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Amazon Advertising Partner: Everything You Need To Know About This Network

Amazon Advertising Partner Network
June 19, 2024 11 mins to read

Although Amazon Advertising, be it PPC or DSP, is crucial to your success as a seller or a brand, it can be complex and daunting even for veterans. Therefore, your best bet is to partner with an expert who knows their stuff.

Of course, hunting for said expert on Google or LinkedIn may not be the most efficient or accurate method as anyone can claim to be well-versed in Amazon advertising.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of Amazon’s Advertising Partner Network. This network functions as a directory, allowing you to filter through vetted professionals and collaborate with the perfect partner for your business.

This network is filled with professionals who not only use cutting-edge technology but also use expert knowledge to enhance brand presence and effectively drive sales to your brand.

Keep reading to find out more about the Amazon Advertising partner network and how to use it to unlock a realm of opportunities.

What is the Amazon Advertising Partner Network?

The Amazon Advertising Partner Network is an Amazon program that connects sellers and businesses (advertisers) like you that require Amazon Advertising services with 3rd party agencies, consultants, marketing services providers, and other experts who specialize in advertising on Amazon’s Platform.

This network allows experts worldwide to help advertisers (clients) achieve their business goals via Amazon-specific media buying. The Amazon Partner Network functions as a directory for advertisers to search for partners based on their products, services, markets, or pricing models.

Most importantly, this Amazon Advertising Partner Program provides advertisers with access to advanced Amazon Advertising tools such as Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform), Amazon Live, and much more. 

For example, with Amazon DSP, the advertisers can collaborate with partners who can buy display ads and video ads both on and off Amazon’s sites (both owned and operated). Partners who specialize in influencer marketing can also use the Amazon Live feature to promote a brand’s products in real time, engage with customers, and drive sales.

Partners can also provide their clients with Insights on their ad performance. They can use the reports to help their clients make data-driven decisions to improve their ROI.

Benefits of Amazon Advertising Partner Network

Here are the benefits of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network for both Advertisers and Partners:

Benefits of Amazon Advertising Partner Network for Advertisers

The primary benefit of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network is that it provides you access to trusted and verified partners who are competent at what they do. Additionally, you can find all of these competent organizations and individuals aggregated in one singular platform.

So, you don’t have to go around searching for competent Amazon advertising specialists. 

You can even use the directory to find a specific type of partner that aligns with your specific needs. The directory’s sophisticated search and filter system allows advertisers to find partners based on several criteria such as location, industry expertise, languages, client acceptance status, price, and services offered. 

Ultimately, the majority of the businesses selling at scale will have to outsource their Amazon Ads as training or hiring seasoned professionals would be quite challenging. By tapping into the Amazon Partner Network, businesses can efficiently outsource their Amazon Ads and expand their reach.

Benefits of Amazon Advertising Partner Network for Partners

The Amazon Advertising Partner Program enables partners to showcase their skills to prospective clients and elevate their income potential. Additionally, they get the benefit of working with reputed brands and gaining a reputation. 

The network also provides access to marketing and learning resources. Partners can access self-service accounts, training based on role-specific learning plans, and even Amazon Ads learning certifications.

Additionally, partners can access technical documentation and the latest information, an extremely beneficial resource. 

Overall, the Amazon Advertising Partner Network provides a valuable resource for experts looking to grow their business and demonstrate their skills in the Amazon ad space.

how to become an Amazon Advertising Partner?

To effectively register on the Amazon Advertising Partner Network, you simply need to:

  • Head to the Amazon Advertising Partner Network page. 
  • You can access it from Amazon’s advertising home page. Just click on the Partner tab and select Become Partner.
  • Now, click on the Join the partner button and then fill up the registration form. 
  • Here you will have to fill up your company information and much more.
  • When done, you can expect to receive an acceptance or rejection email with more details.

Importance of the Partner Status

As you can imagine there are several thousand partners on the network with varying levels of expertise. 

This is why the partner status program was implemented by Amazon to create a globally recognized system that not only helps advertisers like you identify partners based on their qualifications but it was also implemented to reward partners for demonstrating expertise in Amazon Ads.

There are different levels to the partner status: Regular, Verified, and Advanced. It’s important to note that each level requires the partner to meet specific qualifications. 

Regular Partner Status 

Anyone who joins the Amazon Advertising Partner Network automatically starts off as a regular partner. Basically, these partners have a fundamental level of competency and can help advertisers achieve their business goals. However, without the verified or advanced badge, it will always be a hit or a miss to work with regular partners.

However, the most important benefit of joining the program is that anyone who starts of as a Regular partner has the “opportunity” to become a verified or advanced partner. 

Specifically, they need to demonstrate expertise with Amazon Ads products and services and earn validation checkmarks to showcase their proficiency and move to the next level.

Verified Partner Status

Verified Partner Status is the next level and it is recommended that you work with partners at this level. After all, to become a verified partner you will need to meet specific criteria such as passing a certification exam and demonstrating a certain level of expertise with Amazon Ads products and services. 

Verified Partners will receive benefits such as a badge that indicates their verified status. This badge serves as a visual mark of distinction and expertise, showcasing the partner’s qualifications to potential advertisers like you. 

