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A 360° Amazon Marketplace Analytics Platform

Advertising Automation & PPC Management

Automate your advertising campaigns based on profit goals, reduce ACoS, increase RoAS and grow your business with SellerApp experts.

Custom Business Reports

Get customized business reports that provide insights into your business performance, revenue, expenses, and profit margins. Use these reports to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Listing Quality Analysis

Understand how your product listing fairs with the category average and optimize it to rank on the 1st page on Amazon.

Product Intelligence

Track products, identify keyword trends, uncover competitors' secrets, and optimize your own listing with just a few clicks.

Keyword Research

Find out relevant & high-converting keywords to add to your product listing and improve product discoverability on Amazon search.

Product Research

Discover your next winning product from a database of 35M+ products in 27+ Amazon categories and become the top seller in your industry.

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Drive Scalable Profits for Your Amazon Business

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your Amazon business with SellerApp's powerful analytics tools. From product research to advertising automation, SellerApp gives you the competitive edge you need to grow your business and maximize profits.

Find your winning product faster and become the #1 seller in your industry

Use demand, competition, profit margins, revenue potential, overhead costs, and PIS (product innovation scope) metrics to gauge the profitability of different products.

Additionally, leverage BSR rank, estimated revenue, and Opportunity Score metric to make informed decisions about what product to sell.

SellerApp Product Research Feature

Boost sales by optimizing your listings with relevant keywords

Uncover high-performing, relevant keywords to boost Amazon search ranking and conversion. Stay on top of your keyword performance by tracking indexing status, SERP position, and indexed products.

Leverage the Reverse ASIN tool to decode competitor's strategies and boost your Amazon ranking with profitable keywords.

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Focus on your advertising strategy, not just campaign management

Automate your ad campaigns with just a few clicks, optimize your ad spend with rule-based, algorithmic bidding, and drive maximum ROI.

Effortlessly discover top-converting keywords, transfer them to manual campaigns, and set different ad budgets for different times of the day to maximize your conversion rate and ROI.

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Monitor all aspects of your Amazon business in one place

Dive deep into your portfolio of products to analyze sales, net revenue, profit margins, and inventory forecasts to make informed business decisions.

With easy access to granular data insights, you'll be equipped to make data-driven decisions that improve your bottom line and drive growth for your business.

amazon seller optimization tools

Gain valuable insights into your products and competition

Gain a competitive edge by keeping a close eye on your competitor's pricing and keyword strategies. Additionally, measure your own product performance against the category average, and identify areas to optimize your listings to improve SERP ranking and drive more sales.

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Drive business growth with certified experts

With the RCCR (Reach, Consideration, Convert, Retain) framework, our experts optimize your bids, keywords, ASINs, and campaign structure to align with your business goals and improve the overall profitability of your business.

Get access to 24/7 support from our team, and unlock the full potential of your business with a team of certified experts.

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Blondi & Sam grew their sales by 140% within a span of three months with SellerApp.

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Increase in RoAS


Learn how Blondi & Sam used SelleApp’s strategic listing optimization and Amazon Sponsored ads service to grow their sales by 140% with 10x growth in CTR.


Increase in Listing Page Views


RoAS growth

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Increase in Sales


See how SellerApp helped Cardology with optimized A+ content and strategic PPC advertising to grow PPC revenue by 143%.


Increase in Sales


Reduction in Ad Spend


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