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Does USPS Deliver On Sunday and Saturday (Or Weekend)?

January 17, 2024 21 mins to read

Sending packages through the post office is still on the go, making the need to prioritize delivery schedules for the convenience of consumers. But this leads us to a very frequently asked question – does USPS deliver on Sunday, Saturday (or weekends)?

Let’s get to know from this article.

As sellers, whether you are sending orders on your own or opting for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), you certainly want to make sure that your shipment makes it on time.

Quick Guide:

  1. What is USPS?
  2. Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?
  3. What are USPS Delivery hours on Saturday?
  4. Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?
  5. What are USPS Delivery hours on Sunday?
  6. Can You Pick Up Packages from USPS?
  7. Facts About USPS Pick Up Package
  8. Types of Delivery Services Offered by USPS
  9. Other Important FAQs
  10. Conclusion

What is USPS?

The United States Postal Service or most commonly known as USPS has always been there to provide the best service to every citizen living in America and make their lives convenient and easier. With this, USPS has made plenty of improvements and innovations in their delivery system that benefits most of its clients.

According to Wikipedia, the USPS is also known as Postal Service, U.S. Mail, and Post Office.

USPS is a reputed, independent agency of the U.S. Federal Government. It is responsible for offering postal service throughout the United States, even including its associated states and other insular areas.

You will be fascinated to read the fact that it is one of the few government agencies, which is authorized by the U.S. Constitution explicitly. The USPS dates back to the year 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was chosen as the first postmaster general in the Second Continental Congress.

However, the Post Office Department was formed only in the year 1792 during Franklin’s operation. Later, in 1872, it was elevated to a cabinet-level department.

Based on the Postal Reorganization Act (1970), the USPS (United States Postal Service) was transformed into an independent agency.

As of 2017, the USPS had 644,124 employees and 211,264+ vehicles. It has the world’s biggest civilian vehicle fleet.

The USPS is lawfully obligated to serve every American, regardless of his or her geographical location, at uniform quality and price.

Does USPS Deliver On Saturday?

When we talk about postal service, one of the perplexing questions that come to mind is — Does USPS deliver on weekends? Most often though, Sunday is usually out of context since it is known to us that it usually serves as a rest day for most.

Yes, USPS delivers on Saturday.

Though USPS delivers on Saturdays, the delivery is subject to the service or mail class in use. Priority Mail & Priority Mail Express items might be delivered on Saturdays.

However, the delivery of first-class mail, media mail products, and standard post aren’t specified.

The USPS mainly delivers Priority Mail & Priority Mail Express items on Saturday.

The items from Priority Mail will be delivered in 1-3 business days for a starting price of $6.65. This facility can be availed both online and at any Post Office location. Like Priority Mail Express, even Priority Mail offers free package pickup at your office or home. It also incorporates a maximum insurance coverage of $50 of insurance for all types of shipments.

For complete details check the table below. If you have a package, and you want it to be delivered, there is no specific USPS delivery time it can reach your area, considering that it depends on the volume of the things they deliver from one place to another.

Once they have a few parcels to be delivered on that day, they can reach you early. However, if the USPS has a lot of things to be delivered, their delivery hours might be prolonged.

One of the things that you need to consider is that USPS delivery hours and USPS delivery time also depend on:

  • The location of the USPS warehouse
  • The place where they store your mail and packages before delivering them to your assigned address.

USPS Saturday delivery hours are also the same.

Priority Mail Express Priority Mail First-Class Mail USPS Retail Ground (Standard Post) Media Mail
Delivery Standard 1-2 business days with a money back guarantee1-3 business days, but not a guarantee1-3 business days, but not guaranteed2-8 business days, but not guaranteed2-8 business days, but not guaranteed
USPS delivery days365 days a year, Sat and Sun deliveries includedMonday to Saturday (except holidays)Not specifiedNot specified Not specified
PriceStarts at $22.95 at post office locations or online to any state; flat rate up to 70 lbs Starts at $6.45 at post office locations or online; flat rate up to 70 lbsPrices depend on mail/package’s size, weight and shapeStarts at $6.75 at a post officeStarts at $2.72 at a post office
Features-With $100 insurance

