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Data Analytics Solutions to Empower Your Business

In a world driven by data, it comes as no surprise to see businesses become so data-oriented. This is a core part of our philosophy at SellerApp, where we are determined to creating state-of-the-art, data-driven solutions to increase your revenues on Amazon. We have developed several machine learning algorithms targeting over 500 million data points on the marketplace. We did this in a bid to learn and extract valuable insights on the various aspects of Amazon business, and understand how to improve them further. The end result was our exquisite suite of features, devised from an ingenious mix of data and experience from selling on Amazon.

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Your search for an alternative to Viral Launch ends here. At SellerApp, provide a diverse range of solutions designed specifically to help you with your Amazon business. Let’s take a look.

SellerApp vs. Viral Launch - A Pricing Overview

A significant advantage of choosing SellerApp over Viral Launch lies in our expertise to help our customers realize their dreams of running a thriving business on Amazon. Starting with the Professional plan, our packages cover all the features you need to achieve your goal of hitting those 7-figure revenues. To put it in another way, whether you need help with product ideas, keyword research, or even running ad campaigns on Amazon, you will not find a tool more capable and efficient than ours.

We have already catered to more than 10,000+ sellers with our powerful software and a very dedicated Customer Success team.

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SellerApp vs. Viral Launch - A Feature Overview

Featuressellerapp-competitorViral Launch
Niche and Product Finder
Inspiring product ideas
Detailed Product Information
Product Search filters
Track historical review and price trends
Sales and revenue Estimates
Profit Calculator
Category and Seller Ranking
Multiple seller tracking
Product sourcing contacts
Keyword Research
Buyer keywords for wider reach
Detailed keyword information
Competition Intensity of a keyword
Keyword category
Unlimited keyword searches and CSV downloads
Page rank and search position tracking
Search visibility trends
Keyword Indexing optimization
Search Visibility Analysis
ASIN specific keywords (ASIN Reverse)
Competitor Keyword Lookup
Competitor keyword detail
Optimize backend keywords
Listing Quality Analysis
Desirability analysis of the listing
Discoverability analysis of the listing
HTML listing editor
Listing Quality Alerts
Portfolio Data Analytics
Amazon expert support
Hijacker Alert Tracking
Rating and review tracking
Rating alerts
Optimize Amazon Ads
Simplified Ad reports
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Here is why SellerApp makes for a Good Viral Launch Alternative

A Rich Database of 100 Million+ Products to Choose From

Whether you are looking for inspiring product ideas or need more data to validate your product research, SellerApp has got your back. With our in-house seller metric known as Opportunity Score, finding money-making products will be a walk in the park for you.

  • We look into demand, profit margin, expenses, quality, and competition to tell you about the feasibility of a product so that you can smart decisions in no time.
  • For every product in our database, you will get a detailed view into its past trends, estimated sales per day and revenues, dimensions, and review count.
  • You can also get customized results by setting your filters for results best suited for your business requirements.

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Keyword Directory Updated Every 24 Hours

With this alternative to Viral Launch, you will always be ahead of the curve and stay in line with the latest market trends, whether it is for finding products or keywords. We have an exhaustive list of more than 300 million keywords, fanned out across all the different categories on Amazon.

  • Gauge the potential of the keywords with Keyword Difficulty. Get the average review count, rating, relevancy, and estimated sales per day for every search query.
  • Plan your Sponsored Products campaign with CPC and search volume trends.
  • Switch between generic keywords and long-tail keywords easily with the click of a button! We compile the results in the two sections so that you don’t have to hunt manually for those profitable, traffic-driving search terms.
  • Discover the keywords your competitors are targeting with Reverse ASIN. Compare up to four competitors with the main ASIN to see which keywords are used by them in their listings.

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Boost Your Sales with Listing Quality Index

Our data science team has meticulously designed machine learning algorithms to evaluate the sales potential of a listing. The findings are combined into a Listing Quality Index and serve as a crucial metric to determine the effectiveness of your sales copy.

