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Amazon Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales And Increase Conversion Rate

marketing strategies on amazon
April 18, 2024 9 mins to read

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform, and there are sellers to cater to every single niche. 

Many sellers commence with their e-commerce enterprises on Amazon. Taking this into consideration, every single vendor and seller has to face fierce competition. 

To increase conversions on Amazon, you have to set yourself apart from the competition by implementing innovative marketing strategies and keeping up with the trends in Amazon advertising

Your marketing strategy must include everything from Amazon SEO to keyword optimization to attractive product listings. Amazon ads are also an important tool considering in June 2021, the average cost-per-click (CPC) of ads on Amazon in the United States stood at 1.20 U.S. dollars. A year earlier, it amounted to 0.79 U.S. dollars, which signifies a growth rate of nearly 52 percent year-on-year (source:

 If you’re wondering how to deploy Amazon marketing strategies easily, then there are various tools available at your disposal to simplify this process. 

Quick Guide 

  1. What is Amazon marketing?
  2. What are the strategies to boost sales?
    • Optimizing product pages 
    • SEO methods
    • Strategize reviews and rating 
    • Competitive pricing 
    • Deals
    • Advertising 
    • Affiliate marketing
    • A+ content 
    • Reports
    • Rules and Regulations
  3. Final thoughts

What is marketing on Amazon?

Marketing is important for businesses, both big and small, as it is a prerequisite to making your business grow. It is a continuous process whereby you maintain a relationship with your audience to scale profits and improve your brand image.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), now called Amazon Advertising can be used to sell and promote products on and off Amazon. With it, you can improve the visibility of your products so that they rank higher in search results. Marketing also ensures a better ranking of your listings in organic search results. 

Amazon performs a considerable amount of the heavy-lifting regarding your marketing activities. The most important factors to keep in mind are planning, optimizing prices and product pages as well as advertising so that you achieve a high number of conversions.

Amazon marketing strategies to boost sales

There is no single marketing strategy that works best for all sellers. It depends on what you want your result to be. Here are some popular strategies that have proven to boost sales

1. Optimizing product pages

Your product listings need to create a good first impression on customers. The title of your product along with its images, description, and USP must appear to be top-notch. While introducing your product, keep concise titles with the brand and product name included along with its benefits. Focus on your keywords in the title to make sure they match with popular customer search terms. 

The photography of your product images should be excellent while highlighting how the product can be used in reality. To make it more personal, use real pictures from customers who have bought the product to highlight authenticity. 

List the features of your products in bullet points and don’t be redundant with the information that you put out. Your bullet points should answer all the FAQs and focus on the features and characteristics of the product. The goal is to get your customers to follow through to your detailed product description section from where you can be assured that they will make a purchase. 

Use HTML markups in this section to avoid making information seem dull and provide extra insights on materials or ingredients used in your product. Address the not-so-obvious features to convince the customer that they need your unique product. 

There are a variety of tools you can use to analyze the quality of your listing.

2. Take advantage of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is not just for Google. It is very crucial to the success of your Amazon marketing strategy as well because most people begin their searches for products on Amazon itself.

Are you facing problems with buyers not finding your products easily? This has everything to do with optimizing your product listings to include keywords that are most relevant to your products.

You can include up to 500 characters in your title. Amazon’s A9 algorithm filters listings to provide buyers with the most relevant results for the keywords they search. Therefore, your SEO strategy should enable your listings to be displayed on the first or within the first three pages of the search results. This way you can direct traffic to your product pages and increase sales. 

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3. Strategizing reviews and ratings

Given how customer-centric Amazon is, feedback and reviews contribute largely to the success of your marketing efforts. Are you pondering over how to increase the conversion rate on Amazon with the help of feedback and review?  It is because 97% of online shoppers buy products only after scanning through the reviews ( 

Normally, people do not make purchases of products that have low star ratings because it is a testament to the quality of the product. As a seller, you must request reviews from buyers and respond to those that are positive as well as negative. Thank customers for positive reviews and address the issues in case of negative ones. 

