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Amazon Product Detail Page – A Comprehensive Overview

amazon product detail page
September 20, 2023 16 mins to read

Hey fellow sellers! Did you know that 77% of sellers with listing quality scores over 80 generated 92% more sales? Optimizing your Amazon product listing page can unlock a lot of benefits that can boost your advertisement ranking on Amazon.

There are highly critical elements on your product listing page that decide the visibility of your advertisement. What are these elements? How can we optimize them in the best way possible? Here is an in-depth article about how to create, manage and improve your amazon product detail page. 

Here is a quick view of what the article addresses:

  1. What is an Amazon product detail page?
  2. Benefits of a good Amazon detail page
  3. Elements of an Amazon product detail page
  4. Quality Standards For An Amazon Product Detail Page
  5. Amazon Product Detail Page Rules and Policies
  6. Optimize Product Detail Pages for Higher Conversions
  7. What are the Advantages of optimizing your Amazon product detail page?
  8. Final Word

What is an Amazon product detail page?

Amazon product detail page is the page that a customer sees when they search for a specific item on Amazon. The product detail page contains valuable information that the customer seeks before making the purchase. This information includes the brand name, brand logo of the product, the quantity of the product, ASIN, photograph, and other details. 

The Amazon product detail page is responsible for communicating about your product to the customers. It creates brand awareness and provides the customer with solutions for a problem that they are facing. 

Benefits of a good Amazon detail page

A good Amazon page is the dream of any Amazon seller. Implementing Amazon detail page best practices can engage the customer leading to better results for the seller. Having a clear understanding of the Amazon product page design will make it easier for the seller to convey his message to the sellers. Let us look at a few benefits of having an optimized detail page. 

Increased impressions

The better your Amazon product detail page optimization is, the better your impression rate will be. If you have all the page elements in the perfect form, your advertisement will be ranked higher and more customers will see it. 

Check out this guide to improve Amazon Advertising Impressions.

Higher chances of conversion.

When you optimize your Amazon detail page, you have a higher chance of a conversion. Sales are one of the core targets of being a seller on Amazon. If more people are visiting your Amazon detail page which is optimized and well presented, there will be more conversions. 

Better shopping experience provided to customers.

What does an Amazon shopper look for while going through an Amazon product page? They look at images to look at the product and the description to know about the product’s features. If you provide clear details about the dimensions, size, quality, and quantity of the product, you can convey more about your product. 

A non-optimized Amazon product detail page would not be able to bring in the necessary impressions that the seller is looking for. 

Amazon Product Detail Page Elements

  • Title

You can see the title of the Amazon product detail page here. The title will carry your brand name and product name. Only the first 70 characters of the title will be displayed to the customer who is looking at the advertisement from their mobile phone. 

  • Image

The image will show the customer what he would be receiving when he purchases your product. The images are photographs of the product taken from a few different angles. It helps the customer understand its dimensions. 

To learn more about Amazon product photography, click here.

  • A+ Content
amazon a+ content for product page

Amazon A+ Content is a free service for both vendors and sellers that can boost conversion rates by providing emotional and detailed content to buyers. The A+ content is made up of images and text that are not indexed by Amazon. This content is indexed by Google instead. A+ content can be utilized to emphasize key features or demonstrate how to use the product.

  • Inventory

Inventory is the number of items that are available or currently in stock. This describes the quantity of the item that is left for customers to buy. Inventory is very important information described on the Amazon product detail page. 

  • Bullet points & Description

This section is used to describe your product and what its features are. The Amazon bullet points and description is read by the customer to discover more about the product like its color options and dimensions. This content is what helps the customer to select if the product is a specific match for their taste.

  • Product name

The name of the product will be mentioned here. The product name is what the customer uses to navigate to a specific Amazon detail page. 

  • Price

Your product’s price will be denoted here. Note that the price of the product will also create an impact for the customer who is looking for value for money while searching for a product. 

check out these top Amazon price trackers to set competitive prices for your products.

  • Buy Box

If the seller is awarded the Amazon buy box, it will be shown on the right side of the page. This will be an “Add to cart” option that you can notice on the right side of the page along with the advertisement. 

  • Customer Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions and Answers would be mentioned here. This aims to provide detailed queries or other information about the product to the customer. Having good questions and answers would help present your product to the customer with clarity.

  • Variations

You can add a variation for your present Amazon product detail page here. This presents the customer to explore similar products or find a better option aligned to their taste. 

Now that we have explored the different elements on the Amazon product detail page, we shall discuss in detail the different quality measures that you have to ensure as a seller for the best listing quality optimization. 

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Quality Standards For An Amazon Product Detail Page.

