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Amazon Seller Repay: Charges, Customer Service, and Refund

amazon seller repay
September 11, 2023 9 mins to read

Undeniably, Amazon is known to have the most complex fee structures, which might often confuse you if you aren’t aware of them.

If you are a seller, it is important for you to learn about Amazon Seller Repayment and other charges it imposes on its sellers.

Quick Guide:

  1. Things To Know Before Selling On Amazon
  2. Amazon Fee Structure
  3. Amazon Seller Repay Charges
  4. Amazon Seller Repay Customer Service Number
  5. How To Cancel Amazon Seller Account?

Selling your products on Amazon is certainly one of the most effective ways to boost your sales and develop your business. But this feature doesn’t come free. Sellers often forget this fact and which might lead to impractical profit expectations.

Considering this, here is a detailed guide to help you understand Amazon’s fee structure even better.

So, let’s get started.

Things To Know Before Selling On Amazon

Once you register for a seller account, you will be asked to sign or read through Amazon’s seller agreement and its associated Amazon terms and guidelines.

Even though you might have selling experiences with other services, once you become a seller on Amazon, know that things aren’t the same. 

You may think that you don’t have to pay attention to the information mentioned in the seller agreement or its policies. However, it doesn’t work that way. You can even skip the details for now but later you will end up saying that “Oh, I did not know this,” or “I wasn’t aware that I was supposed to…”

To avoid such situations, here are some important things that new sellers most often tend to overlook.

Things to know about your seller account:

  • When you register to become an Amazon Seller, you create a “single seller account” for your business.
  • Provide detailed and clear information about selling policies in order to build trust from customers.
  • Keep in mind that your return policy should be as favorable to your buyers as the Amazon’s return policy.

Note: Maintaining and operating multiple seller accounts on Amazon is strictly prohibited.

What to do:

  • Provide your business name on Amazon, as this will be displayed to your customers.
  • Ensure that the contact information of your business is correct (email & business phone number) so that Amazon can contact you whenever required.
  • Keep your bank account and credit card details current for timely payments as well as settlements.
  • Make sure that you provide detailed shipping & return policies because this builds customer trust.
  • Mention about gift wrap or gift messaging in detail if you are providing any such service.
  • Upload your brand logo to the seller account — the storefront logo should be of the size 120 x 30 pixels exactly.
  • Enter your company information based on how you manage the business on Amazon.
  • Ensure that you set the shipping costs so that buyers can know about them while buying the products.

What not to do:

  • Never make any attempt to create multiple seller accounts on Amazon, as this is against their policies.
  • Never include website links in business names, product feeds, or any other information about the company that refers customers to your website or any other third-party website.

Amazon Fee Structure

Keep in mind that Amazon collects the applicable fee and any other associated fee timely. This could also include promotional charges or any modification in fee structure, which Amazon will bring to your notice from time to time.

However, this doesn’t apply to specific sellers, like warranty providers or any other service provider, who continue to pay their selling fee in agreement with the charges mentioned in their agreements.

amazon seller repay
amazon seller refund based on seller accounts

Amazon features 2 types of seller accounts:

Monthly Fee For Subscription

Plan NameSubscription Fee
selling plan
$39.99 per month
selling plan
No fee

Selling Fee

Whenever your product generates a sale, Amazon will collect the amount that the buyer pays (including the shipping price, gift wrap charges, or any other rate involved). Amazon’s shipping rates might apply to all the media products (music, book, DVD, and video items) that a Professional seller & Individual seller sells on its marketplace.

Note: Only a “Professional seller” can offer the option of gift wrap.

1. Per-Item Fees

Seller TypeFee
No fee
$0.99 for every item that it sold

2. Referral Fees

A seller pays a specific referral fee for every item that is sold. Items in certain categories feature a minimum referral fees.

For all items, Amazon will deduct an appropriate referral fee (calculated in percentage) on the total sales price, excluding the tax calculated via Amazon’s tax calculation service.

Note: The total sales price refers to the total amount the buyer has paid, which includes the item price as well as delivery/gift wrap charges.

The referral fee varies by product category. Here are a few to make a note of:

Personal computers
Computer, Software, and Video games
Sports (excludes Sports Collectibles)
Tools and Home improvement
Toys and games
Cell phones (unlocked)
Videos & DVDs
Video game console
3D-printers and its products
Automotive and Power sports
•8% for items with total sales price of <=$10
•15% for items with total sales price higher than $10
Clothing and accessories
Collectible books
Gift cards
Grocery and Gourmet Food
-•8% for items with total sales price of <=$15
•15% for items with total sales price higher than $15
Personal and Health care
•8% for items with total sales price of <=$10
•15% for items with total sales price higher than $10
Scientific and Industrial
Handbags, sunglasses, and shoes
•15% for total sales price up to $75
•18% for for total sales price higher than $75
Watches$0.30•16% for total sales price up to $1500
•3% for for total sales price higher than $1500
Service contracts, Protection plans, and Extended warranties

3. Closing Fees

A seller also pays a closing fee of $1.80 for every media item, which is sold. Some of the media categories include DVD, Books, Software, Music, Computer or Video Games, Video Game Console, Video Gaming Accessories, and Video.

