon top 10 selling products

Amazon’s incredible growth in its initial years can be solely attributed to books. It is one of the most sold items on Amazon. This category also remained a favorite for Amazon shoppers during the holiday. 

It is a good niche to explore because it’s easy to sell books compared to other goods. There is also a variety of genres to explore. 

Note: When it comes to selling books, you have two choices – sell your own or resell popular books. If you’re planning on reselling, you will need to get the necessary permissions and documentation to prevent any legal issues.

Some of the top-selling products in this category are:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel by Bonnie Garmus
  • It Starts with Us: A Novel (It Ends with Us) by Colleen Hoover
  • Iron Flame (The Empyrean) by Rebecca Yarros
  • The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Home & Kitchen

top sold items on amazon

This category also saw a high demand during the holiday season. 

Some of the high-demand products on Amazon and in this category include bedding, furniture, cleaning supplies, heating, cooling, air purifiers, etc. 

There are also home decor and seasonal decor products along with storage and organization units, which rank high on the BSR list. 

Here are some top-selling items in this category:

1) Reusable K Cups

most popular item on amazon

Reusable K Cups may not be a new invention. However, these tiny cups are ingenious in their function. These cups, unlike disposable cups, help contribute to a lower carbon footprint making them extremely popular among coffee enthusiasts with pod-based coffee makers. 

Most importantly, it’s important to note that not all coffee brands have a pod variant. These reusable K cups allow you to ground up the beans from your favorite coffee brand and use the pod maker. This is one of the products with the most potential in the Home and Kitchen Category. As the coffee industry itself is growing at an unbelievable pace. 

2) Reed Diffuser

best amazon products

Unlike regular diffusers, Reed diffusers are low-maintenance and easy to use. They don’t require electricity to run, making them more energy-efficient. They also don’t require any attention once set up, unlike candles that need to be lit and extinguished. These popular products bring in an estimated daily orders of 30-40, making it a great starter product. 

Some other best selling items in this category:

  • Instant Pot Duo Plus, 
  • Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machine,
  • Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner, 
  • Philips Hue Smart Lighting Kit, 
  • Le Creuset Cookware.

How Do You Choose the Right Product Category to Sell on Amazon?

Finding the right product category to sell is easier than it sounds. However, there is a caveat – You need to use an effective third-party tool. Here’s how to find the best selling products on Amazon using SellerApp:

First, install the SellerApp Chrome Extension from the link.

Then go to Amazon, open the extension, and search for a product or category you want to analyze. 

Once the result is loaded, click on the SellerApp Chrome extension icon → Product Scanner. 

Now, explore different metrics to understand the opportunities in the category. Such as:

highest selling products on amazon

Note: Also see the Market OS score. This shows if it’s feasible to sell in this category profitably. The higher the Market OS score, the easier it is to sell in the category. 

  • You can also open the top product listings in the category and analyze historical pricing, ranking, and sales trends in the Product Intelligence tab.
most bought items on amazon

You want to make sure the sales trends have an upward trajectory without seasonal dips. 

  • Additionally, you can calculate the profit margin for the products in the category with the “Profit Calculator” tool. Just input your COGS, fulfillment cost, and other costs, and the tool will show you how much you can make from selling the product. 
high demand products on amazon

All of these will help you pinpoint a profitable product category to sell on. 

How to Find Low-Competition Products in a Popular Category

A good strategy to discover products with high demand and low competition is to go deeper into a category and look for more niche subcategories. 

The more narrow and focused you are, the more likely you are to find a market that is not saturated with competitors.

For instance,  Electronics > Portable Audio & Video > Boomboxes.

what is the most sold item on amazon

In just a few minutes, we were able to find a medium-demand product with low competition.  

Obviously, you will need more research to determine whether or not this is a good product category to target — You can do this with the SellerApp Product Research tool. Click the edit filters section and deep dive into the category of your choice.

Top Selling Categories

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Product to Sell

Unfortunately, just selling any product will not make money for you. As a seller, you need to use a strategic approach to determine the product you want to sell from specific criteria to ensure profitability. For example:

  • High Demand: Aim for products with a minimum of 300 monthly sales, translating to 10 sales per day—a solid benchmark for potential success.
  • Low Competition: Identify products with limited competition, making it easier for your listing to secure a prominent position in Amazon rankings.
  • Fewer Reviews: Amazon’s search algorithm considers customer feedback. Focus on niches where top sellers have less than 400 reviews.
  • Weight Below 5 lbs.: Heavy items incur higher shipping and storage costs. Opt for lightweight products to reduce expenses and enhance profit margins.
  • Size Below 18” x 14” x 8”: Larger products result in higher shipping costs and storage fees. Choosing smaller items helps minimize expenses.
  • Sales Price Between $10-70: Find a balance between affordability and profitability. Products in the $10-70 price range often strike the right chord with customers.
  • Cost 25% of Sales Price: Seek products that can be sold for approximately four times their wholesale sourcing cost to maintain healthy profit margins.
  • Everyday Use Items: Choose a daily usable product. These products tend to have strong market demand, making them excellent choices for sellers.