  • Your listing score is evaluated after a thorough comparison with your top competitors. Following this analysis, we provide detailed suggestions and insights on how to improve the listing for improved visibility and conversions.
  • Every component of a listing is scrutinized, starting with product title and bullet points, to images, reviews, rating counts, and even the backend search terms.
  • The Listing Quality Index is updated frequently so that you can make the necessary changes to your listing to stay visible on Amazon. It also ensures that you are always on par with your competitors.

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Know Your Top Competitors with Detailed Insights

Competitor analysis has become an integral part of doing business in today’s world. To help you achieve the same on Amazon, our algorithms examine millions of data points and extract actionable insights into your competition. Now you will be one step ahead of your rivals with a mighty advantage.

  • Track up to 500 products using our Product Tracking feature.
  • Every product you track comes with all the data you need to understand your competition. Essential metrics like estimated sales per day, estimated revenues, historical trends, Listing Quality Score.
  • Get a look into the keywords they are using in their listings and track the same using our keyword tracking feature. Identify the keywords they are not using and exploit this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Monitor your competition effectively through time and revise your business strategies as and when they do. Set alerts when they change their prices to avoid losing sales to them!

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Instant Listing Quality Check

Your Viral Launch Alternative Gets a Whole Lot Better! Here is How We Can Improve Your Business Further

Work with a Reputed Customer Success Team

We take massive pride in your world-class Customer Success team. Our clients have written raving reviews about our ability to understand their business goals and help them achieve the same.

  • We will welcome you personally when you join us. Our Customer Success executive will introduce you to our various features and tools and help you understand how you can use them to unleash the full potential of your business.
  • We will also understand your business requirements and work with you on strategies so that you can achieve your goals.
  • You can also set up weekly consultation calls with our experts. On our end, we will follow up with you regularly to ensure that everything is on track.

Plus, you can also approach us at any point in time. More than the business aspect, we are driven by a genuine passion for helping you achieve your Amazon business goals.

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Become an Expert in Amazon PPC Campaigns

At SellerApp, we realize that Sponsored Products Campaigns are just as important as any other aspect of your Amazon business; there is no reason to pay extra for them. With that philosophy in mind, we designed our PPC Analyzer Tool to help sellers ace their ad campaigns on the same platform, for the same price.

  • Simplified PPC reports and data that enable you to take quick, decisive steps without wasting any time.
  • Reduce wasted ad spend and improve your conversion rates by eliminating negative keywords.
  • Improve the profitability and ACoS of your campaigns by targeting relevant, sales-generating keywords.
  • Optimize your campaigns easily to achieve your ad goals, without any extra effort.

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Increase your Business Efficiency with Profit Dashboard

While many sellers enjoy going through the sales and profits of their business, it can turn out to be a time-consuming process with several reports to analyze. However, that hassle can be avoided with our Profit Dashboard.

  • On the back of seamless integration, our platform will extract all the key metrics of your Amazon business and present the same to you in a beautiful, elegant manner. With simplified graphs and reports, you will relish this moment.
  • Profits, orders, sales, top-performing products, ACoS - some of the few metrics that you will get on our platform. Take a deeper dive for a detailed view of your business with simple reports. No more going through multiple excel sheets and performing tonnes of calculations!
  • Identify the key areas of your business that require your attention with the utmost ease.

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Set Business Alerts to Protect Your Sales

There are many aspects of an Amazon business that can lead to a drastic loss in sales and organic rankings. It is essential to track and counter these rogue elements so that you can rest peacefully while your business continues to do what it does best. This free Viral Launch alternative will help you:

  • Prevent listing hijacking to avoid losing sales to fraudsters. We will monitor your listing 24/7 for any hijackers attempting to piggyback on your sales, and notify you immediately of the same.
  • Keep your inventory in stock with our advanced inventory management feature. Replenish it in time with insights from our advanced predictive analysis and prevent losing your hard-earned position in the Amazon SERP.
  • Keep an eye on the negative reviews, Buy Box, and your listing quality. These factors can greatly hinder your ability to land sales and for this reason, you should always be on top of them.

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