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Stay updated with the status of your backend keywords. Track which search terms are being picked up Amazon and focus on enhancing the ones that aren’t.

Stay Ahead of the Curve Through Backend Search Terms

Priority Updates
Priority Updates

With important metrics like page rank, position, change in position, and search visibility at your fingertips, drawing actionable insights has never been this easy.

Summarized Insights
Summarized Insights

Easily gauge the number of keywords that are indexed and non-indexed, along with the repetitive ones.

Expert Support and Consultation
Expert Support and Consultation

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Identify the Backend Keywords Indexed by Amazon

Backend keywords are an essential part of Amazon SEO. In addition to adding them, it is also important to see whether Amazon is indexing them or not.

Gone are the days when you would have to spend hours on finding out which of your backend keywords are being picked up by Amazon’s algorithms. Using our smart, efficient Amazon index checker, you can clearly observe the backend search terms that are indexed by Amazon and identify those for which your product is not displayed. Revise your backend optimization strategies based on this insight to improve your visibility in the Amazon search results.

backend keywords index checker

Remove Duplicate Keywords, Focus on Crucial Ones

Amazon’s algorithms will index only the first 250 characters entered in the backend search terms field. This means that there is minimal space for sellers and it needs to be used to the fullest. With the help of our keyword index checker, you will easily identify the repetitive keywords that are eating into the precious character limit. Not only this, but you can also remove these duplicate search terms to refine your backend keywords list further.

free amazon kw index checker

Boost Your Listings’ Discoverability and Drive More Traffic!

Backend keywords optimization is just as important as any other aspect of your Amazon SEO. It is crucial to identify the backend keywords that are not being indexed for your listings so that you can replace them with different queries that are more closely related to your product. This also ensures that you don’t miss you out on potential sales that will enhance your listings’ sales history. Once these backend terms are picked up by Amazon, your products’ discoverability in the search results will be on the path to improve.

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“The Amazon Index Feature page helped me easily understand which of my backend keywords were indexed by Amazon. With that knowledge, I was able to optimize my Amazon SEO with respect to these backend search terms. After a couple of iterations and with some help from SellerApp’s excellent customer customer success team, I got all of my backend search terms indexed. Five out of five, I recommend this tool to every Amazon seller”

Tim Rees,
Tim Rees,

7 Figure Amazon(US) seller

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are backend keywords?

    Backend keywords are those search terms that you want Amazon to associate with your products, but they are not visible in the main listing page. These are the terms that shoppers may often use to find your products on the marketplace but do not necessarily require a place in the front end listing. They essentially describe the product without mentioning ASIN, brand name, or repetitive keywords.

  • How many backend keywords can I add to my Seller Central Account?

  • How many backend keywords can I track with the SellerApp Amazon Index Checker tool?

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