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What is the Amazon Manufacturer Part Number?

what is amazon manufacturer part number
March 6, 2023 5 mins to read

Have you ever bought any specialized electronics or replacement parts for your home or automobile?

Then you might be well aware of the kind of frustration while trying to get the right parts. 

Online shopping has made it easier to find specialized electronics, aftermarket, or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. The best places to find these parts are directly from the manufacturer or from eBay. Most of the time, manufacturers don’t want to deal with the buyers themselves. So this leaves a huge room for Amazon sellers who want to include the manufacturer part number (MPN) into their product listing. 

What Is The Amazon Manufacturer Part Number?

Amazon uses manufacturer part numbers as a unique identifier to find specific products. we also have other unique identifiers such as gtin,upc, and ean. for amazon, this is an optional field in the inventory listing section and it is not applicable to all types of products.

For example, a t-shirt will have an SKU, not an MPN. A book will have an ISBN but not an MPN. On the other hand, an auto part will have an MPU. Therefore, the manufacturer part number is only relevant in certain cases like automotive, consumer electronics, etc. If you have the GTIN, you may not need an MPN.

On the other hand, customers use manufacturer part numbers to confirm if the product they are buying matches with the one they are seeking. 

These manufacturer part numbers are the identifiers used for internal and external searches. They aid product visibility and discoverability. They help to differentiate their product from similar items and counterfeits. For sellers, it will also help in managing stock levels.

The advantages of adding an MPN to your listing

Adding an MPN has many benefits for several reasons. Few of them are:

Better conversions

A highly specific part of electronic equipment or a replacement part of an automotive isn’t something optional to have. At times, customers search for the product using MPN to get the exact match. These cases will lead to better conversion rates, since the customer has undoubtedly found the exact item they are searching for. 


As I mentioned, adding MPN to your product listing improves discoverability. Why? This is a field indexed by both Google and Amazon. So it will be picked up by both search engines and displayed in search results. 

Fewer returns

When a customer gets the exact product he wants, chances are that you won’t have many (or any) returns. This improves your product rankings and ratings. Furthermore, it improves your overall account health because Amazon likes low return rates.

Build a loyal customer base

Buyers appreciate sellers who can meet their highly specific demands. A stereo enthusiast or a person replacing bulbs in commercial electronics will likely buy more than just a single piece. When a customer gets the right products from sellers, they often buy in large quantities or purchase frequently. So you can build a loyal customer base. Why buy from another seller when you get the right part without hassle? 

Product reviews

If the customers find the exact item they’re looking for, they tend to leave a positive review. Shoppers appreciate sellers who can meet their high specifications.

How to find an MPN?

If you are aware of online shopping, you have probably crossed paths with MPN while purchasing items, browsing through a manufacturer’s list, or comparing products on several platforms. You can also find the MPN in the following ways: 

  1. On the product

MPN is listed on either side or at the bottom of the product or its packaging. Most of the time, you can find it listed next to the brand name. 

  1. Communicate with the product manufacturer

The part number – MPN is associated with the product part manufacturer. If you cannot find the number, make sure you call your manufacturer and get the details required. 

How to add the manufacturer part number on Amazon?

If an MPN exists for your product, it’s definitely worth adding to your listing, in order to reap more benefits. 

  • First, you should cross-check if you’re listing the correct MPN as the confusion can jeopardize the benefits of the MPN. Also, keep in mind that the MPN varies with product variants. The only exception is for apparel items where different sizes have the same MPN.
  • Don’t just add the MPN in the Amazon manufacturer part number field, but also add to the title, bullet points, and description. 
  • If the replacement part or aftermarket part you are selling is compatible with multiple products, then make sure you mention all the compatible items in the listing so it will get traffic from all the relevant customer search terms. 
  • Ensure you always list the unique product identifiers while submitting the product on Amazon.

Final thoughts

Optimizing your product for the target audience is essential to stay relevant and generate more sales. While selling on Amazon, you need to identify the key areas that demand your time and attention. Furthermore, you need to improve the product and resources to promote purchasability. Using manufacturer part number eliminates the guesswork. Consequently, it improves the accuracy of product information like providing the right specifications.

If you are looking to increase your product sales, you can try SellerApp’s 7-day free trial and get all the tools you need to supercharge your Amazon business. 

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