Duplicate Keyword Remover

Optimize backend search terms for high product visibility.

A quicker way to clean and optimize your Amazon keyword listing

Why Use SellerApp’s Amazon Duplicate Keyword Remover?

Omit repeated words

Make a heavier keyword list by omitting repeated keywords to make space for more number of keywords.

Merge Keyword Lists

Merge keyword lists from different sources and easily clean them up to remove repeated words and duplicate keywords.

Easy To Use

Simple and extremely user friendly tool. Enter your keywords, remove duplicates in a click.

If your product isn’t getting good conversions, this FREE Duplicate Keyword remover might have the answers for you.

How to use the Amazon Duplicate Keyword Remover to optimize keyword lists?

Step1Type the keywords or copy-paste your keywords list that has repeated words or duplicate keywords to be cleaned.
Step2Hit the clean button to remove duplicate or repeated keywords from the word list.
Step3Copy the cleaned keyword list from the Duplicate Keyword Remover with the copy button and paste the optimized keyword list on your Amazon product info page.

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