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A Comprehensive Guide to the Amazon Business Seller Program

what is the amazon seller business program
November 1, 2023 10 mins to read

Amazon Business Seller Program isn’t just a platform to sell; it’s an approach to innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled opportunities for businesses to thrive in the evolving world of B2B commerce.

In the modern business landscape, where B2B interactions have gained paramount importance, the Amazon Business Seller program offers an array of features designed to serve the distinct needs and aspirations of a business person. 

From tapping into a vast network of potential clients to leveraging cutting-edge tools for enhanced management and visibility, the Amazon Business Seller Program presents a new model in the way businesses engage and thrive within the digital marketplace

This article explores the key features of the program, uncovering the different benefits it brings to those seeking to expand their reach, optimize operations, and stay ahead in the competitive area of B2B commerce.

Quick Guide

  1. What is the Amazon Business Seller Program?
  2. When should you consider signing up?
  3. Requirements for Amazon Business Seller Program Enrollment
  4. How do you be a part of the Amazon Business Seller Program?
  5. Benefits of enrolling in the Amazon Business Seller program
  6. Amazon Businesses: Pricing Your Products
  7. Conclusion

What is the Amazon Business Seller Program?

The Amazon Business Seller Program is a platform offered by Amazon that serves businesses looking to sell their products and services to other businesses. 

It’s designed to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) transactions by providing a unique set of features and tools tailored to the needs of professional sellers targeting corporate customers.

By participating in the Amazon Business Seller Program, you can gain access to a vast network of potential B2B customers, including organizations, government entities, educational institutions, and more. 

This program offers many features that are not typically available on Amazon’s regular marketplace, making it an attractive option for you to tap into the B2B market and expand your customer base.

  • One of the standout features of the program is the ability to present your products exclusively to business customers. 
  • The program introduces significant changes to the search functionality, enhancing the visibility of your products.
  • By participating in the Amazon Business Seller program, you can benefit from pricing and payment features specifically designed to facilitate bulk purchases. 
  • Furthermore, the program has an automated tax exemption mechanism for qualified purchases from sellers engaged in the Amazon Tax-Exemption program
  • For businesses aiming to establish a distinctive identity in the B2B sphere, the program offers the opportunity to claim quality, diversity, and ownership credentials. 
  • Tiered Referral Fees is another valuable facet of the program. 
  • Finally, the program empowers you to enhance yourr product presentations by uploading Enhanced Product Documents. 

These features are discussed in detail in the section below.

When should you consider signing up?

If your focus lies on industrial and scientific products or electronic and office supplies, which are typically in high demand among businesses, then it’s the right moment to consider enrolling in this program. 

The Amazon Business Seller program equips you with a suite of tools designed to streamline business management, making the entire process seamless and efficient.

Requirements for Amazon Business Seller Program Enrollment 

Before you can fully access the advantages offered by the Amazon B2B Program, there are specific eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill.

To start, it’s essential that you have a professional subscription for your Seller Central account

Furthermore, you must satisfy particular performance benchmarks as outlined below:

For Selling on Amazon:

  1. Maintain an Order Defect Rate (ODR) of 1% or lower.
  2. Ensure a late shipment rate of 4% or less.
  3. Keep pre-shipment cancellations at 2.5% or lower.

For the Amazon Business Seller Program:

  1. Keep your pre-shipment cancellation rate at 1% or lower.
  2. Maintain an Order Defect Rate (ODR) of 0.5% or less.
  3. Ensure a late shipment rate of 2% or less.
  4. Minimize chargebacks.

Meeting these criteria is important for your participation in the Amazon B2B Program and for capitalizing on its benefits.

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How do you be a part of the Amazon Business Seller Program?

Here’s how the process works:

Create an account to sell on Amazon

If you are not an Amazon seller yet, create a professional selling account on If you’re already an Amazon seller, you can use your existing seller account for the Amazon Business program feature. You can click on Enroll Now in the Amazon Business Seller Program.

how do you be a part of the amazon business seller program

However, maintaining a high level of performance on this account is essential to take full advantage of the program.

Provide your business credentials

To expand your potential buyer base, you can give your business credentials, like your quality certifications and diversity credentials, and undergo a verification process. This helps establish trust with business customers who require accurate and reliable information about the sellers they engage with.

Additional guide: What are Amazon Ads Certifications?

Set up your products

It’s important to add your entire catalog. This includes providing detailed information about your product. This transparency helps customers make informed decisions when considering your products. Also, use the enhanced content feature to show additional product information to your customers.

Start selling your products

This will help you to reach millions of business customers that are already shopping on Amazon. This enhances your product’s visibility and credibility.