-inclusion of proof delivery signature records and tracking information

-overnight delivery, which reaches next day by 10:30am, Holiday and sunday deliveries are available
-includes USPS tracking for both retail and online shipping

-with $50 insurance

-no surcharges for fuel, or rural, residential and regular Saturday deliveries
-best priced service for 13 oz mail

-$5,000 worth of merchandise is covered with insurance. This can be combined with other services for delivery confirmation

-best choice for businesses
-only available on retail

-choice for larger packages that cannot be accommodated in Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail

-with USPS tracking

-only available on retail

-choice for larger packages that cannot be accommodated in Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail

-with USPS tracking
-cost-effective way in sending educational materials like books
Restrictions-70lbs max weight
-seal flat rate envelope with normal folds
~ -maximum weight is only 13 oz

- Envelopes & postcards should be rectangular. Else, an extra charge might be added
can be used only for shipments that weigh up to 70 lbs and 130 inches (both length & girth combined)

-There is a special pricing for large and lightweight packages
-maximum weight is at 70 lbs

-there are restrictions on the types of media that can be sent as it only includes educational materials (video games, digital drives, computer drives are not qualified to be sent via Media Mail prices).

What are USPS Delivery Hours on Saturday?

The delivery time of USPS during Saturdays depends on multiple factors such as:

  • The volume of the mail
  • The distance between the warehouse and the destination

For letter carriers, there isn’t any difference between Saturday and a normal day. A letter carrier doesn’t leave his or her way unfinished willingly. They have to deliver everything.

If the number of emails to be delivered is less, they might reach you earlier than expected. But if they have bulk mails, then the delivery hours of USPS might be prolonged.

Does USPS Deliver On Sunday?

Yes, USPS delivers on Sunday too. But the thing is that it delivers only Amazon Packages and Priority Mail Packages on this day.

After the 2013’s deal between Amazon and the USPS, Amazon packages are being shipped by the USPS.

According to, Postal Regulatory Commission has agreed to a service, e-tailing They will use the Parcel service to deliver everything even on Sundays. According to the deal, it started delivering Amazon packages to Los Angeles, New York, and other metropolitan areas like Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, and Phoenix.

The postal service already lost $52 billion since 2007 and continued to do so if certain reforms weren’t taken. Two of the proposed ways to prevent USPS from collapsing is to stop USPS Saturday delivery since it just adds up to the cost, as well as closing unneeded post office locations that only have very few clienteles.

However, congress blocked such recommendations, which gives continuing life to USPS delivery days to stay even including their services during weekends. But then again, is it the right move?

Won’t USPS collapse if their finances continue to rise and their income can barely fend for their needs? If that will be the case, one solution that we can highly think of is to privatize USPS or perhaps to open the competition in postal markets.

Though there are still people who are using the services of postal service, we cannot erase the fact that it is becoming obsolete as the internet continues to grow and makes communication easier and faster.

Should the US follow the lead of Germany and the Netherlands who already privatized their national postal services some decades ago?

If yes, then there is a possibility that we can save our postal system. If they do not want to privatize it though, we can still opt to open up some competitions as done by Sweden and New Zealand.

These reformed changes made the postal systems of these countries live more years and there was an improvement seen on services and efficiencies offered by these companies to the postal services which benefited productivity and consumers as well.

What is USPS Delivery Hours on Sunday?

Priority Mail Express comes with a money-back guarantee. It is the quickest domestic service, which is available throughout the year and can reach any address in the United States, even including PO boxes.

So, delivering on Sundays isn’t a new concept. What matters is the cost of the Amazon delivery.

The advantage of it being accessible for an extremely low cost or at least, affordable gives a customer a reason to proceed with it.

The price starts at $23.75 at different Post Office locations as well as online.

When compared to other delivery services, it is far cheaper. Especially with delivery features and promises.

Sunday deliveries are for all Amazon customers. But if a customer happens to be an Amazon Prime member, then he or she can place an order even on Fridays and can receive his or her delivery by Sunday.

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On the other hand, if you use Priority Mail Express, then USPS guarantees overnight delivery. It can reach its destination by 10:30 am.

However, keep in mind that the delivery time might vary based on the location and volume of the mail.

So, Does USPS Deliver On Weekends?

Yes, it delivers on weekends. However, USPS delivery days that include the weekend is solely dependent on the mail service that you will be using, as some mail types do not offer weekend delivery.