Of course, Verified Partners are also allowed to reference their achieved partner status in their own marketing and promotional materials to attract new clients and collaborate with advertisers. The verified partner’s profile is also updated in the Amazon Ads Partner Directory, to prominently display the achieved partner status. 

Advanced Partner Status

This is the most prestigious partner status for any Amazon Advertiser. Partners essentially earn this through demonstrated expertise, engagement with Amazon Ads and delivering growth for advertisers over time.

To achieve the advanced partner status, partners must meet the current product adoption and learning console certification qualification requirements, it addition to other criteria. 

Once they’ve achieved advanced partner status, they will receive additional benefits such as early access to beta programs, and customized training opportunities. Ultimately, this status is a great indicator of the partner’s exceptional creativity and campaign success. 

In fact, achieving Advanced status within the Amazon Advertising Partner Network is an extremely prestigious accomplishment that requires meeting rigorous requirements, including specific performance metrics with Amazon DSP and Sponsored Ads, and much more. 

This is especially true for agencies as they not only develop a good reputation but they also develop an improved capacity for crafting impactful advertising campaigns. 

What is the enhanced partner directory and how to navigate it?

 Enhanced Partner Directory

When partners register with the Amazon Advertising Partner Network, they need to submit their listing. These listings can be found via the partner directory. Here’s how you can use the enhanced partner directory to zero in on the best partner for your business:

  • Head to the directory page
  • Right off the bat, you can see all the registered partners and you can flip through the pages
  • Of course, you can always find the right partner for your business by filtering the partners based on the products and services they specialize in. You can also filter by certifications they’ve completed, industries they serve, and even location. Most importantly, there are additional filters that let you filter down by minimum monthly spend, pricing model, company type, and more.  

Of course, you could always enter the name of the partner directly into the search bar and find them like this:

Advertising partner’s services and products

In the listing, you can find the Advertising partner’s services and products, certifications they’ve completed, and find out if they’ve won any awards. Most importantly, you can see if they have an advanced or verified partner status as mentioned above.

How do these network partners help elevate your brand?

Amazon Advertising Partners Network essentially works as a platform where it connects brands with advertising/digital marketing specialists. 

Therefore, it’s important to understand that each partner will bring in specific set of skills to the table. For example, some partners may specialize in improving organic listings and Amazon SEO while others could be PPC specialists or there could be partners that specialize in both.

Of course, some partners specialize in creative services like providing copywriting services for advertising channels such as DSP or non-Amazon-related marketing services like influencer marketing. 

However, here are the most common benefits for brands:

Improved brand reach and campaign management 

Where you’re selling on Amazon at scale, it becomes extremely difficult to manage your PPC as you need to focus on other important aspects of your business. 

While you could hire internally, it makes more sense to hire an agency or a specialist to bring their experience as they bring a considerable amount of experience and competence for far less money. 

Collaborating with these Partners can provide hands-on management and optimization of digital advertising campaigns on Amazon. 

Not only can you expect these partners to help you with PPC-specific ad campaigns like Sponsored Products and sponsored Brands, but you can also expect them to help you out with DSP and other off-platform advertising campaign management and optimization.

Specialized software and APIs

Not all brands can build specialized tools to help them effectively optimize their Amazon advertising process. Therefore, partnering with service providers who have built their own custom SaaS solutions can be extremely helpful and profitable. 

However, larger brands with their own custom dashboard are also in luck as this network can help them partner with companies like SellerApp which can provide API solutions that can seamlessly plug into their own custom dashboard. 

By using these Amazon Seller APIs you can drastically improve your advertising effectiveness. Additionally, these APIs also provide access to massive amounts of historical data that is deleted from Amazon to understand selling trends, customer buying patterns, perfect pricing strategies, effective inventory management, and much more. 

APIs can provide assistance at every level of your Amazon Selling Journey.

Creative services

Building a brand is essential to long-term Amazon success. However, to effectively build a brand you will need a partner that can not only create high-quality assets for your ads but also create effective copy that can bring life to your brand. 

You can expect creative services ranging from photography and videography to specific creative optimization services, copy editing, and much more. 

Additional information: How to Make Products Fly Off the Shelves with Stunning Amazon Product Photography

How to choose the right Advertising partner for your business?

Although the partner network and Amazon ads partner directory make it easy for you to find advertising partners, you still need to filter close to 2000 partners before zeroing in on the right one for you. 

Therefore, we recommend you directly skip the regular and verified partners and choose a partner that has an Advanced partner status. Those with Advanced partner status not only know their stuff and deliver good results. Moreover, they wouldn’t necessarily charge more than the regular or verified partners. Perhaps a few hundred dollars more.

Most importantly, we recommend you choose a partner that has won the Amazon Advertising Partner Awards as partnering with them usually brings a ton of value to the table. 

For instance, SellerApp is not only an advanced partner but we were also awarded the Scaled Technology finalist award in 2022 and the Amazon Smbhav Tech Innovator of the Year Award in 2022 for our proprietary technology/platform. 

With a combination of both Amazon ads experts and the capabilities of our SellerApp platform,  all our brands have effectively and efficiently scaled their business in an extremely short period of time.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Amazon Advertising Partner Network is a great platform that connects brands with seasoned advertising professionals or partners. 

Most importantly, you can sift through the thousands of partners using the enhanced partner directory and find the right partner for your requirements. You can filter these partners by certifications, location, minimum retainer, language, services, etc. 

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