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4. High-volume Listing Fees

Amazon charges a high-volume listing fee (monthly basis) of $0.005 for eligible ASINs in order to cover the system cost associated with your cataloging as well as maintaining greater numbers of ASINs. The eligibility criteria for High-Volume Listing Fees for an ASIN, in any given month are as follows:

  • The ASIN should be listed in any non-Media category. The media categories comprise Books, Music, DVDs, Computer or Video games, Software, Video Game Console, Video Game Accessories, etc.
  • The ASIN must be created at least 1 year ago. An ASIN that is created less than 12 months will not be eligible for the fees.
  • Had or have an active offer on the ASIN during the month.
  • The ASIN hasn’t sold in the last 1 year.

5. Refund Administration Fees

If you happen to refund your consumer for any order that you have received the payment already, Amazon refunds you the referral fee amount that you paid for the product(s), minus the appropriate Refund Administration Fees, which is 20% of your referral fee.

Say, for instance, if you refund a consumer $10 for a product that has a referral fee of 15%, then the Refund Administration Fees will be $0.30 (10$ x 15% of the referral fee = 1.50$).

Difference Between Individual and Professional Seller Accounts

Monthly subscription$39.99Not Applicable
Closing fee per saleNot Applicable$0.99
Use of spreadsheets, feeds, and
tools for lading inventory
Access to order-related feeds and
order reports
Earn top placements on the
product detail pages
Sell in more than 20 product
Apply for selling in more than
10 additional product categories
Customizing the shipping ratesYesNo

Amazon Seller Repay Charges

The $39.99 is the recurrent amount that is charged for every “Professional Seller account.” Whether you sell nothing or sell 10,000 products per month, this fee will still be charged.

However, if you don’t want this fee to be charged on a monthly basis, you can go to your seller account and just downgrade the plan to “Individual Seller Account,” which charges only when you generate a sale.

Rather than paying $39.99 per month, you only pay an additional 99 cents for item that you sell + the commission as well as the variable closing fee updated in the fee chart of Seller Help.

If you would like to downgrade your selling plan, click here. Got to Account Settings > Tasks & Tools > Switch your selling plan / close your selling account.

It is also worth noting that if a charge appears on your seller account in the Payments section as “Seller Repayment”, it is mainly because there weren’t adequate funds in your earlier disbursement to balance that fee. Amazon attempts to take its fee from your account’s existing balance first, and charges your credit card on-file if the first option isn’t possible.

In short, the “Amazon Seller Repayment” is the charge attempted after it failed initially. Review the “Payments” section to be aware how much were you charged. You will probably see this charge and the repayment for the same on your credit card. Usually, this happens when you are a professional seller but haven’t sold anything item.

For more information on receiving payments, read through their Payment Policies here.

Amazon Seller Repay Customer Service Number

Though you will be able to get answers to most doubts and questions from Amazon’s help pages, there might be times when you would want to talk to the customer support.

After proper research, here’s what we found:

For questions regarding signing up for a new account or existing Associate Account, contact the Support at:


1-206-922-0880 (charges for long distance call will apply)

Sunday to Saturday 5 AM – 7 PM Pacific time

Canada & US:


Sunday to Saturday 5 AM – 7 PM Pacific time

  • If you are a seller on and want to enquire about your existing account, contact Seller Support US.
  • If you are a seller on and want to enquire about your existing account, contact Seller Support Japan.
  • If you are a seller on want to enquire about your existing account, then contact Seller Support India.
  • If you are a seller on and want to enquire about your existing selling account, contact Seller Support Europe.
  • To sell in Amazon India, call 1800-419-7355 (8 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

Read about Amazon’s seller support details here.

How To Cancel Amazon Seller Account?

At any time, you can cancel your Amazon seller account but there is a huge drawback if you do this.

Note: Never cancel your seller account on Amazon because you will never be able to sell again. It is more like a lifetime ban. Rather we suggest you to downgrade your selling account and remove all the products for sale by doing the steps given below:

Step 1: Login to your seller central account.

Step 2: From the top right corner, click on the settings button.

Step 3: Choose the option Account.

Step 4: Downgrade your seller account to an Individual.

Step 5: Go to the bottom of the page and click contact seller support team. Request for a callback or chat. Ask them to assist you in closing the account.

Once you downgrade the plan to “individual seller”, you will not be charged any fee if you are not selling.

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