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How to Grow Your Profits With Amazon Data Analytics: [UPDATED]

amazon data analytics for sellers
February 16, 2024 11 mins to read

Imagine running a successful business is like steering a ship, and Data Analytics is your compass. 

Now, in online selling, especially on a big player like Amazon, Data Analytics is your secret weapon. It helps sellers tweak their game plan by giving them smart insights – kind of like having a crystal ball for your business.

Why is this so crucial? Well, in e-commerce, competition is fierce. Everyone competes for the spotlight, and you want to be the brightest. That’s where Data Analytics steps in – it’s like your personal coach, guiding you on how to stay ahead.

Now, let’s talk about Amazon. It’s like the hottest spot to sell stuff, right? 

Here, Data Analytics is your sidekick.

So, if you’re eager to decode the secrets of selling on Amazon, check out this guide about Amazon Seller Analytics. 

Let’s dive in!

Quick guide

  1. What is Amazon data analytics 
  2. How does data analytics help Amazon sellers?
  3. What are Amazon data analytics tools
  4. SellerApp data analytics 
  5. SellerApp features and benefits for Amazon sellers
  6. Final thoughts 

What is Amazon data analytics?

Amazon seller data analytics refers to the process of analyzing consumer behavior, sales, and several other data points in order to make improved, data-driven decisions. By analyzing different metrics, you will be able to increase and improve your performance in terms of conversion rates, sales, etc

Data analytics is useful to sellers because it is key to successfully sustaining their businesses and earning profits and for this purpose, they analyze different metrics like conversion rates, sales, etc. In the same way, Amazon also engages in this same activity. So, how does Amazon use data analytics? 

They basically collect data regarding all the customers that use the platform. The data consists of customers’ buying behavior like what products they purchase, what products they don’t buy but save onto the Wish List, what geo the shoppers belong to, the kind of feedback that they leave on the products purchased, and other data points. Collecting this information and analyzing it is instrumental in scaling their business and improving the shopping experience they offer. 

How does data analytics help Amazon sellers?

Data analytics is the main factor that contributes to sellers improving their business and increasing their revenue. They are able to better understand the market trends and customers’ buying behaviors and help them cater to what the customers really want. 

data analytics for amazon

Here are some of the benefits and uses of Amazon customer data analytics

  • It is the safest way to make any business decisions. Even in terms of bringing about changes in a business in the future, sellers can do it with confidence knowing that it is backed by substantial data. 
  • Data analysis reveals flaws in your business model or in the way that you are going about conducting business. Sellers will be able to clearly see where they’re losing money, what the problem is, and reduce their losses accordingly. It facilitates coming up with strategic solutions to problems.
  • When it comes to Amazon PPC campaigns, sellers will find that their ACoS is sometimes very high. With data analysis, they can reduce their ad spend effectively and maximize their ROI. 
  • Another important aspect of Amazon data analytics for sellers is that it gives them sales insights with which they can see what products sold the most, what sold least, slow-moving products, and what your sales will look like in the future. Subsequently, inventory management will also become easy and sellers will know how much more stock of a particular product is needed at a particular time. 
  • Data analytics also gives you insights into your conversion rate. Sellers will easily be able to understand how many shoppers clicked on their ads and how many actually followed through by completing a purchase by looking at the data and numbers. Using this data, sellers can improve their advertising campaigns or optimize their product listings better to increase the conversion rate. 
  • Keyword usage, product research, and Amazon advertising campaigns are very important facets of selling on Amazon. Data analysis helps enhance every single one of these to give sellers the best results.

Amazon seller growth after using data analytics is definitely notable as long as it is done the right way and using the right tools. Now, let us take a look at what Amazon’s data analytics software can do. 

What are Amazon data analytics tools?

Nowadays, we have software and tools for everything because they simplify the process and give us accurate results. Selling on Amazon FBA is beneficial whether you’re a small or big seller, old or new. But when it comes to managing everything seamlessly, big sellers and sometimes even novices do need an extra hand. This is where the aforementioned tools and software come into play. 

amazon data analytics tools

These Amazon data analytics tools are used to 

  • Forecast sales and inventory 
  • Source products
  • Product research 
  • Keyword research 
  • Manage PPC campaigns
  • Optimize product listings 
  • Calculate FBA fees and other taxes 
  • Inventory management with restock alerts

These are just some of the uses that these tools offer, but most of the software used by sellers today is very comprehensive. They offer a lot more and cover even the most minute aspects of selling on Amazon.

SellerApp Amazon data analytics 

SellerApp has a range of tools on offer that tracks key metrics to make it easier to manage your marketing, sales, operations, and sales coupled with quality research. If you’re on the lookout for an all-encompassing tool, then your search ends here. With ML-powered algorithms, SellerApp provides actionable insights derived from billions of data points to help sellers scale their business. SellerApp specializes in product research, listing optimization, keyword research, PPC campaigns, product ideas, and more to be your ideal growth partner.

Learn more about eCommerce Analytics Software here.

