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Amazon On-Box Advertising: Boost Your Sales with Targeted Visibility

What is Amazon On-Box Advertising
May 9, 2024 5 mins to read

E-commerce brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to increase sales and reach a wider audience. 

The standard sponsored product, brand, and display ads work fine, but advertisers need to test different experimental strategies to engage customers constantly.

Amazon On-Box advertising is one such experimental strategy launched by Amazon in 2015. 

In this unique strategy, Amazon turns its delivery boxes into unique branded packaging and delivers the brand message to the customers. 

This blog explores what Amazon On-Box Advertising is and how it can help your e-commerce brand improve brand awareness!

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What is Amazon On-Box Advertising?

Amazon On-Box Advertising is an innovative marketing strategy that transforms the ordinary delivery box into a dynamic advertising medium. 

Amazon launched this program in 2015 as an experiment to allow brands to include ad creatives and branded content on their delivery packaging directly.

These boxes act as mini-billboards and offer brands a unique opportunity to reach their audiences at the most anticipated moment of package delivery.

The on-box advertising campaigns feature customized designs, interactive elements, and experiential components that turn the box into more than just a container.

Brands collaborate with the Amazon Ads team to create these visually appealing packaging designs, often incorporating doodles, games, and coupons, which customers can share on social media and increase brand engagement

Advertising like this goes beyond traditional ads, capturing the customer’s attention at the door and creating moments of excitement during unboxing.  

As a bonus, Amazon Ads has introduced augmented reality (AR) experiences, further enhancing the physical-digital interaction.

Currently, it’s available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, and Australia.

Benefits of Amazon On-Box Advertising

Product packaging with your brand message can create a positive, memorable impression on the customers’ minds. 

Here are a few benefits of Amazon On-Box advertising and some real-life examples of brands that have used it successfully.

Improves Brand Recall

Most shoppers become excited when they receive their product from delivery. 

On-box ads can bank on this emotional high by providing a unique and personalized brand messaging that customers remember.

For example, Whiskas, a cat food brand, worked with Amazon Ads to create custom boxes that customers can transform into a roller coaster, a castle, or an office for their cats. 

Benefits of Amazon On-Box Advertising?

The boxes also directed customers to a landing page where they could watch videos, browse products, and enter a social media competition.

This creates a unique customer experience and enhances brand recall.

Enhance brand image

On-box advertisements turn the routine act of getting delivery into a moment of surprise. 

This positive association contributes to building brand loyalty.

amazon on box ads


For example, Chevy, a car brand, worked with Amazon Ads to promote the redesigned Silverado truck by featuring it bursting through the side of Amazon boxes. 

Drive traffic and conversions 

On-Box ads can drive traffic and conversions by directing customers to your website, Amazon store, or landing page

For example, Nintendo, a gaming brand, worked with Amazon Ads to celebrate Super Mario’s 35th anniversary by creating custom boxes with Mario and Luigi. 

The boxes also directed customers to a landing page where they could see a timeline of the franchise’s history and shop for related products.

Reach a large and diverse audience

On-box ads can also help you reach a large and diverse audience of Amazon customers across different geographies, demographics, and interests. 

For example, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, movie studios, worked with Amazon Ads to promote the release of “Minions” by creating bright yellow boxes featuring cartoon characters. 

amazon on box ads uses

The campaign generated buzz and excitement among customers of all ages who shared photos of the boxes on social media.

Boost brand recognition

On-box ads can help you boost your brand recognition by exposing your brand logo, name, and slogan to the target audience.

For example, L’Oréal Paris, a beauty brand, worked with Amazon Ads to create custom boxes that featured their slogan “Because you’re worth it” and their logo to improve brand exposure and recognition. 

How to Get Started With Amazon On-Box Advertising?

Amazon On-Box advertising is not available to everyone.

Brands must contact Amazon to check their eligibility.

Once the eligibility is confirmed, Amazon finalizes a contract with the brand. Brands can then design the creative messaging for the packaging box. 

After Amazon’s approval, these ads are printed on the box based on the contractual agreement.

Final Thoughts

Brands should recognize that On-Box advertising primarily targets the post-purchase stage of the conversion funnel (loyalty and advocacy).

While QR codes on packaging can direct interested individuals to a storefront, the main impact of On-Box advertising lies in building brand awareness on a larger scale.

On-Box advertising brings together the best of online and offline brand interaction. With some strategic thinking, testing, and tweaking, it can become an integral part of your omnichannel marketing efforts!

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