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15 Essential Amazon Analytics Tools for Business Growth

best amazon analytics tools
January 31, 2024 11 mins to read

Do you drive a car without checking the fuel gauge or looking at the road ahead? No, right? 

Similarly, in the competitive landscape of Amazon, merely listing your products is like driving blindfolded. 

To succeed, you must constantly keep track of your metrics, analyze what’s effective, and steer your strategies to increase sales. 

Now, it’s not easy to get all the data you need in one place. Yes, Amazon offers different reports on Seller Central, but making sense of that data is a nightmare. 

To succeed in this competitive landscape, you need a fully-featured Amazon analytics tool that can consolidate all information in one place and make sense of it. 

This article will list the top 15 best Amazon analytics tools available in the market. 

A quick peek into the article:

  1. SellerApp
  2. Helium 10
  3. DataHawk
  4. Zonguru
  5. AMZ Scout
  6. JungleScout
  7. Channel Advisor
  8. Amalyze
  9. Viral Launch
  10. Nozzle
  11. Sellozo
  12. Pacvue
  13. Seller Tools
  14. Zoo Tools
  15. SellerBoard


amazon analytics tools

SellerApp is a leading Amazon analytics platform that combines data, technology, and artificial intelligence to help e-commerce brands grow their business with data-driven insights and tools.  

Pretty much any other tool in the industry focuses on one specific aspect of Amazon’s business. But SellerApp does everything everyone else does, plus some more.

Here are some key features of the platform:

Product Research:

amazon product research

SellerApp’s Product Research feature provides access to a vast database of over 100 million products on Amazon, 

It offers advanced filters to help you quickly identify profitable product ideas that align with your business goals. 

Apart from that, with the AI-powered Opportunity Score, you can predict product profitability by analyzing factors like demand, revenue potential, profit margin, competition, and more. 

Keyword Research:

amazon keyword research

The SellerApp Keyword Research feature takes millions of keyword data directly from Amazon and helps you find the most relevant and profitable keywords for your products. 

It also offers an Amazon Reverse ASIN feature that allows you to dive into keywords of your competitor’s listings. 

Product Intelligence:

amazon product intelligence

SellerApp’s Amazon Product Intelligence offers a suite of features to sellers. 

The Product tracker allows you to track any product on the dashboard and analyze historical trends. 

For each product, you can also track keywords, understand keyword indexing status, and analyze the listing quality against Amazon’s best practices and competitors.


amazon advertising

SellerApp Advertising feature gives you an insight into the profitability of your PPC campaigns, ad groups, search terms, etc. 

The Campaign Manager dashboard simplifies campaign monitoring and optimization. 

Additionally, SellerApp Advertising automation enables hands-free campaign execution based on your business goals. 

Plus, the unique dayparting feature allows you to set custom bids at different times of the day, ensuring optimal ad visibility and revenue potential. 

Note: SellerApp recently launched the Stream dashboard, where you can see hourly and seasonal sales data up to the last three months and make data-driven advertising strategies.

amazon stream dashboard
A comprehensive suite of tools for Amazon sellersSteep learning curve
Access to a vast product database and supplier infoProduct sourcing is limited to suppliers
AI-driven Opportunity Score for profitability predictionA bit expensive
Detailed keyword research with advanced filtersAdvanced features may require a deep understanding of Amazon's business
All-in-one product and keyword tracking
Listing quality analysis benchmarked with category average and competitors, with actionable insights
Automation and dayparting for Amazon advertising
Lifetime data retention
Download custom business reports
Offer a freemium model for all users
User-friendly interface

Helium 10


Helium10 is an all-in-one Amazon seller solution that aims to provide everything the busy Amazon seller needs

The solution includes 20+ fully-featured tools covering product research, product launches, keyword research, listing optimization, operations, advertising, and analytics.

The Analytics tool includes the following features:

  • Profits
  • Market Tracker
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Market Tracker 360

The Profits dashboard offers real-time insights into gross revenue, net profit after estimated costs, and product performance trends over different time periods, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your product listings for better profitability.

