Amazon HTML Product Description Editor

Create beautiful, converting Amazon Product Descriptions

Stop struggling with clumsy HTML codes. Zero HTML knowledge required!

Simple to use

Simple to use

Just Type in the text, use the formatting buttons and the Amazon Product Description Editor automatically converts it into HTML code.

Only Amazon permitted tag

Only Amazon permitted tag

The Amazon Product Description uses rich tech format tags (HTML tags) that Amazon permits to go to your product listings.

Unlimited Usage

Unlimited Usage

The Amazon Product Description Editor can be used as many numbers of times as possible

If your product isn't getting good conversions, this FREE Product Description Editor might have answers for you.

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How to Use Amazon Product Description Editor

How to use the Free Product Description Editor Tool ?

Step1: Enter the product description in the box provided below. Use symbols to make it look neat and appealing.

Step2: Click ‘Copy HTML Code’ to copy the code to clipboard. Paste the code in the section where you need to write your product listing on Amazon.

Before starting, go through the Amazon policies for preparing product listings mentioned below. They have been set by Amazon and must be followed to the word.

Policies for writing Amazon listings

  • Firstly, certain general rules apply to all products on Amazon when it comes to writing product listings. These can be found in the Amazon Services Quick Start Style Guide. Since some products have extra style guidelines, you should also refer to templates for specific categories, prepared by Amazon.
  • Do not use Javascript, HTML, or any other type of code in the product listing pages. However, line breaks (</br>) can be used in the description
  • Irrespective of the product category, product titles must not exceed 200 characters, including spaces
  • Product titles, descriptions, and bullet points must be written neatly and concisely to help customers understand the product
  • The images used to accompany the products must follow Amazon image standards. These can be found in Product Image Requirements set by Amazon
  • An existing listing must not be used for a new product, regardless of changes in material, size, features, color, and product names. Every new version must have a new product listing page
  • All products must be correctly categorized
  • The following are not permitted in product listing pages, including titles, descriptions, images, and bullet points:
    • Promotional material, advertisements, or watermarks on videos, logo, or pictures
    • Reviews/Testimonials and requests for the same
    • Spoilers/Crucial plot details on books, music, video or DVD listings
    • Links to other websites for placing orders and alternative shipping methods
    • Any time-sensitive information such as dates of seminars, lectures, or tours
    • Information about price, availability or condition
    • Personal information like email addresses, individual addresses, phone numbers, or website URLs
    • Obscene, pornographic or offensive content

Every single product sold on Amazon must follow these Amazon listing standards. Failure to do so will result in negative customer experience and can quite possibly lead to suspension of selling privileges - temporarily or permanently.

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What is Amazon Product Description Editor?

The Amazon Product Description Editor is a HTML code converter that can be used to stylize the product descriptions on Amazon Listing. The Product Description Editor Tool helps Amazon sellers - experienced and new to create professional product listings for Amazon that are readable, attractive with Amazon permitted tags and formats.

SellerApp's Amazon Product does not require any prior HTML knowledge or experience. Copy, paste or type in the product description, use the buttons in the HTML editor to set the desired effects. The text is immediately converted into HTML code. Copy paste the code in your product description box to make beautiful, converting product description.

Amazon product description html editor


  • Is formatting product listings permitted by Amazon?

  • Will Amazon remove my formatting?

  • Which are the Amazon allowed HTML tags?

  • Can I manually try doing it without the Amazon product description editor?

  • How else can I optimize my product listing?

  • How does the Amazon Product Description Editor work?

  • Is formatting product listings permitted by Amazon?

  • Will Amazon remove my formatting?

  • Which are the Amazon allowed HTML tags?

  • Can I manually try doing it without the Amazon product description editor?

  • How else can I optimize my product listing?

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