It is the best way to show your buyers that you care, which in turn is a great strategy to boost sales. 

4. Pricing competitively

A seller’s pricing strategy is very important and having the lowest price is not the only thing that matters in increasing sales conversion rate. While deciding on a price, you need to take into account all the costs – marketing, overhead expenses, other fees, that make up the final finished product. 

You can then decide the lowest possible price that you can sell it at. Alternatively, if you want to sell it at a higher price then you can find similar niche products and their costs, to decide on an upper limit for your pricing plan. Thus, you will be able to keep up with the price competition. For a novice seller, it is advisable to first aim at selling products at reasonable prices and not at a high premium.

5. Attractive deals

Limited-time deals on products are another effective way to increase sales. If you are a Professional Seller then you can create amazon lightning deals from your Deals Dashboard on your Seller account. It is the best way to market newly launched products and get the sales going.

Depending on whether you want to market your product as a premium one or as an economic, cost-effective one, research into pricing helps. This will also make it easier to choose the products that are worthy of promotion and give you good returns on sales. 

6. Advertising 

Marketing strategies are often synonymous with advertising. Amazon has three categories of advertising-sponsored product ads, headline search ads, and product display ads. 

The sponsored product ads are ideal for new sellers and for increasing your brand visibility as it takes one directly to the specific product being sold. This along with headline search ads are both keyword-targeted. They do not work out very expensive because they fall under the Amazon PPC campaign category. 

The product display ads also follow the cost-per-click pricing method, but they are not keyword targeted. They are targeted towards interest and navigate buyers to a specific product details page. 

Amazon has a variety of features for internal advertising. Amazon DSP (Demand-side Platform) is one such feature with which sellers can use audio and visuals as well for ads on Amazon. Sellers can benefit from DSP because it throws light on how they can improvise on their advertising strategies, thus leading to an increase in conversion rates. These types of ads usually contain links to landing pages which facilitates a wider reach of your target audience. 

7. Affiliate and influencer marketing

These marketing trends are on the rise and a seller can benefit from strategizing these two methods. A customer’s buying behavior is easily influenced by what they see on social media which makes social media marketing a catalyst in increasing the sales of your products.

Sellers need to keep in mind that marketing people away from Amazon is a violation, so you need to always direct all your outside marketing efforts back towards Amazon. Your social media strategy should use captivating posts to build your brand image along with communicating updates, discounts, and sales. All this should ultimately tie back your product’s page on Amazon. 

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is called Amazon Associates. It is a program whereby affiliate marketers make money by advertising products on their blogs, vlogs, websites, or anywhere on their social media. They earn a commission every time somebody purchases through an affiliate link provided by them. 

Affiliate marketing thus acts as a win-win situation for both sellers and affiliate marketers alike. Since they bear the burden of marketing, it gives way to a seller to focus on other factors while also ensuring a steady stream of traffic to his products that lead to conversions. 

8. A+ content 

Sellers can use A+ content to enhance their marketing efforts with top-notch content. You can use A+ or Premium A+ content depending on what kind of seller you are and if you are willing to pay. You can draw attention to the comparison of the product with others in the same niche and draw attention. It is the most effective way to visually present your products’ uniqueness.

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9. Seller Central reports 

The reports on Amazon search terms, demographic reports, alternate and repeat purchase behavior reports are great tools to channel your marketing strategies since they help you make use of all the opportunities to increase sales and make improvements across your brand. 

10 Rules

It is easy to get carried away with innovative marketing strategies, but it helps to always keep in mind the rules and terms of service by Amazon because if you violate them, you risk your account being shut down or suspended. Keeping the guidelines in mind is crucial to high-quality listings which boost your chances of converting more sales.

If you’re looking to enhance your sales performance and take your business to new heights, consider watching this informative video that delves into proven tips to elevate your sales game.

Boost Your Amazon Q4 Sales with These Proven Tips!

Final thoughts

A comprehensive marketing strategy that has a combination of all the above factors can help you advance and reap good benefits. As a seller, you will have to constantly update yourself with new marketing trends to deploy and ensure that you have a steady increase in sales.

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