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The only next-gen tool designed to help discover thousands of high-converting keywords in seconds.

Enrich Keyword Strategy

Keyword Research skims through megabytes of data points to pull the most relevant keywords for your niche. Find profitable search terms and reverse-search competing ASINs for a holistic conversion funnel.

Leverage competitor intelligence

Leverage AI-backed competitor insights to increase your product sales and revenue. Discover which keywords drive the most traffic for your competitor listing and implement them into your listings.

Optimize Listings

Target top-converting and highly relevant keywords in your listings. Maximize visibility and boost conversions with our Amazon keyword research feature.


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Strengthen your Amazon SEO and PPC keywords

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Improve organic rankings with high-converting keywords


Know what your customers are looking for

Search volume allows you to find out keywords that are losing or gaining popularity among your target audience. Use our dashboard to find organic search volume and keyword distribution. Find high-relevance and low competition keywords to boost your product sales.

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Gain top positions and avoid losing sales to competition

Check the relevance and opportunity score of a keyword for your product before bidding. Target top-converting and highly relevant keywords in your campaigns. Maximize visibility and boost conversions with our Amazon keyword research database feature.

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Improve discoverability and conversions

Optimize your product listing for Amazon’s search engine and get indexed for the right keywords. Effectively utilize backend search terms and improve your conversions.

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Keyword Research - One-stop destination to track, analyze, and prioritize your top keywords

With over 200 million keywords in our comprehensive database, SellerApp’s data-driven algorithms analyze millions of search queries from Amazon shoppers.

Effortlessly make complex data comparisons with our keyword tools. Leverage industry best practices and keyword data to fine-tune your listings.

  • See what shoppers are searching for and use them to validate your product demand by using our robust Amazon keyword research database.
  • Each keyword has a relevance score, search volume, estimated CPC costs, estimated orders, and impression rates that can strengthen your Amazon SEO.
  • The right keywords open up the opportunity to reach your potential shoppers. Use our filters to find long-tail keywords that have good relevance, high search volume, and less competition to increase your sales and profits on Amazon.


  • How is the keyword data populated? What is the source?

  • How often is the keyword database updated?

  • Is the data available for all the Amazon marketplaces?

  • Can I get a personal platform walkthrough?

  • Do you offer listing optimization services?


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