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How to use the SellerApp PPC Audit Tool?

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How to Use Amazon PPC Audit Tool

Step1Download your Search Term Report for the past 60 days from Amazon Seller Central. Go to the ‘Reports’ section and choose ‘Advertising Reports’ from the dropdown menu. Under Report type select ‘Search Term’ Report. Now, specify the date range and data unit. And, click on ‘Create Report’ to download the CSV file.
Step2Upload the CSV report into our FREE PPC Audit tool.
Step3Enter your Target ACoS.
Step4You can see your audit results right away.
Step5To reuse the report, we recommend saving the original template and make copies.

What does the SellerApp PPC Audit Tool do?

Summary of your PPC Account
Summary of your PPC Account

Guess what this report tells you? Our Free PPC Audit Service gives you a list of actionable insights you want to include in your Amazon PPC Campaigns.

Campaign Analysis
Campaign Analysis

Do you want to know how your automatic and manual campaigns are performing? We will show you the results.

Sales and Waste Ad spend Analysis
Sales and Waste Ad spend Analysis

We give you the percentage of converting keywords that generate sales along with wasted clicks and impressions.

Amazon ppc audit

Why do you need an Amazon PPC Audit Tool?

You need to ensure your PPC Campaigns are managed well to enhance your sales. SellerApp PPC Audit tool helps you dig into your PPC account and identify the areas that have the scope for improvement. An expert’s inputs and a fresh perspective will help you understand the drawbacks and performance issues.

Knowing the right KPIs is the best way to attain success. We give you a quick snapshot of the significant metrics that you want to get a grip on. PPC audit report from an expert like SellerApp provides you recommendations that improve your Amazon ad campaign performance thereby maximizing your ROI.

Amazon ppc audit

How does the SellerApp PPC audit report help you scale your Amazon business?

Firstly, you get an expert’s perspective on your Amazon PPC campaigns which boosts your profits. SellerApp PPC audit tool provides free actionable insights that have the potential to influence your overall PPC success and increase your sales.

We evaluate metrics which are the handy check-points that helps you determine the overall health of your Amazon PPC campaign. We give data-backed analysis which thrives your Amazon business.

Don’t lose sleep over it. You can solve your PPC issues.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do you need PPC Audit?

    PPC Audit is the critical part of Amazon PPC campaigns post-launch strategy. You need to maintain and track your campaigns to make the best use of your PPC budget. You need to track Ad campaign metrics like ACoS, clicks, conversion-rate, and CPC to improve your campaign strategies. With the SellerApp PPC audit tool, you can understand where and how your ad money is spent. Using our tool, you can adjust your bidding to maximize your ROI.

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