Product Sourcing

Reduce sourcing and manufacturing costs

Find the best manufacturers to source your next Amazon product launch

Why use SellerApp's Product Source Tool?

The perfect tool for a full-time or a part-time seller
The perfect tool for a full-time or a part-time seller

We do all the research from the best e-commerce sites and put up a list of the best suppliers for product sourcing.

Time Efficient Product Source Tool
Time Efficient Product Source Tool

Brings all the critical data into one place like the URL of the supplier company, supplier history, costs, etc.

Puts you in front of the competition
Puts you in front of the competition

You review the deals and choose the best fit for your business and focus on more money-making opportunities.

Find the best manufacturers to source your next Amazon product launch using Free Amazon Product Sourcing

How to use the Product Source Tool?

Enter the product name in the Product Sourcing Tool

SellerApp-tip Tip: Be as specific as possible in your search to get the most relevant results

Check the data in the Product Source Tool to choose the most optimal product manufacturer

SellerApp-tip Tip: It is always safe to approach 2-3 suppliers for the same product. Compare the quality and then choose the best

Why should I consider sourcing products to sell on Amazon? What are the advantages of using the Product Source Tool?

  • Reduction in costs, especially labor and manufacturing costs.

  • Access to fresh research, design, and specialized intellectual capital.

  • Availability of new technology and capacity. A number of companies source overseas because domestic suppliers lack the capacity and they’re not making necessary investments to stay competitive.

  • Quality

  • You can focus on the core process of marketing your product better and have the capital to invest in them.

  • Profit Margins

Most profitable FBA private labels on Amazon source their product. Finding a trustworthy, capable, and reliable Amazon supplier is a challenge especially if you are new to the business. Your sourcing decisions can make or break your Amazon business.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I find the product that I am searching for at the best price to import?

    Enter the keyword of the product you want to sell on the Product Source tool and get a list of Amazon suppliers for your product with the price per unit and other useful information . Compare the suppliers and find the best supplier who meets your strategy.

  • Is it easy to source products for FBA and sell it with profits?

  • How will SellerApp help me in product sourcing?

  • What are the pros of sourcing products from China?

  • How to import from China?

  • What are the pros of sourcing from Alibaba?

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