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How to Find Best Selling Amazon products

Amazon conversion rate find best selling amazon products

Let’s make a quick checklist to

find best selling Amazon products.

This checklist has to ensure two things

  1. Sales
  2. Bring you profits.

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The products you choose must meet the following criterion,

  • Sells at least 10 products a day; Find sales of top competitors using the 999 trick.
  • Similar products have a best seller rank of 5,000 or less
  • Top 3 related keywords have over 50000 searches on Amazon
  • Current top 3 sellers at least have room for improvement and optimization of their current listings
  • The market would be viable in multiple Amazon international markets
  • Avoid product categories that have too many competitors
  • Make a note of general product dimensions; avoid bulky products – FBA charge leave you no room for profits

How to find best selling Amazon products that satisfy all these ??

SellerApp has an amazing feature – Product Ideas. Choose your first best seller or expand your product line from BSR movers, Trending products, New Arrivals, and even Most wish listed products. These features can be a big deal to find best selling Amazon products.

Analyze the Competition

  • Ensure no famous brands dominate the product category/niche
  • Products with less than 500 reviews on page 1
  • Check out their sales and track them to analyze the pricing strategies, sales trends, reviews

Gather all that is possible from your competitors.

  • Read their listings, observe keywords that are bringing them the best sales. Amazon PPC keywords, product keywords that make the most money. Track them to sieve the best of them.
  • Check their Listing quality index – Find out the improvements that can be made, to improve your ranking.

Choose products that satisfy all these criteria. And you’ll be sure to find best selling products on amazon.


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