How to find the best selling products on Amazon?

Finding the best selling products on Amazon is similar to finding the best selling product categories on Amazon. Here are the top tips to help you find a winning product that can bring you a ton of sales:

Check Amazon’s Best Sellers Page: The easiest way to find best-selling products is to check out Amazon’s best sellers page to quickly identify the most popular items on the website. 

While this method is straightforward, it isn’t the most ideal as these products have a high competition. Additionally, the profit margins may not be great and the sales trend may be on the decline. Therefore, solely depending on this list may not be a good idea.

However, this list is updated every hour and provides insights into what products are currently selling well across different categories. Ultimately, this list is perfect when it comes to product ideation. 

Frequently Bought Together: Browsing through the Frequently Bought Together section of Amazon can give you product ideas.

Software Tools: Using third-party tools like SellerApp’s Chrome Extension or Even SellerApp’s full-fledged platform can help gather data on best-selling Amazon products such as sales volume, estimated orders, estimated revenue, SellerApp’s opportunity score, and other key product and category metrics that can help you find winning products with high demand and low competition. 

This method can give you crucial data and insights, helping you zero in on a Winning product with limited risk.

Explore External Marketplaces: Amazingly enough you can find product opportunities by browsing through other ecommerce sites such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Walmart, eBay. Doing so may help you find trending products that may not be available on Amazon. Since the product demand is validated on multiple platforms you can expect a higher probability of success.

Social Media: TikTok and Facebook Ads library opened up avenues for a whole generation of drop shippers. These drop-shippers used reversed engineered the ads library to find ads of winning products. They then competed with the sellers of the same products to steal a huge chunk of the market share.

You could use a similar method to find winning products to sell on Amazon. Of course, tracking trending topics or hashtags may also give you amazing product ideas. For example, literally search for best products to sell on Amazon FBA and find inspiration from the results. This method can give you key insights into what customers are interested in buying. 

Exclusive Insight: At SellerApp, we believe in democratizing Amazon strategies rather than gatekeeping them. 

So, here’s a nifty tip to aid you in swiftly discovering a potential product: Use Gift Lists

Did you know that Amazon offers a custom gift lists feature? These lists aren’t just for sharing; they’re also public. That means you can browse through them to gain insights into popular products. Simply peruse these lists to identify potential winners and streamline your product search process. 

Ideally, a combination of these strategies can help you leverage real-time data, market trends, and customer preferences to make informed decisions to effectively identify the best selling products on Amazon. 

Of course, simply finding top selling products on Amazon is not enough. You need to make sure that product makes sense for your business. You need to understand the shipping costs and the profit margin of selling that product. This includes understand the product’s weight and durability. For example, will it shatter when transported and affect your profits. 

You need to go a level deeper and understand the competition in the market. Essentially the overall category share of the product. After all, if you niche down too much to avoid the competition, you may not make enough sales.

More importantly, you need to understand if there are a good amount of search terms for your product to ensure the product’s visibility. These search terms can be found using third party tools and can come in handy when optimizing your listing or when you’re running PPC campaigns. 

To learn more, check out this video to understand how to find the right products to sell on Amazon!

Amazon Product Research Guide 2023 - Finding the Best Products to Sell

Final Thoughts

Although the top selling products on Amazon change constantly, quality and value remain its top priorities. 

Meaning that ultimately your product should benefit the customer and should be high in quality. 

Ultimately, it’s important to understand that you cannot solely depend on our list of best-selling Amazon products. You need to use a strategic approach when deciding the product you’re going to sell. 

To effectively choose such a product you will have to sift through the BSR, estimated orders, estimated revenue, and even look at the negative reviews to understand where you could potentially improve a preexisting product. You need to think outside the box to have the best chance of success. 

Unfortunately, finding this information by scouring Amazon can be extremely time-consuming. Therefore, we recommend that you use a tool that can give you those key insights. 

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