How does SellerApp help Amazon sellers?

Brands and agencies use SellerApp’s tools as they are instrumental in discovering new product ideas and business opportunities by analyzing the trends in marketplaces globally. Once you subscribe and link your Amazon Seller Central account with SellerApp, you can start to improve your product listings to enhance your visibility on Amazon and increase your conversion rate. SellerApp is dedicated to providing the most advantageous PPC outcomes to outpace your competition and maximize your ROI. 

amazon seller data analytics

SellerApp features and benefits for Amazon sellers

SellerApp is a data analytics software for Amazon sellers that helps with maximizing their profits. On a subscription basis, sellers get access to state-of-the-art tools designed by SellerApp. However, there are a bunch of features that can be used for free as well so that sellers can gauge the levels of accuracy and efficiency we offer. 

First, let us take a look at SellerApp’s primary features that have earned us our reputed name

Product research and intelligence 

With SellerApp’s Amazon product Research you can easily find winning products that have low competition and high potential to drive sales. The trick is to find a niche that has low competition and high-profit margins so that you can leverage it to generate a high volume of sales. SellerApp’s database consisting of millions of Amazon products is thoroughly scanned through to provide sellers with the best solutions to their product ideas. You can count on our software to analyze key metrics like sales and revenue generated by a particular product along with ratings and fluctuations in the BSR list. 

One of the most exclusive features is the SellerApp Opportunity Score that is part of the Product Intelligence tool. The Opportunity Score is based on six key metrics –

  • Demand – 
  • Revenue potential 
  • Competition
  • Overhead cost 
  • Profit margin 
  • PIS (Product Innovation Scope) Index 

The Amazon Opportunity Score analyzes a product on the basis of the above-mentioned metrics to reveal its potential in all those aspects. It is the quickest and most sure-shot way of making a decision on what product to sell. 

Keyword Research

With a 116M+ keyword repository, SellerApp’s amazon keyword Research suite is aimed at finding top-performing keywords to use in your product listings as well as in your PPC campaigns. You can choose from a wide range of profitable search terms and check relevant keywords for their monthly search volume, CPC, and impression rate to optimize well for Amazon SEO or the A9 algorithm. With the right keywords, you can target the right audience and increase your sales. 

Sellers can use our Reverse ASIN feature to uncover competitor keywords and compare their own product listings with competitors’ to find gaps that they can take advantage of. 

Learn more about Amazon Competitor Conversion Rates here.

The Amazon Keyword Tracker is instrumental in boosting the organic ranking of a product along with checking if all the backend search terms are indexed by Amazon.

Amazon Advertising Suite/ PPC agency

SellerApp’s ad automation makes it easy to manage your PPC bids. With our Bulk Actions feature, you can edit, create, optimize and manage multiple campaigns easily. It is the most time-efficient way to adjust bids and make changes to the keywords you have included. Our PPC agency specializes in keyword harvesting methods and negative keyword optimization to maximize your ROI and eliminate wasted ad spend. 

In order to ensure you get the most out of your Amazon PPC campaigns, SellerApp first analyzes your listings to ensure they are well-optimized and uses reports from existing campaigns to identify ways in which your ROI and sales can be increased. Our team of experts sets up campaigns and modifies existing ones by adjusting bids and match types to reduce your ACoS. Constant monitoring of performance is maintained and clients are kept informed and updated on everything with bi-monthly progress reports. Using SellerApp is a roadmap to success as you can be guaranteed that your ACoS will be brought down and your conversion rates and ROI will increase. 

Inventory management

The Amazon Profit Dashboard acts as a good sales forecasting feature and uses existing sales information to accurately forecast the demand for the most profitable products and the least ones alike, so you know exactly how much to restock. It enables sellers to capitalize on the demand to increase profitability. Always stay on top of inventory health and management with our expiration alerts and expert inventory stratification. You can analyze your profits at all levels all the way down to the SKU level with the help of charts, KPI widgets, and tabular columns.

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Amazon Product Listing Optimization 

Our listing optimization tool helps with improving the quality of your listing so that the Amazon A9 algorithm easily finds and displays it. The quality is tested according to several parameters, and we ensure you have used all the relevant keywords in order to boost your visibility and discoverability. Only when you rank high on Amazon search results will customers be able to find your product and a high-quality listing ensures high conversion rates. The Listing quality analyzer makes sure of that by analyzing your product title, bullet points, and the whole product description to tell you what you need to improve. The Listing Quality Alerts keep you up to date with changes in your Listing Quality Index (LQI) in real-time. 

Final thoughts 

As stated above, SellerApp is an all-encompassing platform that is one of the best in its niche. What distinguishes SellerApp is not just its expert tools but its free tools as well. Give the Amazon Seller Chrome Extension a try or check out the FBA calculator among the range of other free tools to see the accuracy of results and calculations we offer. E-commerce data analytics tools have come to be very handy owing to how big the sector currently is. It is important to understand how they work and use them to our advantage. 

Additional Guide:

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