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Top 10 Best Selling Items & Categories on Amazon in 2023

best selling products on amazon
August 31, 2023 10 mins to read

Amazon is a great place to start your eCommerce business. With a plethora of options for sellers to decide on what products they want to sell, it can seem slightly overwhelming. Selling on Amazon Offers a lot of benefits to sellers like being able to generate more sales than they would sell through other channels.

The products you sell determine your success rate. Thus, choosing them wisely is a crucial part of your business. With the option of international expansion and low marketing costs, sellers have access to the massive client base that Amazon has to offer. 

One way to go about selecting the right products is to conduct some research on the niches or categories of the popular, highest-selling products on Amazon that can earn you maximum profit. These are referred to as the ‘best-selling products. 

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  2. How to find best selling products that suit your selling needs
  3. Best selling categories on Amazon
  4. Final thoughts.

What are the best sellers on Amazon?

Amazon has a dedicated bestsellers section, which can be found on their website and is updated on an hourly basis. It contains all the frequently bought products that are trending along with their ranking under each department, so you can decide the most suitable bestseller products to sell.

Keeping a close eye on this category of products is important because sometimes a product you had your eye on selling might get replaced by something else that has risen in popularity. This is the case with products that are ‘trending’ or seasonal products which rise to popularity only during holiday seasons

At the same time, some have perpetually held their positions in this list like books, games, and electronics to name a few. You could always consider these products after understanding their demand and profitability because they pave the way for the best things to sell on Amazon.

BSR also means that every product is given a score that indicates where and how it ranks not only on individual categories but on the related sub-categories as well. There are two rankings – the first one indicates the product’s ranking for the primary category it falls under. The second type of ranking is indicative of how the product ranks under the subsequent sub-category.

Finding the best things to sell on Amazon 

A product being a bestseller is not the only element you need to consider while making a decision. You need to have a fairly good idea about the shipping costs of the products, Amazon FBA fees, durability, and weight of the product to ensure that it is something that can be easily shipped. 

Products that cost anywhere from $10 to $50 or a maximum of $100 would be the ideal price range for products that you want to sell. Also, take competition into account and try to find an Amazon niche where the competition is lesser so that your products can stand out too. 

A product’s Best Seller Rank (BSR) is an important metric. How? Let’s say you have decided on what products you want to sell. You can then check if similar products are ranking at the top of Amazon’s BSR list. This will show you the potential of your products to attract the buyers of the best-selling products on Amazon that are already ranking.

The “frequently bought together” or “customers also bought” section is one that you should look into along with the bestsellers list. This is so that you can include products that are similar to the most bought items on Amazon thereby driving sales considerably.

You can also use SellerApp’s Chrome extension to identify the average BSR and opportunity to sell in a specific category. The opportunity score of a category will give you information on whether it has good potential to explore in terms of competition, revenue potential, and more.

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Some best selling products on Amazon

  • Home entertainment 
  • Cookware and cutlery 
  • Laptops 
  • Home office furniture 
  • Fitness equipment and apparel
  • Fashion apparel 
top selling items on amazon

Best Selling Categories on Amazon

Now let’s get down to the top selling products on Amazon. Under the best selling products, delve deep into the sub-categories of products as well for more insights. There are some principal categories, like books, clothing, home, and kitchen that customers favor no matter what time of the year. Additionally, a few other items may have seasonal demand but have good rankings in the list.

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1. Gift Cards 

Amazon’s gift cards are very popular as you can load them with the desirable amount of money and give it to someone so that they have the freedom to buy whatever they want from Amazon. With the wide range of products that Amazon offers, one is spoiled for choice and that’s what makes these cards very popular all year round.

most sold product on amazon

2. Electronics

This is always an exciting category to explore with new products constantly being added. Advancements in technology lead to the introduction of innovative electronic products that people are always on the lookout for. Several private label brands come under Amazon in this category, that are performing very well and qualify to be high-demand products.

Popular products in this category

  • Voice control electronics for home 
  • Wireless speakers 
  • Multi-plugs 
  • Tablets 
  • Monitors 
most sold items on amazon

3. Camera and Photography

Cameras along with photography equipment and other paraphernalia is a category that has room for a new seller’s potential. It includes a wide range of products not dominated only by certain brands.

