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Amazon Prime Day 2021 surpasses all previous records

September 6, 2023 5 mins to read

Amazon Prime Day is the biggest and most exciting online shopping festival in the world. This annual shopping phenomenon is the most crucial day for an Amazon seller. It is the best time for a seller to build his brand image and awareness and of course, make the most of the sales opportunities that Prime Day attracts. 

First launched in 2015, Prime Day has maintained its reputation as one of the most successful shopping events every year. Owing to the monumental success in sales, it has been stretched to two days. 

At SellerApp, we’ve uncovered exciting insights into this year’s out-turn. 

Quick guide 

  1. Why was Prime Day 2021 different? 
    • COVID-19 pandemic
    • Consumer spending
    • Inventory Concern
  1. Products that stole the spotlight on Prime Day 2021
    • Health and beauty 
    • Household essentials 
    • Consumer electronics
    • Home and Garden
  1. Best selling products
  2. Top discounted products
  3. Final Thoughts

Why was Prime Day 2021 different?

The sales generated this year were more than the previous year, resulting in what has been recorded as the highest so far in 2021!

What makes this Prime Day special? 

Here are some of the factors we think are responsible

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic 

These are uncertain times that we live in and nobody can predict what will happen. The prevailing pandemic has made a rippling effect on e-commerce as well. It has acted as a catalyst in pushing people towards shopping online. 

Shopaholics who normally shop from physical stores cannot do so now because of closure due to lock downs or to avoid contracting the virus from public places. Thus, there is a paradigm shift to e-commerce owing to the fact that everyone is forced to spend an unusual amount of time indoors. This has led to an increase in sales of products for homes like TVs, stereos, furniture, home decor. 

More and more people are taking advantage of discounts. Offers and coupons make everything seem so economical that they are hard to refuse. 

  1. Consumer spending 

Here we are, still in the middle of a pandemic and this is said to have impacted the way consumers spend. People have cut back on spending to increase their savings. This is being done with a view to protect themselves against financial difficulties. 

However, consumers are still engaging in erratic buying practices especially with regard to groceries and household supplies. The uncertainty of the current scenario has a huge part to play in this aspect.

Even though consumers don’t want to spend too much on non-essential commodities, a 30% increase was noted in spending. These are new trends in spending created by the pandemic, which has contributed to an overall increase in sales.

  1. Inventory concerns

Logistics and inventories need careful planning. 

Yantian, one of the biggest ports in the world, was affected by an outbreak of COVID-19 in a southern Chinese province which resulted in restrictions on the entry of vessels. This meant that there was definitely going to be a huge disruption resulting from thousands of shipments being held up at this port. As a result, items were going to fly off the shelves quickly with limited inventory supply. 

This Prime Day faced many adversities because China has had a major impact on supply chain disruptions. Their air freight costs keep increasing along with ocean freight rates due to a shortage of shipping containers. You can find more information on shipping from China along with all its nitty-gritty to gain a better understanding.

As a result, it eats into the margins of small and medium-sized Amazon sellers and they along with merchants face a huge challenge trying to stay organized through the year. 

All in all, the Prime Day shopping experience still turned out to be exceptionally good so kudos to all the personnel involved!

Products that stole the spotlight in Amazon Prime Day 2021

Home and kitchen essentials were all the buzz along with health and wellness this Prime Day.

Some of the categories we found to be selling like hotcakes fall under the categories mentioned here. They may come across as unlikely, but we’ll tell you why and how they ranked as top discounted and best-selling products

Health and beauty 

top health and beauty products

Household essentials 

top household essentials

Consumer Electronics

top best selling consumer electronics products on prime day 2021

Home and Garden 

best selling home and garden products

Best-selling products

Health and beauty products including immunity boosters rank among the best-selling ones. With everyone developing a conscience to lead a healthier lifestyle, health products are sought after along with beauty products for skin, face, and hair. 

Household essentials from batteries to bulbs and toilet paper too, whose sales increased by over 20% during Prime Day, ranked it among the best-selling products. The utilitarian aspect of these products contributed to them being ranked among the best-selling products.

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Consumer electronics like the Fire TV Stick and other gadgets along with home and garden appliances used for cleaning and other miscellaneous uses can be found in this category too. 

For accurate results on sales in each category, use SellerApp’s Sales Estimator tool.

To know more about how to find the best-selling products on amazon check this detailed guide.

Top discounted Amazon Prime day Products

Prime Day showcases some of the most awaited discounts on products that are usually priced very exorbitantly. Robotic floor cleaners and mobile phones are guaranteed to make their way onto the list of best-discounted products.

Final thoughts

As a seller, you can now prepare better for Amazon Prime Day 2021 with everything we have provided in this article and more. SellerApp tracks core data to give you precise results on every specific detail of your product, so you can ace the game at your next important shopping event.

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