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The SellerApp API for Amazon sales data analyzes trends and offers valuable insights, helping you effectively adjust business costs and significantly improve your margins.

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Amazon Sales Data At Your Fingertips

Sales Trends

SellerApp’s Sales Data API provides an in-depth understanding of sales trends. You can use this data to double down on specific days or times to drastically boost sales and improve your profit margin.

Amazon Sales Reporting API (Automate touchpoint with Amazon API)

Understand Profit Distribution

SellerApp’s Sales Data API gives you the ability to understand profit distribution across the account and product level by providing you with the necessary information about revenue, shipping, Amazon fees, cost of goods, advertising costs, and taxes.

You can apply customizable filters, allowing you to analyze profitability for each specific product according to their marketplace, specific time frame, after inventory, ad costs, and even against any investments, allowing you to make significantly informed decisions that help you grow your business faster.

Streamlined Data Management

Inventory Management

With this Amazon API for sales data, you will be alerted every time a product is running low on inventory and needs restocking, preventing you from losing sales momentum or even product ranking. More importantly, you can restock your inventory based on profits and not based on solely inventory levels.

Capturing your Customer Intent


Determine product demand ahead of time and get alerts to maintain your sales momentum. The Sales Data API will help you accurately ascertain the number of days your inventory will last with an advanced forecasting system.

Not only can you prevent stockouts, but also prepare your inventory so that you don’t overstock. Most importantly, the smart forecasting algorithm can be extremely beneficial during peak shopping seasons.

Actionable Insights to your Amazon Business

Designed by SellerApp For Seamless Integration

Standardized JSON

Standardized JSON ensures seamless compatibility and simplifies the process of data exchange and integration within your application.

Documentation and Support

Getting started with a new API can be hard, which is why we not only provide you with the necessary documentation but also assistance from our team to help you seamlessly integrate and use SellerApp APIs.

Advanced Sales Data and Insights for All Amazon Sellers

Enhance your dashboard with comprehensive historical sales data from Amazon. Use this data to decipher sales trends, profit distribution, inventory dynamics, share of voice, and shelf space impact, among other insights.

Historical Data

Amazon's policy of deleting data after 90 days poses a challenge for businesses trying to discern trends. Thankfully, our API offers crucial historical datasets that enable you to forecast and evaluate various models effectively.

Clean Data

Securing clean data is often a hurdle for analytics teams. SellerApp’s API provides access to data that is not only current but also meticulously cleaned and refined, positioning you to swiftly outpace competitors.

Designed For Growth

As your business expands, so do your data needs. SellerApp’s Sales Data API is engineered to scale alongside your business, ensuring you always receive optimal value.

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"By utilizing SellerApp's Sales Data API, we have been able to optimize our sales strategies, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales for our business. The API's comprehensive data points and customization options make it a valuable tool for any business looking to improve its sales performance on Amazon"

- A leading beverage brand

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