  • How to write a good title?
amazon product detail page quality standards

Include the brand name and product name on your Amazon product page. Ensure that you include 3-4 high-value keywords in the content. The title should be 200 characters in length. Make sure that you include the amount and the dimensions of the product. Do not overcrowd your title with keywords. Always ensure that you only use high-relevance keywords on your Amazon detail page. 

  • What are the quality standards for an image?
What are the quality standards for an image

High-definition images must be used to give your customer a good visual representation of your product. 6+ HD images are mandatory if you want to rank your advertisement high on Amazon. Your brand logo should have a resolution of 600 x 180 pixels. It should have 72dpi dot density to get an 80+ listing quality score.

Another important point to remember is to maintain 1000 pixels on the longest side of the picture and 500 pixels long on the shortest side of the image. Another parameter is that the image should not go beyond 10000 pixels on the longest side. 

The product should constitute 85% of the total image. Having a white backdrop should be a must-follow direction for any image that you are preparing to upload.  

  • How to write good bullet points & product descriptions?
amazon product listing page features

Features of your Amazon product listing page must be mentioned in this section. There should be a total number of 5 points to explain your product in detail. The bullet points and description should include high-ranking and high-relevance keywords for better optimization. There is a 2000-character limit for the bullet points. Include the best features and unique attributes of the product. Do not write long bullet points, this will make your bullet points lose their clarity and be tiring to read through. Align the bullet points to the mobile view so that customers viewing the advertisement through a mobile phone can easily go through the Amazon detail page. 

  • Review
how to requests a amazon review

Best product quality ensures good reviews from your customers. Amazon automatically requests a review from the customer after a sale. If there is no response from the customer, there is a “Request a review” option that is available on the Amazon order page. Once you get a review, do not forget to respond to it. An accurate and timely response to feedback is important for the overall strength of your Amazon detail page. 

  • Ratings
amazon product ratings

Always maintain the number of positive and negative reviews. Respond to negative ratings as soon as you can. A good number of ratings can increase your impressions and be a reason for your product detail page to be higher up in the organic rankings. 

  • Customer Questions & Answers
amazon customer questions and answers

Include questions that are frequently asked by customers to provide an in-depth clarity about your product. Customer Questions and Answers help customers to fill the gap of knowledge about your product.

There will be frequently asked questions that you may receive. Post these questions and write short yet informative answers. This will help you answer important doubts your customers have and get closer to the purchase decision. 

  • “Frequently Bought Together” Items.

In this section on an Amazon product detail page, you can see the two add-on products that your customer purchases along with your product. According to Amazon statistics, over 35% of all sales on Amazon come from the recommended item section. Try and get as many as your product listings to show up in this recommended items section. 

  • “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section.

This section is created by Amazon. They add all the relevant purchases that were made by a specific ASIN search. This is Amazon’s anticipatory attempt to see what to show to a customer to make more sales. 

Amazon Product Detail Page Rules and Policies

General Rules

  • Follow any appropriate style rules and avoid utilizing HTML, JavaScript, or other forms of code.
  • Exclude content that is profane or offensive, contains links or contact information, contains plot spoilers, contains reviews or requests for reviews, and contains advertising.
  • Make sure your products are properly categorized and described.
  • If a product already has a detail page, don’t make a duplicate page for it.
  • For new goods or versions, create new detail pages.
  • Only make “variations” that are relevant to the main product

Rules For Writing Amazon Product Detail Page Listings

The Amazon product detail page rules given below describe the components that are not permitted while writing listings. Cross-check this list to make sure that there are no similar points on your Amazon product detail page. 

  • Content that is pornographic, vulgar, or offensive.
  • Phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, and website URLs are all examples of personal information and are not permitted.
  • Details about the availability, pricing, or condition of the item.
  • Only use capital letters at the start of each word. Throughout the attribute, do not utilize full capital letters. This is true for the product title, bullet points, and/or description.
  • Alternative shipping offerings, such as free shipping, or links to other websites for placing orders.
  • Books, Music, and Video or DVD (BMVD) lists include spoilers. This involves revealing plot information that is vital to a story’s suspense or surprise finale.
  • Testimonials, quotations, or reviews.
  • Requests for favorable feedback from customers.
  • Watermarks on images, photos, and videos, as well as advertisements, promotional material, and watermarks on images, photos, and videos.

Rules for adding Amazon product detail page listings

  • You cannot include information that infringes on the intellectual property rights of other parties or persons. 
  • Add a Product, inventory files, and Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS) listing APIs may not be used for anything other than listing products on Amazon.
  • In product detail pages, you must not provide fake product identification information,  UPC codes, and publishing dates.
  • You are not permitted to build a product detail page for a product that is already in Amazon’s catalog, including products sold on other Amazon marketplaces (this includes,,,, etc.)
  • You should not cross-merchandise or cross-promote a different product using product detail pages.
  • You must only submit information about the product’s features in general, not the condition of your specific piece. Any other vendor can list the same product using the product detail pages.

