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Why choose us to write your product listing copy

We are glad you asked! The reason why we believe that we provide the best Amazon product listing services for your products is because of our sheer expertise in the field. From helping customers with their primary product and keyword research to optimizing their PPC campaigns for improved performances, we have done it all when it comes to Amazon business. And now, we have gone a step beyond by providing sales copies as part of our Amazon listing services to our clients that convert on the marketplace.

Data Driven Listings

We use our in-house metric called Listing Quality Score to assess the quality of a listing by benchmarking it on different parameters. Assigned to every unique product in the Amazon database, it helps us focus on the areas that matter and bring the best in your listing.

Maximize Your Keyword Coverage

We craft copies that subtly carry all the major, relevant product keywords, and their variations. Addressing all possible angles of search visibility, our listings are a harmonious blend of text that makes it appealing, readable, and get indexed and picked up by Amazon’s A9 algorithms.

Boost Your Rankings

Our copywriters use impeccable, sales-driving language that promote conversions by focussing on key product features. More than that, the listings we write will always be on par (if not beyond) with that of your fiercest, best-selling competitors so you will be in the pole position to dominate the Amazon SERP.

Here’s What We Will Do for You

After working with thousands of clients, we have come up with a sound system to create, optimize, and execute your product listing on Amazon. Once you sign up with us, our top Amazon product copywriters will do a thorough deep-dive into the Amazon seller listings by doing extensive competitive, market, product, and keyword research to understand the target audience and cover all our bases. The rest is a pure blend of high-quality copywriting, relevant product keywords, and sales-driving language. This approach of copywriting has proven to increase traffic and in turn conversion-rate, sales, and organic ranking as well on the Amazon marketplace.

A Welcome Call to Understand Your Products

At SellerApp, one of our fundamental tenets is to provide world-class customer experience and build a fruitful relationship with our clients. When you sign up with us to get your listings optimized, our copywriters will have a quick call with you to understand your Amazon business and get an overview. We will understand your requirements, expectations, and address any queries you may have.

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Market and Competitor Research

After your first call with us, all you need to do is sit back and let our experts do the rest. We will start by researching the market you are in and identifying your top competitors who are selling the same/different type of products along with you. This is where SellerApp drills down to obtain actionable, competitive insights that can help us tackle the technical aspect of the listing creation.

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Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is an important step in our journey to prepare the best product listing for you. Using our experience and expertise in the field, we devise a game plan to prepare the text for you, which is in line with Amazon’s SEO algorithms. We are talking about keywords-rich product titles and bullet points, understanding the keywords indexed by competitors and their scope of keyword coverage.

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Keyword Research

Now, we get to the good part - compiling a list of relevant keywords for your products. We use multiple approaches to create this list - from looking at Amazon auto-suggestion queries to analyzing each competitor listing individually and using our powerful Reverse ASIN and Keyword Tool, we will leave no stone unturned. Our quest to find those converting, product and long-tail keywords will bear results in terms of indexing on Amazon SERP as well.

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Product Title and Bullet Points

Armed with robust, powerful data, our copywriters will get to work. Starting with your product title, we will move on to crafting your key product features, ensuring all the way that they are optimized for conversions and carry all the relevant keywords! Also, every copy we write will be in line with the category-specific product guidelines as published by Amazon.

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An Appealing Product Description

Often, you may miss out on sales due to not providing enough product information. But that changes with us - because as part of our Amazon optimization services, we will write an information-rich product description for every listing that will give your shoppers everything and more than they could ask for to make a purchase.

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Amazon A+ Content

If your brand is registered with the Amazon Brand Registry, we will also be more than happy to work with Amazon A+ Content. In addition to writing the high-quality description text, we will help you optimize your images and videos by giving you feedback and suggestions.

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Backend Search Terms

Our work doesn’t entirely end with just preparing the listing text - we will go the extra mile and provide you with all the relevant backend search terms for your product. A lot of sellers are likely to get this part wrong, but our copywriters do not fall in that league. Our strategic and systematic approach will ensure your listing is primed for conversions, even on the backend.

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Detailed Photography Inputs

Even though we cannot personally do product photography for you, we will certainly do our very best to give you a thorough analysis of how your product images fare in comparison to the other sellers. We will help you understand how you can improve your images to ensure optimum visibility, traffic, and conversions.

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To Sum It Up

We are at the end now - we will have a final call with you before your listings go live to ensure that we are not missing out on anything critical - which, we won’t. Throughout this journey, our copywriters will be in touch with you, updating the status of your listings optimization/creation through frequent emails and calls.

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“I recommend SellerApp for Amazon PPC management and listing optimization services. They have excellent customer support with a team of dedicated PPC experts who helped grow my presence in the marketplace. This software has helped me increase my profit margins by 20% in just two months. If someone is serious about making money on Amazon, then this is a no-brainer!”

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