Today you sell your products on marketplaces such as Amazon, C market, Priceminister or other more specialized marketplaces. The sale of this type of platform is not simple and requires a different thinking for sale on online store. This requires special attention. Notably concerning prices, margins and customer reviews. Selling on marketplaces leads to create a different business model by thinking differently. This ensures better Amazon conversion rate.

After having everything set, we just want to fuel the sales. When selling on Amazon there are a set of things to be looking into and optimized to get a maximized sales. We look into the important highlights below.

More Positive Reviews

A fairly large number of customers trust the online reviews and it makes a great impact on their decision to purchase an item. Having positive reviews of the product you’re selling immensely increases the number of purchases.

Use Keywords Tactically

SEO is important as it determines the visibility of your product in turn bringing sales. It’s very useful to use an array of keywords in the product description which best suit the product. Generally speaking it’s almost always imperative to mention the brand, product line, material, color and size as and when applicable. Optimize your content for maximum visibility. Whether to boost your sales on marketplaces or your online store, the first step is to pamper the texts. It starts with the product descriptions. Optimize your titles, create a beautiful description and do not neglect images. Samuel Roy explains how to create a listing ideal product in his article: ” Optimize your product with model AIDCA”. Optimizing your shop can also go through the setting up of videos . Read my last article: ” The video on your product pages, solution to increase sales “

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing brings you closer towards winning the buy box. Look at the prices of your competitors and see if adjusting your prices to be in the least priced product range is possible while still making profit. There are automated solutions which adjust the price of your products competitively by itself based on the rules you define. Investing in such a product and getting the buy box or first few top positions in searches is definitely going to bring more sales.


View yourself as a customer, wouldn’t you love a discount? For sure! Discounts help convert potential buyers quickly and tend to build relationships. Giving more discounts at an early stage will let you have a good foothold in the amazon sales.

Go for Fulfillment by Amazon

Once products are fulfilled by Amazon, it gives a major boosts to the sales are customers are assured of timely shipment and the quality of the product. Not only limited to the actual benefit, even non veteran amazon customers make a sense that some how FBA is certainly better and tend to buy a product with FBA

Lets look at this in detail:

Here are tips to sell on the Amazon Marketplace and maximize its chances of success.

The right products

As on all Marketplaces, the first key success factor for selling on Amazon is having the right products in stock. Either products that are part of the best sales or hard to find products. Marketplaces can be general or specialized . Make sure that the products you sell are made available to the right audience. No need to export all your products to a specialized marketplace when you have multiple product universes. Segment and check your margins! Do not forget that products that sell well on your online store may not work on marketplaces. Choose the best selling amazon products.

Increase your visibility through advertising

Being visible is the first key that will allow users to find your products. For this, some market places offer advertising space to showcase your products . The more your products will be present when searching the visitor, the more likely you are to conclude the sale. We see of course that your advertisements are distributed to the right audience . A good management of your campaigns will ensure you a positive ROI constantly. Test, measure, modify and make sure you are always profitable.

Good prices

On Amazon, products are sorted by ascending price. The products are classified delivery included (since April 2008). Amazon Marketplace sellers do not charge shipping, while Amazon offers shipping costs … In many cases, Amazon will be better positioned than marketplace sellers. To succeed in the Amazon Marketplace, you have every interest to adjust your prices regularly according to the competition. SellerPrime offers a price positioning tool that allows you to stay positioned at best, lower the price when you can, increase it when you are alone, within your limits.

Impeccable customer service

Amazon is increasingly harsh with marketplace vendors and requires a customer service that is as good or even better than the one Amazon Amazon offers to its customers. In case of problems, take the lead with your customers – it is better to prevent problems than to wait for the contact of your buyer and to justify that things do not go. Amazon’s policy is clear: the customer is always right. Attention to customers who note and give their opinion on the marketplaces . You do not master the platform customer relationship . Familiarize yourself with in order to be as responsive as possible. The customer is king . Respect your commitments and be on top in your responses to reviews. Be present and answer questions and comments during the day. These opinions are also taken into account in the display of products on market places, vis-à-vis your competitors.

Delays Respected

The delivery time is one of the key factors to get good ratings on Amazon. Make a contract with the post office, do not hesitate to change post office if you do not get good service, if you save too much Mowing in the post office. Forward your parcels the same day if you can or the next day. For the most expensive parcels, use Colissimo to guarantee a fast delivery and avoid a refund in these cases.