Can You Pick Up Packages From USPS?

USPS (United States Postal Service) is one of the best mail services in the US, which was established in the 1970s. US Mail, as most would call it, is geared for the establishment of an office that operates in receiving and dispatching letters to receive, send, and deliver the letters and packages at certain prices.

Besides being the third-largest employer for civilians in the United States, it has already made its name in the postal operations for 45 years and counting. However, with regular usage, consumers have many doubts about it. Say for example, can someone pick up packages from USPS?

Yes, you can pick up packages from USPS before the scheduled delivery time but only if the reason for an early pickup (by you) is valid.

Just call USPS customer support to assist you. However, the P.O. will need the tracking number. Also, according to the USPS Package Intercept Program, one can redirect his/her undelivered or unreleased domestic shipment for delivery. It is available for letters, flats, and packages with additional services barcodes or tracking.

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Facts About USPS Pick Up Package

Since its USPS’s job to deliver the packages and mails on time to the destined location, there are times when consumers might want them before the scheduled delivery date or time. You can pick up the package from USPS if you have the tracking number ready and the following exceptions:

1. The Need Is Urgent

If you have an urgent situation that cannot be ignored (for example you are leaving the city), and you need the mail or package soon, you can call USPS customer service for help. There are instances where they let customers pick up their packages or mails but only if the reason is valid. Carriers might take days to reach your home. So at such times, it is better to cancel the home delivery and get the package yourself from the post office.

2. Missed USPS

If you have signed up for home delivery, then it is expected that a signature of the receiver is required upon delivery. If the case is not so, you can have someone receive your package when you are not around.

But it is an automatic act that the delivery boy or postman will ask for authorization from the receiver, already signed by you, or maybe a prior authorization from the office in some cases. However, if the situation does not agree with the first two scenarios, the carrier may bring back or leave your package at the nearest post office. By then, they may allow you to pick up the package given that you bring your slip and a valid identification card or ID for security purposes.

3. Hold Upon Request

USPS Package Intercept program offers a feature called Hold Upon Request, which is exclusively designed for people who wish to pick up their package the other way around. This means that this time, you are the sender, and you have your package lost, or you have your item not yet released or delivered, and you want to get it back.

At such times, you should submit a request for this type of amenity with an input of the sender’s address. However, there is a payment required. Take note that this fee will be non-refundable.

Tips On USPS Packages

So, how about preventing some complications with your packages? Well, it could save you from the hassles mentioned above of pickups. Of course, those cannot be avoided, especially on emergency matters. But for toxic customers, here are some tips to keep you from mailing troubles.

  • You can send your mail by either scheduling for a pickup, taking your mail to a Post Office, leaving it in your mailbox at home, or by dropping the mail into a blue collection box.
  • Take your item to the retail counter of the Post Office if it weighs more than 13 ounces. Make sure that you affix your postage stamps.
  • When scheduling a pickup, first, submit your request online and have your items ready before the specific carrier arrives.
  • When putting a hold on your mail, first have yourself fill out a Hold Mail form from the Post Office. Remember that for the postal service to hold your item for 30 days, visit USPS online or call customer services for more information. You can pick up your mail from the Office or have your mail in-home delivered.
  • For people who are always on the move, remember to update your shipping address every time you go out for a home transfer. There is a permanent address change or a shipping address alteration for the temporary address. To save you from hassle, you may go online for a minor fee. Notify your local office of your move a month before. This will assure that your mail service will not be interrupted. In cases of priority mail, priority mail express, and first-class mail, they will be forwarded to you at no cost for a year. For the newspapers and magazines, however, they will be forwarded for a total of 60 days.
  • When printing postage stamps, you can have it in a moment by doing it online so you don’t need to carry yourself to the local office.
  • Your signature is as important as your mail. You acknowledge the received items through your signature. Keep in mind that the postal service ends its liability to you when you do so. Upon receiving, you may confirm the sender’s information such as the name and address for security purposes.

Amazon & USPS: Latest News and Updates

As per the recent news from CNBC, the USPS has proposed to increase their fees between 9% and 12% from what they are charging Amazon.

The Parcel Select Service, which is also used by FedEx & UPS (United Parcel Service), is the most highly-priced program.