The Market Tracker tool allows you to track the product performance of competitors in real-time. It provides you with insights into the market trends, sales volume, and pricing strategies of your competitors.

The Keyword Tracker tool helps you track your products’ ranking for specific keywords on Amazon. Additionally, it suggests relevant keywords to increase your product’s visibility and sales.

Apart from these tools, Helium 10 also offers a new Market Intelligence tool, “Market Tracker 360,” to gain actionable insights to boost your brand.

User-friendly interfaceMany tools with confusing names
All-in-one platformNo supplier database
Free and Starter plan for new businessesExpensive for full access
Powerful Amazon market analytics toolSteep learning curve
Built-in SEO and marketing tools
Easy landing page builder
Hands-on Amazon training



DataHawk is an Amazon analytics tool that provides analytics solutions for brands, retailers, and agencies to help them increase sales, optimize margins, and boost profitability on Amazon.

  • DataHawk’s SEO Analytics tool allows you to track keyword ranking, optimize product listing, and find profitable keywords for your products. 
  • The Product Analytics tool allows you to track products, analyze real-time changes in the BSR rank, and understand sales trends. 
  • With the Marketplace Analytics tool, you can conduct in-depth product research, discover the top 100 selling products for any category, and monitor their progress to find profitable products. 
  • DataHawk also provides an intuitive dashboard to analyze advertising performance in an account and ASIN level
Advanced Amazon Market Research & Intelligence toolGeneric research capabilities
Amazon SEO performance analysisExpensive pricing
Automate PDP trackingLower tracked keywords limits
Powerful Amazon BSR Data VisualizationLess advanced features
Automatic Scheduled Reporting



ZonGuru is an all-in-one seller software that offers a collection of 17 tools that work together to provide a clear overview of your Amazon business. Its strength is especially seen in Product Research and Keyword Tracker.

Recently armed with ChatGPT-4, Zonguru also helps you optimize your listings and increase sales. 

On top of that, Zonguru also offers a Business Dashboard, IP Monitoring, and an Email and Review Automator for comprehensive business management. 

Automatic filtering of canceled orders and refundsHigh prices
Focus on enhancing customer loyaltyComparative cost to competitors
Three flexible pricing plansLimitations on the starter plan
Efficient order searchIncomplete features
Business dashboard for product performance overviewShort trial period
Focus on enhancing customer loyaltyComparative cost to competitors



AMZScout is a popular Amazon intelligence software that offers a complete toolset to help you start and grow your Amazon business, including product research, keyword research, trends competitor data analysis. 

AMZScout also offers a Chrome Extension to make product research easier for sellers.

It's affordable and user-friendlyLimited functionality
All-in-one platform for product researchHave to install Chrome Extensions to get full functionality
Solid product database
Have a helpful academy to learn

Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout is a comprehensive platform designed for sellers looking to sell products on Amazon. 

It offers a suite of tools to assist you in launching and scaling your business.

Some of its key features include:

  • Product Database: It provides valuable insight into product niches, such as sales data, pricing, and competition, and helps you find potential Amazon products. 
  • Product Tracker: It allows users to monitor product performance over time and identify opportunities for success on Amazon. 
  • Supplier Database: Jungle Scout also offers a Supplier Database to find reliable suppliers for the products. 
  • Keyword Scout: It enables you to conduct in-depth keyword research and find relevant and high-traffic keywords to optimize product listings.
  • Sales Analytics: This feature allows you to understand product performance, track revenue, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your Amazon business.

Additionally, Jungle Sout offers Inventory Management, Rank Tracker, Review Automation, Advertising Analytics, and other tools to help you manage your business better. 

All-in-one featuresPricing complexity
Easy-to-useSteep learning curve
Detailed product metricsNo Free Trial Available
Access to free resourcesBasic plan is not enough for growth
Chrome Extension for each research
Opportunity Score

Channel Advisor


ChannelAdvisor is a multichannel E-commerce solution designed for businesses to optimize their online sales.

It provides a range of tools that enable retailers to expand their online presence, reach more customers, and streamline their e-commerce operations.

Here are some key features and functions of ChannelAdvisor:

It centralizes product listings, inventory management, and order processing, making it easier to manage a diverse online presence.

