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Inside Amazon Prime Wardrobe – Is it Worth Trying on for Size?

what is amazon prime wardrobe?
August 18, 2023 7 mins to read

Fitting rooms are a staple of brick-and-mortar stores. Also, window shopping has been a vital part of the process of buying apparel. Until recently, few people thought that online showrooms could match that experience. 

But then – enter Amazon Prime Wardrobe. 

Today, we’ll review the ins and outs of Prime Wardrobe, and see if it is a worthy investment for sellers. 

Let’s dive right in. 

What is Prime Wardrobe?

Customers hesitate to buy apparel online. Some of the reasons for this are: 

  • They fear the piece of clothing won’t fit them. 
  • They don’t want to risk receiving a piece that differs from the pictures.
  • They’d rather avoid dealing with the return process. 

Amazon chose to solve this by turning these problems into a solution. That’s how Prime Wardrobe was born. 

The program is Amazon’s version of trying clothes on in a fitting room. The difference is that customers can now do this right at home. 

Prime Wardrobe allows customers to order up to 6 items of apparel, get them delivered, and try them at home. Shoppers have 7 days to try on all the items. 

The trial period starts once the last item of the order is delivered to the customer. During the process, users can access “Your Orders” in their Amazon accounts. 

Here, they can indicate the items that they’ll keep. 

Then, they can return the clothes they don’t want back to Amazon. 

Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe

Personal Shopper is an extended feature of Amazon Prime Wardrobe. The program provides customers with a personal stylist.

This style consultant will select clothing options that fit the buyer’s tastes and budget. From then on, Personal Shopper follows the same process as Prime Wardrobe, with a few key differences:

  • Shoppers must create a profile and submit a brief survey. This provides stylists with information about the customer’s fashion style and sizing. 
  • Users can provide specific requests to the stylists. For example, what kind of apparel to include in a new lineup. 
  • Users can preview the custom picks, and make any desired change before delivery. 

Prime Wardrobe Returns

Prime Wardrobe allows for free returns within the 7-day try-on period. Remember, this period starts once the customer receives the last item in their order. 

To begin the return, customers should first repack the unwanted clothes. They must use the return label provided by Amazon to seal the package. After doing so, they can drop the items at their nearest UPS. 

Return items must go back in their original package. Also, the clothing must remain undamaged, unwashed, and unused, with all tags intact. This is to prevent customers from using the apparel outside of their homes and then returning them for free.  

Note that it’s also possible to send items back after the 7-day window, as long as the return is made within 30 days. 

Prime Wardrobe will notify customers when all returns arrive at the warehouse.

How Much Does Prime Wardrobe Cost?

This program is exclusive to Amazon Prime. So, there’s no extra cost for Prime members. 

Amazon Prime is the retail giant’s flagship feature. It’s a subscription service for Amazon users to access additional perks and benefits.  

Prime members pay an annual fee to Amazon, in exchange for free and fast deliveries and special product offers.

When customers use Prime Wardrobe, there’s no charge for deliveries and returns. They only pay for the products they keep. Amazon will charge the selected items at the end of the 7-trial period. 

Now, Personal Shopper IS an extra service of Prime Wardrobe. This specific program requires a $4.99 monthly charge, on top of the annual Prime membership fee. This additional subscription will grant customers one styling session per month. 

Is Prime Wardrobe Worth It? 

Prime Wardrobe is not without controversy. When Amazon launched the program back in 2018, there were concerns about the returns process. 

For example, sellers wondered about the clothing’s status on Amazon after a return. That’s because once a product is opened and returned, Amazon would consider it a ‘used’ item. 

Brands were concerned about this since they could no longer sell that product as new. 

To relieve this concern, Prime Wardrobe’s beta phase offered the following rewards. 

  • If a customer kept 3 or 4 products, they received a 10% discount on their order. 
  • For customers keeping all products, there was a 10% discount on the whole purchase. 

These incentives are no longer active, though. But to protect the Merchants’ interests, Amazon set up a strict return policy on Prime Wardrobe. 

As stated in Prime Wardrobe Terms and Conditions

“When we receive a return, we will determine in our sole discretion if the products are in acceptable condition as specified in the Amazon Fashion returns policy. If returned products are determined by us not to be in acceptable condition, we may in our sole discretion charge you the purchase price and ship the products back to you to keep.”

Furthermore, customers should take note of the ‘Free Returns’ policy for Prime Wardrobe: 

“Only product(s) that say that they are eligible for Free Returns on the product detail page are eligible for Free Returns.”

“All product packaging and certificates of authenticity, grading, and appraisal must be returned with the product. Any product(s) returned without original documentation will be rejected. Any product(s) that have been resized, damaged, or otherwise altered after delivery will not be accepted for return.”

With Amazon’s policy backing, Prime Wardrobe kills two birds with one stone. It caters to customer satisfaction, and it also prevents sellers from losing out on profits. 

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Perks

Prime Wardrobe offers access to hundreds of clothing brands. Some of the biggest names enrolled in the program are Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, and Nike – just to name a few.

But Prime Wardrobe is not limited to big fashion brands. The service also features regional labels and everything in between. That means customers can always find very affordable clothing options. 

The program can also be a great addition to your sales funnel or holiday sales. For example, you can highlight specific apparel depending on the season. 

It’s also a good idea to follow current fashion trends to know which items to promote as ‘Try Before You Buy’ options. This way, you’ll encourage customers to shop for new clothes regularly. 

Of course, this strategy aims to put yourself in front of customers. With the proper strategy, Prime Wardrobe can help you boost visits to many product listings. Thus, you can increase visibility, bump up your search ranks, and drive revenue. 

Final Thoughts

Prime Wardrobe is well-known for its “Try Before You Buy” slogan. Now, this phrase has turned into a new online selling strategy. 

Try Now is a great example. This startup helps online retailers adopt a “Try Before You Buy” approach to sales. 

The Prime Wardrobe approach has the potential to drive revenue.  But that is only after you attract new sellers to your store. To do so, you need to improve your brand on Amazon. 

Developing a full marketing strategy will help you reap the benefits of being a seller on Amazon. That includes enjoying the benefits of Amazon Prime, such as its wardrobe program.

The key, of course, is customer satisfaction. With tools like Prime Wardrobe, you’ll be on your way to delight buyers, and drive conversions. 

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