An up-to-date stock

Nothing irritates buyers more than to order an item and receive the next day an email informing them that the product is unavailable. Have all items in stock: sellers who are in tight flows without stock close one after the other. Amazon account your refund rate. Beyond 10% you are in the red and risk a suspension of your seller account Amazon. If you sell on several sites, scrupulously reflect the sales of a site on the stocks of the other sites, or help you of a software Like SellerPrime.

Manage your stocks in incredible ways

The last thing you want to see happens is an order of a product you no longer have in stock. The customer is not going to be happy and your investment in the marketplaces will suffer. Invest in a reliable inventory management system that takes into account market places. A good inventory management allows better investments in certain inserts marketplaces . The “Boite d’achat” in Amazon is not 100% managed by the price of your products. Amazon also takes customer reviews and stock into account. More information on the Amazon page.

Create attractive promotions

Marketplaces allow you to create promotions . It is an ideal tool to put you ahead and make known some of your products. You can offer shipping costs or promote fabulous promotions. This is good for your amazon marketing strategy.

Have a refined tariff management

The price of products from the market place is constantly changing . To give you an idea, Amazon (and its market place) changes its prices 2.5 million times, per day! Test yourself by following the prices of some products with . The price is of paramount importance for the placement of your products in the search engines market places. By making sure to be the cheapest price, or close to the cheapest market, you can appear in the “Buy Box” also called “Buy Box” from Amazon. Choose your price strategy and go to the bottom . To ensure that you are always competitive, use a price tracking solution such as ChannelAdvisor, 360pi, AppelAgle. These services are often integrated with product export solutions such as Iziflux, Lengo or shoppingFlux. You are viewing the prices of your competitors’ products on their shops and market places . Choose the solution that allows you to automatically adjust your prices according to the competition.

Be careful to manage this type of tools in order to create an effective pricing strategy. This should take into account your margins and stocks. Discover PricingAssistant, Spy-commerce and Price Observatory to track the price of your competitors’ products on their online stores.

Zen Amazon Warranty

If you have an AZ warranty and are contacted by Amazon, stay tuned! Remember, Amazon sees you as a provider, not like a customer. A priority, it is you who are at fault. Stay courteous, open and above all professional. Always seek to improve the situation and show Amazon that you will do everything to solve the problem, even if you have nothing to do with it. If you are aggressive, you go straight to account closure.

Customer ratings at the top

On Amazon, relatively few buyer evaluations are received, compared to other market places (about one in four orders). Content clients tend not to overestimate. Re-launch your buyers on a regular basis to get good ratings, this will keep your rate of ratings level up and offset the tough times. Please note that Amazon does a raise with the buyer for you after 60 days after the order. SellerPrime has developed a feature that allows you to relaunch your customers at will. This will benefit your amazon conversion rate.

Send in letter mode if the object allows it.

Even with tracking it is anyway you who will pay in case of litigation. Save as much as you can about shipping costs. Unfortunately you can not choose your shipping cost on the Amazon Marketplace. Even if Amazon requires you to send items in tracking mode, this is very expensive, and in case of AZ warranty, you may be at fault even if you have sent tracking mode. Nb: on the new Amazon marketplace called Seller Central, sellers can choose their shipping cost – novelty appreciated!

Get paid frequently by Amazon

Amazon allows a daily payment of Marketplace sellers if you wish so enjoy. For this go to your seller account in the “Amazon payments” section.

Maximize your shopping basket

Most marketplace sellers carry out orders of a single item, Amazon providing not a shop that brings together all the products of a same seller.

Finally, what are the tools to do this? If you have a Pro account on Amazon, SellerPrime allows you to manage all your activity simply, from the posting of the articles to the processing of the orders.


Amazon is the leader in e-commerce, it captures a large majority of the population accustomed to shopping on the internet.

Amazon visitors have already started a shopping process and are therefore about to buy. It is therefore very interesting to capture those visitors and offer them your products.

As with Google Shopping, you will indeed they offer products that perfectly match their search.

You can capture and retain users who would not come naturally to your site.

The user is directed to your site and purchases on your platform: you are receiving traffic and sales are centralized. You’re offering the fame, the possibility of remarketer buyers and sell them additional products. You receive the full sale price (no commission paid to Amazon) and pay only the click on your ad.

In addition the algorithm allows Amazon to offer your products via the cross-selling as similar or complementary products to the product initially sought by the user.

How to boost sales and increase Amazon conversion rate

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