By following these steps, you’ll seamlessly become a participant in the Amazon Business Program, gaining the ability to cater to business customers and take advantage of the program’s benefits. This includes reaching a broader B2B audience and utilizing tools designed to facilitate smoother transactions within the business ecosystem.

Benefits of enrolling in the Amazon Business Seller program

This program offers an array of uses aimed at enhancing your business’s reputation with customers while efficiently managing your Amazon Business. 

Here are the key features in detail:

Exclusively for business customer

Being part of the Amazon Business Seller community enables you to extend your product offerings to business customers, broadening your customer base significantly. This allows you to engage with your ideal business audience directly. 

The customers who explore your Amazon company profile are already inclined toward your offerings, making it an efficient way to reach your desired customer segment.

Unlike many online businesses that often inadvertently present their products to the wrong audience, Amazon Business sellers can precisely target the appropriate customers within this platform. Additionally, the program’s automated functionalities streamline customer interactions, making the entire process exceptionally efficient.

Tax exemption

Another advantage of this program is the opportunity to engage in the Amazon Tax Exemption initiative. 

By being a part of this program, your business gains the privilege to make purchases with tax exemptions, facilitated through the issuance of a tax exemption certificate. The program streamlines the procedure for sellers to participate, which is especially beneficial for those requiring tax exemption certificates. This automation ensures a smooth and swift experience for both you and your customers.

Business sellers who have harnessed the tax exemption feature effectively have reaped substantial benefits. As an Amazon business seller utilizing this program, you can leverage the full potential of tax exemptions by making bulk purchases. 

Furthermore, possessing a valid tax exemption certificate allows the program to seamlessly automate your seller participation process, adding to the convenience and efficiency of the entire system.

Reduction in referral fees

Certain products within the Amazon Business Program, categorized under specific segments, get specific referral fees when procured in large quantities. This arrangement of quantity-based discounts not only translates to noteworthy savings in terms of Amazon business account charges but also positions you to secure competitive advantages for sizeable acquisitions.

Undoubtedly, those leveraging this particular feature stand to gain significantly by opting for bulk purchases. The prerequisite involves setting up an Amazon seller account, adhering to the proper process, and making the most of the entire array of features accessible through your business profile.

Enhanced reporting

Engaging in this program provides you with access to a range of advantageous features, including the option of private labeling. This feature grants you the convenience of distinguishing orders that are tailored to individual businesses.

Furthermore, you gain the ability to identify and exclude orders from taxation, an important aspect of staying well-informed and maintaining a competitive edge in your business endeavors. Alongside this functionality, Amazon business sellers can actively track their sales in real time, contributing to the assurance of promptly offering their customers the products they seek.

Seller credentials

Participating in this program opens up a range of opportunities for enhancing your business. Among these options is the capability to showcase a diverse array of certificates within your seller profile.

This functionality enables individuals to stand out by highlighting certifications such as ISO 9001 or recognition as Women-Owned Small Businesses. Undoubtedly, if you’re a business owner, you’re likely well aware of the significance of seller credentials – they’re paramount documents in any industry.

This program takes care to ensure you stay updated with all the necessary documents essential for efficiently running your business. Moreover, the acquisition of these credentials involves only a nominal fee. These credentials hold added value, especially if you find yourself needing a loan. Numerous credit companies mandate individuals utilizing this program to furnish identification documents, aiding them in determining the most appropriate loan options to offer.

Enhanced content

Through the Amazon Business Seller Program, sellers can take advantage of a distinctive feature – the ability to incorporate enhanced product content. This entails including supplementary materials like Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or user guides, particularly for products falling within specific niches and categories.

Enhanced business seller profile

This solution provides the opportunity to supplement your business profile with extra information. This includes adding details like the establishment year, type of business, improved logos, and other relevant elements.

Amazon Businesses: Pricing Your Products

When it comes to pricing products for your business, many owners tend to believe that setting the lowest possible prices will automatically lead to better customer service. However, this perspective might not always hold true. 

Pricing plays a crucial role in a business model by maintaining healthy profits and enticing customers, the strategy isn’t as simple as just offering the lowest rates. Instead, businesses can effectively fine-tune their prices for consistent earnings and customer appeal through the use of repricing software, conveniently available on Amazon’s platform.

Using repricing software, businesses can not only optimize their pricing strategies but also closely monitor their product performances. This tool assists in identifying the right moments to adjust prices, whether it’s lowering them to attract more buyers or raising them to enhance profitability. 

Furthermore, the software keeps sellers well-informed about the latest pricing trends and offers valuable tips to maximize customer attraction and engagement.


The Amazon Business Seller Program stands as a gateway to an array of advantages for brands and entrepreneurs aiming to expand their presence in the business-to-business marketplace. 

Being a part of this enables sellers to gain access to a host of features that can elevate their competitiveness, improve customer interaction, and streamline various aspects of their operations. 

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