The USPS has proposed a 9.3% increase in their service, especially for packages that weigh more than 1 pound, and a 12.3% increase for lighter packages.

This proposal was a few days after President Donald Trump tweeted about Amazon.

In April, Trump issued an order to set up a special task force to inspect the USPS, saying that it was on an “unmaintainable financial path.” He also tweeted saying that USPS is the new Amazon’s “delivery boy” and does not make money from their business.

Donald Trump slammed Amazon by tweeting:

“I have stated my concerns with Amazon long before the Election. Unlike others, they pay little or no taxes to state & local governments, use our Postal System as their Delivery Boy (causing tremendous loss to the U.S.), and are putting many thousands of retailers out of business!”

However, to this, a USPS spokesperson said:

“The price increases reflect the best judgment of the Postal Service Governors, who are seeking to establish new rates that will keep the Postal Service competitive, while also providing the Postal Service with much-needed revenue.”

The USPS proposed a 3.9% increase on priority mail express packages, a 10% increase on the first-class stamps, and a 5.9% increase on priority mail.

According to a business insider, USPS has reported a total loss of $2.7 billion in 2017 on revenue of $69.6 billion. Raising the charges on packages is an effective way to fix this problem. And since Amazon is one of the biggest customers of USPS, this could be a great movie but this would also cost the big e-commerce giant a lot.

Besides Amazon, even companies like UPS & FedEx will be blown from such high costs.

Types of Delivery Services Offered by USPS

The domestic mail and shipping services offered by the USPS include:

Service Type Pricing Shipping Time Package or Mail
Priority Mail $$ 1 - 3 days Packages
Priority Mail Express $$$ Overnight or 1 - 2 days Packages
Media Mail $ 2 – 8 days Packages
USPS Retail Ground $ 2 – 8 days Packages
First-class Mail $ 1 – 3 days Mail

1. Priority Mail

Depending on the package, the source it starts, and the destination it reaches, the shipping time ranges from 1 to 3 days. The option of Priority Mail Flat Rate eliminates the need to weigh packages up to 70 lbs. The price starts from $7.35 and is available both online and at all Post Office locations.

If your package or mail is above 13 ounces, and you need a fast delivery at a reasonable price, then Priority Mail is the best option.


  • Shipping time is 1 – 3 days
  • Package pickup is free
  • Includes USPS Tracking
  • Includes maximum insurance of $50
  • No surcharges on fuel
  • Usual Saturday delivery

Priority Mail: Flat Rates

Free Supplies DimensionsShipping PriceBest for
Flat rate envelope12 ½ x 9 ½ inches$7.35 at Post Office (online & retail) $6.95 for commercial baseManuscripts Documents Letters
Window Flat Rate Envelope10 x 6
12 ½ x 9 ½ inches
$7.35 at Post Office (online & retail) $6.95 for commercial basePre-addressed envelopes
Gift Card Flat Rate Envelope10 x 7 inches$7.35 at Post Office (online & retail) $6.95 for commercial baseGift cards Greeting cards that are oversized
Small Flat Rate Envelope10 x 6 inches $7.35 at Post Office (online & retail) $6.95 for commercial basePassports Small documents
Legal Flat Rate Envelope15 x 9 ½ inches$7.65 at Post Office (online & retail) $7.25 for commercial baseLegal documents
Padded Flat Rate Envelope12 ½ x 9 ½ inches$8 at Post Office (online & retail) $7.55 for commercial baseBoxed jewelry Books Clothing
Small flat rate boxInside: 8 5/8 x 5 3/8 x 1 5/8 inches
Outside: 8 11/16 x 5 7/16 x 1 ¾ inches
$7.90 at Post Office (online & retail) $7.50 for commercial baseSmall electronics Brochures
Large flat rate boxInside: 12 x 12 x 5 ½ inches
Outside: 12 ¼ x 12 ¼ x 6 inches
$19.95 at Post Office (online & retail) $17.60 for commercial baseLarge gifts,computers, laptops, etc.
Medium flat rate box – type 1 (top loading)Inside: 11 x 8 ½ x 5 ½ inches
Outside: 11 ¼ x 8 3/4 x 6 inches
$14.35 at Post Office (online & retail) $12.8 for commercial base Shoes Office supplies
Medium flat rate box – type 2 (side loading)Inside: 13 5/8 x 11 7/8 x 3 3/8 inches
Outside: 14 x 12 x 3 ½ inches
$14.35 at Post Office (online & retail) $12.8 for commercial baseShoes Office supplies
Large flat rate board game boxInside: 23 11/16 x 11 ¾ x 3 inches Outside: 24 1/16 x 11 7/8 x 3 1/8 inches $19.95 at Post Office (online & retail) $17.60 for commercial baseBoard games