Rules for editing Amazon Product detail page listings.

  • For a new version of a product, you must not use an old listing. Color, size, material, features, and product name are all examples. Instead, for each new version, create a new product information page. A manufacturer, for example, changes its streaming media player by introducing a new remote control with four buttons rather than two. Because this product differs significantly from the previous edition, it requires a new ASIN.
  • You may only make changes to detail pages to improve or clarify the product’s original description. The ASIN title, brand, or manufacturer name cannot be changed or added to the appropriate data sections.
  • You must generate a new ASIN rather than update an existing ASIN if you want to rebrand a product. Even if the product is unbranded and does not alter dramatically as a result of the brand change, this is true. This includes branding a previously unbranded product.

Recommended guide: How to Convert Amazon ASIN To UPC.

This is a good example of a healthy Amazon product detail page title.

amazon product detail page title

This is a high-ranking advertisement for the keyword “gaming keyboard”. We can see here that the word gaming keyboard is mentioned 2 times in the title. It also specifies whether the keyboard is wired or wireless. The title gives you a good idea of its features. It says it is backlit with RGB colors. It also conveys about the wrist rest as a comfort feature. 

Once a customer sees this advertisement, they would also be interested in the purchase of a gaming mouse. The seller is smart and has listed the gaming keyboard and the gaming mouse as a combo. The pricing of this gaming keyboard + gaming mouse combo is $35. This is very competitive pricing as certain popular brands have higher pricing for just one gaming keyboard. The brand also has 39,000 + reviews. If you navigate back to the advertisement on the search page results, you can see that this ad has the best seller badge on it. 

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How to improve conversions with Amazon Product detail page Optimization!

Optimizing your Amazon detail page is extremely beneficial. Once you ensure the quality standards of your product, you are one step closer to a better product listing page. When you optimize your Amazon detail page, you are helping your advertisement to rank higher. Higher the rank, the higher the impressions. Impressions on a relevant page are more likely to get clicks. 

When you optimize your page according to the Amazon product page template guidelines, you are paving your way to success. Let us have a look at a few steps to ensure product optimization quality.

  • Maintain clear language throughout your title, description, bullet points, and question answers. These are the areas where your customer will decide between buying your product. 
  • Cross-check the image guideline and quality. Better images will create better impressions from customers. Using a DSLR to capture different angles of your product with white background is recommended.
  • Always be factual in addressing the product features. This will create trust in your customers. This is the number 1 step to creating a loyal customer base. 
  • Always follow the Amazon product page template guidelines.  

What are the Advantages of optimizing your Amazon product detail page?

Optimizing your Amazon product page has a lot of advantages. You can entail all your products’ functions and features to help you get more visitors to the page. Once your Amazon product detail page is well optimized, it will increase your organic rankings. Optimizing your detail page with the help of Amazon optimizing tools will help you save critical time and make good decisions. One such software is known as SellerApp. SellerApp is a worthy Amazon analytics partner who will provide you with timely alerts and updates. 

SellerApp amazon listing quality feature optimizes your product listing with the help of different tools. You can identify the organic search rank of the major keywords linked to your product detail page. You can also increase the SEO strength of your page. The keyword performance analysis will also help you to understand the status of your backend search terms to help you target keywords that are not on your page. 

The listing quality feature of SellerApp will also help you to gauge the quality of your images, description, ratings, reviews, and other on-page elements. It cross-verifies the standard guidelines to tell you where you have to improve on your product listing. You will get to see the listing score of your Amazon product detail page and check the status of the different parts. 

With the help of Sellerapp’s Amazon listing quality analysis, you can conduct an in-depth inspection of your competitor’s listing. You can have a deeper understanding of their strategies and implement them in your product listing. You can also get a detailed listing quality report when you click on the report for each listing with just one click. 

Final Word

The Amazon product detail page narrates the story of your brand. Keep this in mind while you create the content, images, videos, and other elements for your product page. You need to keep up with Amazon product page design quality standards to get ahead of the immense competition.

Pay high attention to detail for the amazon product page design. This will play a critical role in capturing the customer’s attention. Refer to the amazon product detail page rules for better optimization. Following the guidelines and creating a good Amazon product detail page will help you to boost your conversion rate. 

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Partnering with an industry leader like SellerApp will multiply your chances for better customer visibility and an increase in revenue. You can easily download reports and check the quality of your listing. You will be alerted whenever there is a difference in the score of your listing. SellerApp is your one-stop solution for all your listing quality-related optimization. So what are you waiting for sellers? It is time to collaborate and innovate!

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