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Tips To Create An Amazing Amazon Brand Story (With Examples)

Amazon Brand Story
June 3, 2024 13 mins to read

With millions of products and sellers, it can be extremely challenging for brands to stand out on Amazon. Especially, if they sell the same product! Fortunately, the ecommerce giant has an Amazon Brand Story feature, a powerful marketing tool, that can help sellers create engaging and informative content on their product details page

The Amazon Brand Story essentially consists of a combination of text and images that tell the brand’s story and is located directly above the A+ Content on the product detail pages of eligible sellers. 

This feature is available to all sellers registered in the Brand Registry, to those enrolled in Amazon Vendor Central, and to all of those enrolled in Amazon’s various selling programs. 

Read on to learn more about how to create an Amazon Brand Story that can help sellers enhance their branding on Amazon. 

Quick Guide

What is Amazon’s Brand Story?

Amazon Brand Story appears on the product detail pages of eligible sellers. It is located directly above the A+ Content. 

It consists of a combination of text and images that tell the brand’s story. Sellers can create their brand story using Amazon’s content management tool in Seller Central. They can edit and update their brand story to stay relevant to their customers.

It’s an effective marketing medium that can allow sellers to create engaging and informative content on their product details page. You can use this feature to elevate your brand. Specifically, use it to share your brand history, and values and highlight any important features of your products, helping you establish an emotional connection with the customers. 

This feature is available to all sellers registered in the Brand Registry, to those enrolled in Amazon Vendor Central, and to all of those enrolled in Amazon’s various selling programs. 

The feature is available to all Brand Registered sellers, as well as Amazon Vendor Central and managed sales program sellers, and can be applied to all ASINs under a brand.

How will Amazon Brand Story affect your brand?

Amazon is an extremely competitive marketplace with millions of products and sellers. This makes it challenging for brands to stand out. Especially, if they sell the same product. While you could implement strategies like undercutting prices or offering discounts to stay competitive, it’s not a recipe for long-term success. 

You, ultimately, need to build a brand identity that resonates with people. 

For example, the vast majority of people tend to resonate with the iPhone or Samsung more than other smartphones.

Here are some Amazon brand story benefits:

  • By making your brand story stand out on Amazon, you can differentiate yourself from the competition from the millions of products and sellers. This is why you need to ensure that the story itself is of high quality.
  • Crafting a unique and compelling story that highlights the brand’s unique value proposition, differentiators, mission, and values can build a brand image that resonates with your target audience. These would be your ideal customers who would eventually become brand evangelists who market your product for you.
  • Fundamentally, a strong brand story can help build brand awareness, recognition, and connection, which is crucial for establishing a loyal customer base. Not to mention increasing sales. Ideally, your brand should be top of mind when they think of your category, subcategory, or even industry.
  • Most importantly, a well-crafted brand story can help build trust and credibility with customers. After all, people would be more willing to buy a product from a brand with an identity. Credibility also contributes to a reduction in return rates and negative reviews.

Ultimately, simply using the power of immersive storytelling, can result in a brand that customers want to be part of and invite into their daily lives.

What are Amazon brand story features?

The Amazon Brand Story feature allows sellers to enhance their branding on Amazon by adding images and text to the product details page to tell their brand’s story. 

It consists of modules like a scrollable carousel, brand cards, and A+ content manager tools, making it easier to showcase your products and build a relationship with your customers.

Here are some key Amazon brand story features:

  • Continuous scrolling carousel with customizable modules.
  • Provides a platform to highlight the brand mission, origin story, and related products.
  • Ability to add a relevant background image module for visual appeal.
  • Showcase your most popular ASINs & Showcase stores in your modules for upselling and cross-selling.
  • Use FAQ modules to address common customer queries.
  • Ability to differentiate from competitors and build brand reputation.
  • Enhances product page aesthetics and customer engagement.
  • Helps establish brand awareness and credibility.

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How to use Amazon Brand Story to differentiate your brand from others?

Crafting an Amazon brand story that sets your brand apart from the competition involves sharing your brand history, values, and unique offerings. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you’ve researched the competition and have identified all the gaps in their brand and use that to your advantage. 

Incorporate essential elements such as emotional and informational content, visual elements, product differentiation, sales conversion elements, and marketing best practices to create a memorable impression amongst your target audience.

Of course, when creating your Amazon Brand Story never make any false claims. Although it has to be compelling, do not embellish anything. Your tone should be honest, informative, and confident. 

Who is eligible for Amazon Brand Story?

Here are the Amazon brand story requirements:

  1. Be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry
  2. Have an active registered trademark for their brand
  3. Hold a minimum seller rating, as determined by Amazon.

Additionally, before you create an Amazon brand story, not only should you have all the checked the Amazon brand story eligibility requirements but you must also have a brand name, a brand logo, up to three high-resolution product images, a cover image (brand focus image), and an “about the brand” statement. 

Anatomy of Amazon Brand Story

Amazon’s Brand Story is quite different from what it was in its early days, now you have access to more module choices, giving you the opportunity to customize and drastically elevate your branding. 

There are two types of Amazon Brand Stories. A “scrollable carousel” type and an “about the brand” type:

About The Brand

While the “about the brand” type involves filling out a template provided by Amazon with your answers. You must also add one slogan and 2 photos. We recommend you use your brand’s logo and a photo of your choice. 

Scrollable Brand Carousel

The scrollable carousel, on the other hand, can create a seamless shopping experience when done right. It was initially only available for A+ Premium users. 

