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Amazon Prime Day 2018 Seller’s Plan of Action

What & when is Amazon Prime Day 2018?

Amazon Prime Day exists to promote Amazon’s Prime subscription service, which Amazon says is the best deal in the history of shopping. Amazon hasn’t confirmed the dates yet for 2017, but we’re expecting that the Prime Day 2018 in the US will be held on Tuesday, July 10 2018. Prime Day 2017 was on the July 12, which was the second Tuesday of the month. This year that falls on the eleventh.


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Why Amazon Prime Day matters to Sellers?

The major difference between Prime Day and Black Friday or Cyber Monday is that November’s deals are geared towards gifting because of course, it is the holiday season. Amazon Prime Day is more about personal shopping, either for treating yourself or for saving money household items.

If you’re looking for bargains, Prime Day 2018 is important – not just for gadgets, but for any kind of item. For example, on Prime Day 2017 Prime members bought more than two million toys; one million pairs of shoes; 90,000 TVs; 215,000 pressure cookers; 200,000 pairs of headphones; 24,000 hammocks; 23,000 Roomba robots and 14,000 Lenovo laptops to mention a few products.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day has different type deals and they are as follows:

Spotlight Deals: This deal features top brands and popular items with wide discounts that are available until Amazon runs out of stock. According to Amazon, these are the best deals on Amazon Prime Day.

Lighting Deals: This deal is a promotion that lasts for a very short time period, basically just a few hours. When the lightning deal is available, the product page indicates the percentage of items held by other shoppers and a timer showing how much time a shopper has left to shop that particular product. If these products are sold by third-party vendors, you can sign up for the waiting list and when the product is available, you will be notified via Amazon App. For more read how to prepare for Lightning Deals on Amazon Prime Day to enjoy growing sales, even after Prime Day ended.

With the vast inflow of shoppers on Amazon, how can sellers magnify their revenue potential? Considering Amazon Prime Day 2016, these tips break down what we think are essential factors for success this coming Prime Day 2017.

Amazon Prime Day Checklist

  1. The number one action that you need to take is to make your listing visible for the most popular searches. Make sure your keywords and listing are optimized and updated for Amazon Prime day keywords. We at SellerApp have identified the most valuable keywords that you need to add to your backend for Prime day. Recommend adding this at least 48 hours before the sales for Amazon to index it.
  2. Another problem could be high traffic and low sales conversion. ASIN conversion problems could be related to bad optimization. In general, you should focus on the things that customers see first, title, bullet points, and your photos. Most customers look at every single photo, so you want to make sure they really showcase your product. Register yourself at SellerApp and check the Listing Optimisation Tool under Keyword Genie to get the listing score of your product.
  3. Offer sale prices, we recommend offering a minimum 20% – 40% discount and bundling/volume offers to make the most of this shopping holiday
  4. If you are using a price, make sure that repricing rules are up to date and scheduled for the correct frequency
  5. Add an inventory buffer for items that have a higher potential to be sold out, we expect at the least 2x the average daily sales volume during Prime day and next day

For Prime Sellers (FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime)

  1. Make your top selling items Prime eligible
  2. Stock up on your inventory; notify your suppliers ahead of time. You don’t want to lose sales due to stock outs
  3. Consider repricing more aggressively if you are competing on the buy box

For Non-Prime Sellers

  1. Offer free shipping
  2. Shorten your fulfillment latency to 1 to 2 days
  3. Offer Same-Day or Two-Day shipping

Every year, the customers wait for Amazon Prime Day. Do you know why? Because Amazon Prime Day offers the most amazing deals. These deals are hard to compete with because Amazon can remove deals that don’t offer the lowest prices. These amazing deals sell out quickly and sustain only for a limited time until the stocks last.

But you as a seller should also give good discounts on your products. A smart seller attentively monitors sales activity, foresees the substantial level of orders and prices the products low to stimulate good sales. This is an easier way to win the Buy box and search ranking, and a good way to hit your targets to make good business. Just assure that you don’t sell out all your best selling products and endanger your profits after Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day is coming soon and it is like Christmas in July. With these tips, we hope you pull out all the stops and optimize your product. We hope the sales reflect your efforts and make excellent business.

Happy Selling!

For more help on setting up your listing with the most relevant search terms or on Prime Day, simply reach out to us at

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