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Best ways to reduce product returns!

Reduce Product Returns :

Sellers strive to get more and more sales, but the sale is undone or certainly reduced in efficacy if the buyers return the products for reasons whatsoever. The following points should be considered so that the returns in e-commerce products is reduced:

  • Best Description with perfect details

The description which is able to give a perfect idea of the product to a buyer is purchased without having many assumptions left to figure out from the buyer’s part and hence the case of not having a product with unexpected specifications or details is ruled out thereby lessening the returns.

  • Perfect images and video if applicable

One picture can convey a lot more than sentences. Have images of the product from several angles which show the distinct features. If putting up a video is possible, it’s a definite plus. Alternatively, a 360-degree view is also popular.


  • Working on the prior returns

Trying to find up the genuine reasons behind the product returns that have already been done and resolving it would ensure that more product returns do not happen based on the same issues. An effective resolution will cut down a lot of returns happening due to a particular kind of issue.

  • Open to product comparison

We would ourselves be able to relate to times where we were too confused on which product to choose out of the many desirable products. Providing an option for comparing products puts the buyer at ease and a decisive mind before actually going for the purchase.

  • Good services

Timely delivery as promised is an important measure of customer satisfaction. if a product is delivered very late, the buyer may already have ceased the need for the product or could have got the same from elsewhere, thus returning the product. A good delivery eliminates this issue.

  • Looking from the customers’ eyes

If its possible, a check before packing for shipment would for sure cut down returns based on a faulty product or shipping of a different product altogether.

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