Popular products in this category 

  • Home security cameras
  • Binoculars 
  • Telescope
  • Baby monitor
  • Portable lighting 
  • Camera stands 
high demand products on amazon

4. Video Games 

This category serves video game enthusiasts from kids to teens to adults. There is always a good, ever-growing demand for this category because it utilizes the most exciting technology for entertainment purposes. There are sub-categories to differentiate between different kinds of gaming platforms like Nintendo, PlayStation, Wii, Mac games, PC games, etc.

Popular items in this category

  • Gift cards for Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo
  • Gaming headset 
  • Gaming controller 
  • Gaming mouse and control pad 
  • Battery packs for controllers 
highest selling product on amazon

5. Books

Technological advancements have been great, but books will always have a special place in our hearts. The act of reading a physical book is pure joy and surpasses the experience that any technology can give. The way books project themselves these days makes them one of the most sold items on Amazon.

It is a good niche to explore because of the ease with which you can sell books as compared to some other products that have a more complex process of selling. There is also a variety in the various genres of books that authors write – fantasy, mystery, romance, contemporary, science fiction, dystopian, etc.

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best selling items on amazon

6. Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry

Amazon sellers who are looking to embark on selling in this category have to be ready to face tough competition because it already has very reputed products. To stand out, you have to offer something unique. 

It is not just about finding clothes or footwear or beautiful jewelry to sell. To be successful with these products, they have to be eye-catchy and should be able to distinguish themselves from other products in these niches. 

Popular items in this category 

  • Crocs 
  • Shorts for men and women 
  • T-shirts 
  • Socks 
  • Undergarments and swimwear
highest selling products on amazon

Apart from the primary categories mentioned above, some other popular categories are mentioned below

7. Beauty and Personal Care Products

Personal care and beauty products for skin, hair, nails, and those related to oral hygiene are popular owing to how conscious everybody is about looking good and staying healthy. This qualifies them under the top selling categories on Amazon.

Consumers are constantly looking for new and exciting products, especially those that are natural, organic, and chemical-free. It is also an industry that generates billions of dollars, so it is worth exploring for sellers. 

Popular items in this category are

  • Bath and bathing accessories
  • Foot and nail care
  • Hand creams 
  • Fragrance 
  • Hairdryers 
  • Makeup
most sold item on amazon

8. Home and Kitchen

Some popular products in this category are bedding, furniture, cleaning supplies, heating, cooling, air purifiers, and products for the kitchen and dining. There are also home decor and seasonal decor products along with storage and organization units, which rank high on the BSR list. 

hot selling products on amazon

 9. Pet Supplies

This category has been growing at a steady rate over the years owing to how diverse it is. This category has everything for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other aquatic animals as well as horses and reptiles. From cleaning equipment to toys and beds, this category has everything that pet owners need.

amazon top selling products
most selling product in amazon

10. Sports and Outdoors

This category typically includes products associated with sports, both indoor and outdoor, fitness, and all the related equipment. For sellers who are looking to target this category, being creative and focusing on keywords is vital. With regard to products that are specifically for the outdoors, it is important to include lifestyle images. 

most bought product on amazon
best products to sell on amazon

The above-mentioned categories are good starting points to your research on finding the most sold items on Amazon. 

Points to keep in mind while curating your BSR list 

  • These products entail fierce competition which new sellers might find difficult to cope with.
  • You may have conducted a good amount of research, but some listings keep getting updated, so you will have to keep track of when it will be trending and when it will suddenly stop.
  • Be wary of your profitability and sales margins because not all top selling products give you good returns. 

To sum up, some tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to conclude as to what the most sold items on Amazon are: 

  • Avoid products that trend on a seasonal basis
  • Find products that have low competition from a niche that is not already saturated. 
  • Refer to both recent and historical sales of items for clearer perspectives
  • Take shipping costs and other conditions into account if you’re selling fragile, perishable items. Choose those products, which have low weight hence low costs of shipping and low costs of storage.
  • Items that have high and consistent demand are a good way to go. That doesn’t necessarily mean that their sales have to be extremely high every single day but they need to be selling at a steady rate like 20 per day. 
  • Avoid products that require a ton of certifications, documentation, and paperwork because it can become very difficult to stay up to date with them. 

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Final Thoughts 

Amazon’s best-selling products are ever-changing, but the essentials are quality and value. Researching before you make a decision can be a cumbersome and exhausting process, but there are product research tools that can help you with it. As a seller, your most important duty is to provide value to buyers and be passionate about what you want to sell on Amazon if you want to make good profits.

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