Empower Your Applications with SellerApp’s Ecommerce Data API

Enhance your applications and solutions with our ecommerce data API which offers crucial insights to drive your business growth, increase revenue, and improve profitability.

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SellerApp’s Data Foundation

Product Information

SellerApp’s ecommerce dataset consists of product attributes from over 350 million product pages across 45 marketplaces. Access essential information such as pricing data, promotional data, discount data, search data, reviews data, and much more.

Seller Account Data

Access your Seller Account Data easily for seamless integration into upstream or downstream systems. Plug your data using SellerApp’s ecommerce API into a unified system to make informed decisions effortlessly.

Demand Trends

SellerApp tracks stockout status at the Zipcode level to help our users implement a quick commerce model where they can effectively increase and retain market share.

Derived Data

SellerApp's data foundation is built from working with 138,000 sellers across various geographies, achieving an accuracy of 95%. This robust foundation ensures refined, actionable insights for your business.

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Business Intelligence Analyst

Analytics and Data Science Teams

Database and EDI Teams

Developer and Software Engineers


Access Prepared Data

Access Automatically Updated Data

Access Real-Time Data

Here’s What To Expect


Prepared Data

Securing prepared data is often a hurdle for analytics teams. SellerApp’s API provides access to data that is not only current but also meticulously cleaned and refined, positioning you to swiftly outpace competitors.


Bridging Data Gaps

Without the right data for your e-commerce business, driving growth will be a challenge. SellerApp’s APIs provide you with precise insights that enable you to jumpstart your business by creating a variety of effective custom dashboards, reports, solutions, and models.


Designed For Scale

As your business grows, so do your data requirements. Relying on APIs from Amazon and other e-commerce platforms can be challenging due to their complexity and the time required to extract usable insights.



With SellerApp's Ecommerce Data API, you can easily connect to a centralized data bank that aggregates crucial information from various ecommerce platforms, simplifying your data collection—all through a single API connection.



API security is crucial for combating SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and other common API attacks. SellerApp's APIs are designed with robust secure communication protocols to safeguard data during transit.

Transform Your Business with SellerApp's API-Powered Solutions

Customizable Reports/ Dashboards

Your business will always rely on custom metrics and KPIs that go beyond generic out-of-the-box reports. Our APIs provide a comprehensive set of 450 data points, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing dashboards or facilitate the creation of custom dashboards and reports. This extensive data offering enhances accuracy and accelerates the gathering of actionable insights for greater impact.

Data Warehousing


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Build Innovative Solutions With SellerApp’s Ecommerce Data API

Review Analysis

Deep diving into product reviews is more than conducting a simple sentiment analysis to track how customers perceive your brand.

While this can help you refine your product and end a negative trend, review analysis can also result in new product development, opportunities to differentiate or disrupt the competition, customer service improvements, and much more.

Amazon Sales Reporting API (Automate touchpoint with Amazon API)

New Product Development

SellerApp APIs enable developers to access a wide range of ecommerce product datasets with product information, including details on existing products, pricing, availability, and customer reviews.

This data is invaluable for market research, identifying trends, and understanding customer preferences, all of which are crucial for developing new products that align with market demands.

Streamlined Data Management

Cost analysis

Retrieving the right granular pricing data in real-time can empower your business to help you understand the various costs associated, evaluate your supplier performance, identify areas for cost reduction, and improve overall profitability.

Ecommerce Data API provides access to essential information such as historical sales data, product costs, and competitor pricing, which can be used to come up with the optimal pricing for your products. Not only can you win and maintain the buy box but you can also maximize the profit margins across all your SKUs while remaining competitive.

Capturing your Customer Intent

Forecasting Sales/Demand

By combining sales data, product costs, and pricing information from an ecommerce data API, sellers can create accurate financial models to forecast the profitability of their ecommerce business. This helps them make informed decisions about product mix, inventory levels, and marketing investments.

Actionable Insights to your Amazon Business

Competitive Intelligence

Effectively capture market share by building a repository of competitive intelligence consisting of keyword search volume, competitor pricing, competition stockouts, and zip code-level inventory data.

Actionable Insights to your Amazon Business


"SellerApp's Ecommerce Data API has transformed our business. As a data analytics team, it helped us overcome data access issues and bridge gaps, enabling us to build detailed historical, pricing, and sentiment models. These insights have optimized our sales strategies, improved customer satisfaction, and increased sales on Amazon. The API's scalability supports our growing data needs. We highly recommend SellerApp's Ecommerce Data API for any business seeking a competitive edge."

- A leading beverage brand

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