  • The maximum weight of the package should be 70 lbs.
  • The maximum combined girth and length should be 108 inches.
  • While sealing a flat rate box or envelope, the flaps of the container should close the usual folds.

2. Priority Mail Express

This is USPS’s one of the fastest domestic services with limited exceptions. It is available 365 days and comes with a money-back guarantee. It delivers to all U.S. addresses, even including PO Boxes. The price begins at $25.5 at both online and all Post Office locations. The option of Flat Rate eliminates the need to weigh packages up to 70 lbs.

If you want your package to be delivered very quickly (overnight) and the price is not an issue, then Priority Mail Express is the ideal option.


  • Free pickup for packages – either at your office or home
  • Includes digital signature for record and USPS tracking
  • Has an insurance coverage of $100
  • Overnight delivery on holidays and Sundays but for an additional fee

Priority Mail Express: Flat Rates

Free Supplies Dimension Shipping Price Best For
Legal flat rate envelope 15 x 9 ½ inches $25.7 at Post Office (online & retail) $22.80 for commercial base Legal documents
Flat rate envelope 12 ½ x 9 ½ inches $25.5 at Post Office (online & retail) $22.68 for commercial base Manuscripts Documents
Padded Flat Rate Envelope 12 ½ x 9 ½ inches $26.2 at Post Office (online & retail) $23.18 for commercial base Books Boxed jewelry Clothing

3. First Class Mail

First-Class Mail is one of the most affordable mail services of USPS. It is an affordable and effective way to send lightweight packages and envelopes. On the other hand, the First-Class Mail Forever stamps are currently sold at 1 oz. but do not expire even if their price rise.

If your package or mail is 13 ounces or lesser, and you don’t need overnight delivery, First Class Mail is the ideal option.

It is great for:

  • Single-piece, standard-sized envelopes that weigh up to 3.5 oz.
  • Big envelopes
  • Small packages that weigh up to 13 oz.

It delivers the package in 3 working days. The price starts at $0.55.


  • Rates are not affected due to distance.
  • No home delivery or fuel surcharges.
  • Fast and inexpensive for lightweight packages.
  • Delivers in 1 – 3 working days
  • Covers insurance of $5000 (merchandise only)
  • Maximum 13 oz.
  • Up to 3.5 ounce of package weight is free for cards and letters

Stamp Prices:


  • Rectangular postcard – standard-sized stamps begin at $0.35
  • Oversized postcards require letter stamps. They start at price $0.55


  • Rectangular envelope – standard-sized stamps begin at $0.55
  • Unusual shape, oversized, square envelope stamps begin at $0.70


  • The maximum weight of the first-class mail letters should be 3.5 oz.
  • The maximum weight of big first class mail packages and envelopes should be 13 oz.
  • All envelopes and postcards should be rectangular. Else, an extra charge might apply.

4. Media Mail

This option is only for videos, books, records, and CDs. However, there are a few restrictions in Media Mail. The item can be in a nice, padded envelope but not in an ordinary, plain envelope with extra padding.

Also, you cannot bubble wrap a book in a manila envelope. If you are using a box, there should only be books without additional padding. You cannot send anything that has advertisements on it (e.g. magazines and newspapers). All the packages of Media Mail are subject to inspection.

This means that the USPS has complete rights to open and check them. If you happen to ship magazines or newspapers via Media Mail, it will be returned as a Postage Due.

Media Mail is a cheap option for education materials but can be slow because the USPS works on the “Space Available” approach.

This means that all the other mail types go on the transportation first and only if there is a space, Media Mails are allowed. If there is no space, the package has to wait.

Media Mail is great for sending educational materials like books and DVDs at low shipping rates for not-so-quick deliveries. The price at the post office starts at $2.75.