Ultimately, the carousel is handy as you can highlight both your brand’s story and display a good portion of the product catalog. Take this as an opportunity to upsell and link to your brand store and other product detail pages.

A Brand Carousel usually has 4 modules and a static background image. You can also add upto 19 modules and a background image. Essentially, the potential customer could scroll from left to right and cycle through potentially 19 products while the background image remains in place. 

How to create Amazon brand story

Before you create an effective Amazon Brand Story you need to figure out your brand identity. To get some clarity and to understand your brand identity answer the following questions:

  • What is the mission and values of your brand?
  • What was the story behind your starting your brand? Would it be important to include?

Additionally, make a list of the following:

  • Emotions associated with your Brand. Specifically, make a list of adjectives that describe your brand.
  • Colors, images, and design elements that align with your brand.

Once you’ve understood all of this, you can not only use this information to create material for your Brand Story but also use it to create info for your website, social media, marketing mediums, packaging, and much more.

When you have all this information, follow these steps to create Amazon brand story:

  • Step 1: Register your brand in Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Step 2: When done, log into your Seller Central account.
  • Step 3: Head to the “A+ Content Manager” under the Advertising tab.
  • Step 4: Step 5: Select “Create a Brand Story”
  • Follow all the subsequent steps and Input all the necessary information
  • Set as many Module as you deem necessary and fill in the information
  • Ensure you create both a Brand Story for both Desktop and Mobile view
  • When done, enter the ASIN you want the brand story to appear for and chit Apply
  • Submit for Approval

Tips to Make Your Amazon Brand Story Stand Out

Creating a well-crafted Amazon brand story can seem daunting. Therefore, we compiled a list of best practices to help you design a brilliant Amazon brand story that can boost awareness and even conversions: 

Humanize your brand

It’s important to recognize that humanizing your brand is extremely important as it builds a deeper and necessary relationship and connection with your target audience. 

Unfortunately, the majority of the brands still choose to talk about the specifications or technical components of the product instead of writing about more relatable content that can align with them. 

To craft the best Amazon brand story content, keep the tone personable and the content relatable. This can break down barriers and make your brand more recognizable and memorable. Which is what you should be going for. 

For example, it’s the digital version of you remembering a shopkeeper because they had a memorable personality as opposed to a shopkeeper who robotically went about their business. Given a choice, you’d probably pick the shopkeeper who made an effort to compliment you or cracked a joke. 

Keep it original

Make sure your brand story isn’t ripped off from others. Yes, you do have a unique story that you can share. 

For example, are you a family-owned business that has been around 50+ years? Or did you have an idea to create your brilliant toothbrush while brushing your teeth? Have your products won awards? Do you have a mission beyond making money like saving the environment? Mention what you’re doing to help by adding it to your brand story!

Help shoppers understand the feature

This feature may be more complex to the customer than this is still a fairly new feature and only a few brands have taken advantage of it. 

This is why we recommend adding instructions such as “swipe for more” to simplify things. This is especially beneficial for mobile users as it helps them see everything you’ve added to your brand story. 

For example, add a learn more with arrows on the Amazon brand story background image or get creative with it. 

Keep it brand-focused

Amazon, unfortunately, does not give brands many opportunities like this brand story to build their brand on the platform. Therefore, make sure this brand story is brand-focused and share brand information. 

Although you should add your catalog of ASINs, limit it to the best sellers and do not overpopulate it as this will distract the shoppers from the most important message or worse you’d ruin your brand image.

Yes, you can add up to 19 modules but do not overdo it as no one will be browsing an endless carousel. 

Finally, make sure that the images are relevant to the brand and that it is good enough to catch the audience’s attention.

Highlight what sets you apart

People who can align with a brand tend to recommend it more. A study shows that this you know that when customers think a brand has a strong purpose, they’re 4.5x more likely to recommend the brand to family and friends. Ultimately, you need to make sure that all of your customers eventually become brand evangelists who can promote your brand on your behalf. 

To effectively pull this off you need to establish a strong brand presence on the platform. Amazon native features like Amazon brand story that can help you effectively do so are key.

Fundamentally, highlight what sets you apart from all your competitors. Specifically, your brand’s purpose, mission, and values. Additionally, share product USP’s or Brand USP’s. 

You can also share any awards you may have won. Of course, you can always use this feature more creatively. You can share research information or a quote from a famous thought leader or celebrity.

Examples of good Amazon Brand Stories

Here are some examples of the best Amazon brand stories that you also use as Amazon brand story templates: 

1) Flavor God

Flavor God

2) Ethique




Although these examples could be used as templates, we recommend you come up with your own Amazon brand story ideas and get as creative as possible. After all, the whole point is to create a story and structure that’s unique to you.

Final Thoughts

To effectively craft an Amazon brand story, you not only need to share your brand history, values, and any unique offerings but you also need to make sure to research the competition and identify all the gaps in their brand. 

By taking advantage of these gaps, you can boost your credibility and even improve your market share.

Always make sure to incorporate essential elements such as emotional and informational content, visual elements, product differentiation, sales conversion elements, and marketing best practices. This will create a memorable impression and ensure that your brand stays at the top of your customer’s minds. 

Most importantly, when creating your Amazon Brand Story, don’t make any false claims, and make sure all your content is honest and the tone is confident.

Ultimately, a well-crafted Amazon brand story can help you build brand awareness, recognition, and connection, which is crucial for establishing a loyal customer base and increasing sales.

However, we do understand that it can be challenging to create the perfect Amazon Brand Story. Therefore, we recommend you take advantage of SellerApp’s Listing Optimization Services to help you craft effective A+ content and listings that convert.

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