  • Product Data Optimization: It also provides tools for optimizing product data, including keyword research and optimization, product content management, and pricing strategies to improve product visibility and competitiveness.
  • Performance Analytics: ChannelAdvisor offers reporting and analytics tools to track online listing and campaign performance.
  • Order Fulfillment: It streamlines order processing and fulfillment by centralizing order management, shipment tracking, and returns processing for businesses.
  • Advertising and Promotions: Lastly, ChannelAdvisor also provides features to manage PPC campaigns on marketplaces and other platforms.
Highly scalableCustomer service issues
Constantly add new marketplacesLack of innovation
Stays up-to-date with marketplace changesContracts require careful reading



AMALYZE is an Amazon seller tool that provides a range of solutions to optimize Amazon listings and improve sales.

The primary tool is AMALYZE Shield. 

AMALYZE Shield offers various metrics to assess product potential, including its seller (brand or Amazon), pricing, Amazon Prime availability, Best Sellers Rank (BSR), relevant keywords, and more.

For existing Amazon sellers, AMALYZE Shield offers valuable insights on review trends, keyword rankings, pricing, and ad presence for their products, aiding their marketplace strategy.

Comprehensive suite of seller toolsSteep learning curve
Monitor and track Amazon fees and financialLimited product research market scope
Amazon expert support
Granular product analysis

Viral Launch

Viral launch

Viral Launch is one of the comprehensive all-in-one Amazon analytics tools. It contains all the tools Amazon sellers need to research, launch, grow, and optimize their Amazon FBA business.

This comprehensive toolset includes:

  • Product Discovery Tool: Helps you find profitable products and niches.
  • Keyword Research Tool: Identifies high-traffic, relevant keywords to optimize your listings.
  • Split Testing Tool: Allows you to experiment with different product details for optimal performance.
  • PPC Automation Tool: Streamlines Amazon PPC campaign management for efficiency.
  • Competitor Intelligence Tool: Offers insights into competitor strategies for a competitive advantage.
  • Product Launch Services: Provides strategies for successful product launches, essential for early sales and reviews.

With these toolsets, Amazon sellers can easily discover profitable products, monitor competitors, optimize listings, launch new products efficiently, manage PPC campaigns, and make data-driven decisions.

Clean, easy-to-use dashboardToo expensive
Powerful PPC automationLacks features compared to competitors
Highly accurate research dataLimited Amazon Training resources


nozzle is another well-known e-commerce analytics platform for Amazon sellers. It provides in-depth market and customer analytics to help sellers grow their profits on Amazon. 

Nozzle offers the following features:

  • Lifetime Value: This feature allows you to understand the true value of Amazon customers.
  • Purchase Analysis: It gives you real-time insights into customer buying patterns and allows you to devise strategies better. 
  • Purchase Intervals: This feature provides insights into when customers are purchasing your products. It helps you allocate the budget properly to reach your target audience and optimize ads. 
  • Customer Retention: It allows you to understand your customers in-depth and focus on customers that are more profitable.
  • Cohort Analysis: Nozzle also offers a Cohort Analysis tool where you can deep dive into what makes your customer take action.
Unique Amazon Analytics toolLimited availability on some Amazon marketplaces
Features like CLV analysis and cohort analysisPricing for comprehensive plans is twice the cost of the Essential plan
Affordable Essential plan starting at $250/monthDesigned primarily for sellers of recurring products
Lacks integrations with other external tools



Sellozo is an Amazon seller analytics tool that helps you manage your ad campaigns by fully automating and optimizing each campaign to help them save time and money. 

Key Features:

  • Campaign Studio: It lets you create campaign rules for adding new keywords or negative keywords from your campaigns based on different conditions. You can also drag and drop campaigns to link them together. This way, you can easily manage your campaign structure and strategy.
  • Financial Dashboard: It shows you a detailed breakdown of your income and expenses on Amazon. 
  • Dayparting: It allows you to schedule your campaigns to run and pause at different times of the day, depending on customer demand. It helps you avoid wasting ad budget and increase ROAS.
Automated advertising optimizationSellozo’s monthly fee is relatively high compared to the competition
Repricing toolIt’s compatible with a limited number of Amazon marketplaces
Data-Driven insightsPrimary focus on advertising and repricing, lacking additional services like listing optimization or product sourcing



Pacvue is a powerful e-commerce intelligence platform that helps brands and agencies optimize their advertising and sales performance on Amazon, Walmart, and other online marketplaces.

