Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.
Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.

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Accurate Analysis combined with Actionable Insights makes SellerApp your breakthrough into Amazon Optimization
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Optimizing Your Amazon Business With Sellerapp Promises Efficiency


Average Sales Growth in a year

+200 hours

Saved by Efficient Automation

SellerApp takes pride in its effective support. Our dedicated onboarding and support team ensure your business is running smoothly.

We think our Leading Amazon Sellers Love SellerApp are the best in the industry. You don’t need to take our word for it though…

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“SellerApp is a faster way to certainty. It helped us to rapidly optimize and rapidly grow our business in ways that were much time consuming and tiring in the past.”


7 Figure Amazon(US) seller

SellerApp Isn't About Being Different. It’s About Being Better.

Data is no longer rare. What sellers need is the ability to rapidly discover insights to rapidly take data-driven informed actions. SellerApp's software allows every user to easily discover insights to make optimize sales and increase profits.

Data-Driven Product Research powered by SellMetric

Our extensive Amazon Product Database with a growing list of 35 million products is the ideal source to discover low competitive, highly profitable products.

Validate products with real-time analytics from the Chrome Extension and SellMetric, SellerApp’s product validation algorithm which helps 9000+ Amazon sellers around the world to make better product decisions.

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Amazon Seller App

Millions of Amazon Buyer Keywords at your Fingertips

With a growing Amazon Keyword database of 135 million keywords, SellerApp is the most powerful, accurate and robust keyword database in the market.

Reverse engineer to find the keywords in any successful Amazon Listing. Competitive Keyword Intelligence to discover the keyword phrases bringing top sellers the highest search ranks.

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SellerApp For Amazon Marketplace

Real-Time Keyword Search Rank Tracking

Accurately track your keyword rankings, with our Real-Time Chrome Extension and Dashboard. Having real-time keyword tracking, makes it easy to see how your listing ranks within search results.

Trace the ranking history of any keyword, to double up the marketing effort or the optimization that caused their rise or fall.

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Amazon Seller Optimization Using SellerApp

Instant Listing Quality Check

Optimize Conversions with the Listing Analyzer

The only tool in the industry to analyze listings based on both listing visiblity alongside the on page conversion factors.

A converting listing that cannot be found in a search is of no use. Similar is the case of a top ranking listing that isnt optimized. The Listing Analyzer evaluates Amazon listing to recommend best practice suggestions.

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Amazon Sellerapp Keyword Generations

Automated PPC Campaign Optimization

Forget the days of tiring spreadsheet analysis and tables. SellerApp automatically analyzes search terms, keywords, and bids to generate data-backed insights.

With SellerApp, reducing ACoS to increase PPC profits is simple, efficient and smarter. Our PPC algorithms constantly searches for inefficiencies, generating actionable insights in seconds.

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amazon listing analyzer

Real-Time Profit and Inventory Management

Automatically track your exact profits with the Profit Dashboard. Identify your top sellers from outliers to strengthen your product line, while constantly monitoring your listing for hijackers.

Maintain accurate sales levels that give you the Buy Box advantage, based on accurate demand analysis and lead time. Put your Amazon Management into automated mode with Inventory Alerts.

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seller dashboard

SellerApp empowers sellers, and agencies to optimize sales

faster and better.


Boost your sales and profits with accurate insights and data backed actionable optimizations. A complete suite of tools to power your business.


Transform your E-Commerce Agency Business with ease. Effortlessly unlock your complete business potential with the SellerApp Agency Platform.