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Why use SellerApp’s Product Sourcing Tool?

Reliable and easy

Reliable and easy

Use a simple product keyword to discover the best suppliers and manufacturers on Alibaba from across the world.



Make informed decisions quicker with critical product and supplier data available at your fingertips.

Refined results

Refined results

Take advantage of unique filters and find your perfect products to source and sell on Amazon.

Simplify Amazon product sourcing

SellerApp Tutorial

How to use Amazon Product Sourcing Tool

Follow these simple steps to find the ideal manufacturer on Alibaba

Enter the product keyword or name in the product sourcing tool’s search bar.


To get the most relevant results, make sure your search term is as specific as possible.

Check product and supplier details to identify the best manufacturers.


Identify multiple suppliers and keep your options open. Compare quality and prices, and contact the supplier before closing the deal.

Get the SellerApp advantage

Finding suppliers on Alibaba has never been this easy

  • In-depth supplier details
  • Consolidated supplier ratings
  • Alibaba verified & trade assurance tags
  • Filter results by your country, supplier country, product price, minimum order quantity, or product type.

You can now find high-potential products and discover reliable manufacturers with the powerful all-in-one SellerApp platform. A single dashboard will let you launch, optimize, and scale your Amazon enterprise.

Explore 1000s of longtail keywords with over 100+ results per search

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Check out our FAQs below!

  • How can I find suppliers who offer the best price?

    Enter the product keyword or name into the SellerApp product sourcing tool’s search bar. With the free tool, you are restricted to ten results. You can compare the prices among the given option to find a supplier that fits your business goals.

    If you have access to the SellerApp dashboard, you can filter your search results by price (in US dollars). You can set a minimum and a maximum price to get results for the specified range - this will save valuable time and make your sourcing process even simpler!

  • Will SellerApp’s sourcing tool help me find suppliers from China?

  • Why do most Amazon sellers source their products from China?

  • What are the ‘verified’ and ‘trade assurance’ tags on Alibaba?

    Suppliers whose management system, production capabilities, product, and process controls have been inspected by an independent third-party institution receive the 'Verified' tag.

    Suppliers and manufacturers who are part of Alibaba’s trade assurance program have the ‘trade assurance’ tag. Trade assurance protects the buyer if a supplier fails to meet the deadline or quality standards. You can learn more about the program by visiting Alibaba’s trade assurance webpage.

  • How can I contact a supplier I found using the SellerApp tool?

  • How to source products to sell on Amazon


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