  • No home delivery or fuel surcharges.
  • The cheapest option for any item that is over 13 ounces.
  • Maximum weight of the package is 70 lbs.
  • Price is based on the weight and not distance.
  • Delivers in 2 – 8 working days

What can you send with Media Mail?

  • Test materials and printed music
  • Printed educational charts
  • Computer-readable media
  • Video & sound recordings
  • Books (minimum 8 pages)
  • Loose-leaf medical pages & binders

Note: Computer drives, digital drives, and video games don’t qualify for Media Mail.


  • The maximum weight of the package should be 70 lbs.

5. USPS Retail Ground

This is economical and reliable ground shipping for oversized packages. It is good if your package doesn’t need to be delivered that quickly. It is available for shipments that weigh 70 lbs or less.

If the package doesn’t fit the Priority Mail requirements and is “oversized,” then consider the Retail Ground mail class.


  • Packages can be a maximum of 70 lbs and 130 inches in both length & girth
  • Free USPS tracking
  • Delivers in 2-8 business days
  • Available only at USPS post offices
  • Great fir packages that are considered big for Priority Mail delivery and Priority Mail Express.


  • It is available only for shipments that weigh a maximum of 70 lbs and 130 inches (length & girth combined).
  • Lightweight, large packages are subject to oversized pricing.

Other Important FAQs

Here are a few other frequently asked questions that you might want to make a note of:

1. Why is USPS delivering on Sundays, though it is a holiday?

Due to growth in the number of packages to be delivered, especially during holidays, the USPS has decided to deliver the packages to most major cities or locations that have received packages in large volume. This decision was taken to make sure that their network keeps moving.

2. Doesn’t the USPS deliver on Sundays already?

Yes. Right now, the Postal Service delivers Amazon packages and Priority Mail Express items on Sundays. Since the number of packages that USPS receives has increased in recent times, they are planning to expand the package types that will be delivered on Sundays.

3. Does USPS deliver on Sunday in NYC (New York City)?

Yes, USPS delivers to NYC even on Sundays.

4. Does USPS deliver on Sunday in Florida?

Yes, USPS delivers to Florida even on Sundays.

5. What types of packages are delivered on Sundays?

The package types delivered on a Sunday ultimately depend on the mail volume. However, Priority Mail parcels will be the primary ones to be delivered first. It can also include First-Class parcels. Customers living in any location serviced by Amazon Sunday, then the deliveries will receive them on Sundays.

6. If you send a package on Friday, aiming for 2-day delivery, will it surely reach on Sunday?

Based on the location the package is sent from and the destination it is going to reach; it will take about 1-3 days through Priority Mail. Note that only Priority Mail Express parcels and the ones negotiated with Amazon are available currently for a Sunday delivery.

7. Does it cost extra if a package is delivered on Sunday?

Not. Unless a customer chooses to pay for an advanced service at the time of purchase, he or she won’t be charged anything extra.

8. When did USPS begin delivering parcels on Sundays?

Well, it was in 2013 when the USPS started a test plan to deliver packages for Amazon on Sundays. Originally, the program started in New York City and Los Angeles but rapidly moved to almost all metro areas throughout the United States. As the e‑commerce business continues to grow, the USPS is planning to expand this program by including all package types.

9. How are Sundays staffed in USPS?

During holidays or peak seasons, Sundays are business days at the USPS. Their distributions centers are open and operated by its staff. In delivery centers, the CCAs will manage all the Sunday deliveries.

10. Does USPS deliver on Sundays to metro cities?

Yes, based on the metro you reside in and the type of mail used, USPS delivers packages even on Sundays. The United States Postal Service delivered over 8 million parcels just on Sundays in December 2018.

Mail Class Insurance Coverage Sunday Availability USPS Tracking
Priority Mail $50 Yes (big metros only) Yes
Priority Mail Express $100 Yes (but extra fee of $12.5 is required) Yes
First Class Package Service Available Yes (big metros only) Yes
First Class Mail Letter Available No No
Postcards Not Available No No
Large Envelopes/ First Class Mail (flat) Not Available No No
Parcel Select Ground Available No Yes
Media Mail Available No Yes


I hope, you have found this piece of information useful. If you have anything to share with other readers, please tell us in the comments section.

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