Pacvue’s key features include:

  • Category-level brand and competitive tracking
  • Weighted share of voice analysis
  • Rule-based automation 
  • AI-powered campaign recommendation
  • Dayparting and budget management
Intuitive UILack of user-friendliness
Multichannel ampaign managementNeed for more integrations
Complete eCommerce analyticsChallenges with customer support
Automated AI bidding
Reasonable pricing
Integration with Amazon AMS and Amazon DSP

Seller Tools


Seller Tools is an all-in-one Amazon seller software designed to help sellers create comprehensive and accurate Amazon sales strategies. 

It offers a range of valuable tools and features to enhance your Amazon selling experience. Such as:

  • Reverse ASIN Lookup: It helps you discover high-performing keywords by analyzing competitor ASINs.
  • Listing Manager: Allows you to edit and optimize your product listings, prioritizing keywords based on search volume.
  • Product Research (PRIZM): Assists in making informed decisions about potential products by applying various filters, including FBA fees.
  • PPC Management (PPCS): Provides tools like Quick Negative Matcher, Keyword Extractor, and Bid Optimizer to optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns.
  • Last Search: Generates a list of keywords associated with a specific keyword, showing search volume and competition data.
  • R2A (Real Reverse ASIN Lookup): Offers in-depth data and filters for competitor keyword analysis.
  • Keyword Wizard: It helps you find relevant keywords for your ASINs and track their performance.
  • Alerts & Extensions: Allows you to set account alerts for changes in product details and offers a Chrome Extension for quick sales statistics and reviews.
Accurate & updated data for optimizationPaid subscription may be costly for some
Advertising automationLearning curve for beginners
Simple Chrome ExtensionLimited marketplace & social network support
May lack some features and integrations of other tools

Zon Tools


Zon Tools is an Amazon PPC management and automation software designed to simplify advertising strategy for sellers. 

It offers a suite of algorithmic engines, such as Auto-Mate 3.0™, KeyWord Miner™, and Bid Gambler™, to adapt to various Amazon Advertising strategies.

With Zon Tools, you can automate advertising rules, optimize bids, and integrate high-converting customer search terms in campaigns to maximize performance.

Automated campaign adjustments throughout the dayLack of support for Sponsored Brands and Display Ads
Easy setup for various campaign goalsRequires human assistance for initial automation setup
Flexible smart engine algorithms that adapt to user input
Provides Done-For-You Structured Ad Campaigns



Sellerboard is another Amazon analytics tool that helps Amazon sellers understand and manage their business better, including profits and losses, customer and sales trends, etc.

It gives Profit analytics tools like the profit dashboard, COGS management, trend dashboard, and Automation tools like PPC optimization, inventory management, review request management, etc. 

Sellerboard works with Amazon marketplaces in 21 countries around the world.

Feature-rich dashboardLack of seller resources (blog, guides, videos)
Generous free trialLimited user access rights on lower-tier plans
Helpful demo featureFocused towards agencies

Final Thoughts

The best Amazon analytics tools for you will depend on your needs and requirements. If you want 360-degree Amazon analytics software, opt for SellerApp. On the other hand, choose Viral Launch if you focus on launching a new product.

In the end, remember that having an Amazon analytics tool doesn’t guarantee success. The tool is there to assist you, but your product quality and determination will decide whether you’ll succeed in the market or not.

If you want to learn more about SellerApp, and how it can help you grow your Amazon business, schedule a call with us!

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    Your blog always provides valuable content. Thanks for sharing!

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      Very happy to hear that.

  2. Harris Vector
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    Fantastic roundup! These 15 Amazon analytics tools are game-changers for business growth. Can’t wait to dive in and optimize my strategy!

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