Product intelligence

Make smart decisions with data driven insights

Quicken your product research as you filter through targeted results that perfectly meet your criteria. With our accurate data and sales estimates, make informed product decisions for better results that fit your soaring business aspirations.

  • Product tracking

    Explore and analyze product opportunities . Track interesting products. Research and monitor the product over time to ensure your pick on a winning product
    • Quickly discover profitable niches and top products
    • Real time accurate data and sales estimates
    • Tack high potential product finds onto a single place
    • Complete breakdown of the product data and metrics

    Seller watch

    Track competitor sellers. Analyze their sales tactics and strategies. Follow top sellers and their winning products. Draw inspirations from their product launches.
    • Track multiple sellers at the same time
    • Analyze key product metrics like revenue, no. of units sold per day, etc
    • Track the actual sales volume of each product

    Keyword tracking

    Track keywords, uncover opportunities and improve visibility. Dive into competitor analysis, understand who ranks for which keywords.
    • Track your product’s ranks and position for target keywords
    • Identify the top performing keywords that drive shoppers to your product
    • Detailed statistics for each keyword including search visibility, indexing information, search position
    • Quick understanding of your and your competitors' keyword performance in product search

    Product keyword

    Tap the keywords of any product ASIN. Gather profitable related keywords from top listings.
    • Find the best traffic-generating search keywords from competitor listing
    • List of alternate keyword suggestions for your product, including Auto suggested and trending keywords.
    • Informative additional metrics including the search volume, and CPC

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