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Amazon Sponsored Display Ads – Retarget and Re-engage Your Potential Customers

amazon sponsored products retargeting ads
September 4, 2023 4 mins to read

Probably, you might have wondered how sellers are advertising their products beneath the bullet points on a product page and below the ‘Add to Cart’ button. And, how Amazon sellers are following you to the other websites apart from Amazon? 

Well, the reason is Amazon Sponsored Display Ads. 

Now, retargeting and re-engaging are made easy with Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Read this post to find out how Amazon makes retargeting and re-engaging potential shoppers on and off the Amazon platform.

What is Retargeting? How does Amazon help with it?

Retargeting has become quite popular among online retailers recently. Up until recently, Amazon had a big gap to retarget its shoppers. With the new addition of Product Display Ads and amazon product targeting features in the Sponsored Display Ads, Amazon has everything to boost your brand, increase your sales, and remarketing as part of its marketing funnel. 

Retargeting is a cost-effective way to reach out to potential shoppers who already visited or learned about the product/service you offer. 

amazon product retargeting ads

Now, Amazon Sponsored Display Ads is allowing sellers to retarget and re-engage these ‘lost’ customers. The main aim of this Sponsored Display Ad is to engage shoppers who demonstrate an interest in the related product categories or complimentary items to their purchased product.

Note: Ensure you are not confused with Sponsored Display Ads for the products with ‘Frequently Bought Together’ items.

Who can use Amazon Sponsored Display Ads?

Amazon says that Sponsored Display Ads is available for vendors, agencies with clients on Amazon, and professional sellers who are enrolled under Amazon Brand Registry. However, you need to include Amazon Sponsored Products or Amazon Sponsored Brands along with Amazon Sponsored Display Ads in your advertising strategies.

Pro Tip: Before you choose to run Sponsored Ads, make sure you use SellerApp keyword tracking to find out the right keywords to target in your ad campaigns.

Benefits of Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads are increasing the efficiency of PPC campaigns and are quite beneficial for vendors and (brand registered) sellers. Besides,

  • It helps you reach and redirect potential shoppers on and off Amazon to your product listing. This, in turn, boosts your conversions and sales on Amazon.
  • It helps to promote your product portfolio with the help of Amazon’s auto-generated campaigns. These ad campaigns are optimized to maximize your conversions.

Watch this video to know more about Amazon Sponsored Display Ads:

How does Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Benefit you? Quick beginners guide

How to Create an Amazon Sponsored Display Ad Campaign?

Step 1: Choose Sponsored Display Ads

In the Seller central account, hover over to ‘Campaign Manager’ in the Advertising section. 

amazon seller central advertising

You have 3 types of Ad campaigns available. Now, choose Sponsored Display Ads.

Using this option, you can retarget and re-engage potential shoppers off Amazon using Sponsored Display Amazon Ads and drive them back to your product listings.

Step 2: Create a Campaign

creating retargeting campaign

Now, this is similar to Amazon Brand Ads and Amazon Sponsored products. Pick a campaign name that is relevant to your product/goals. For the end date, you can set a specific duration to run your campaigns or run them continuously. 

Ensure you maintain a daily budget that you are comfortable with. Start small and increase your budget based on campaign performance. 

For the ad group section, choose a relevant name and proceed to select the products you intend to advertise. 

You can select the products by their names, ASINs, or SKU numbers. 

Few products such as caustic creams, spray paints are not eligible for advertising. So, make sure you are aware of the restricted/prohibited products on Amazon.

In Sponsored Display ads, you need to bid based on the CPC (Cost-Per-Click). Similar to your ad budget, allocate a low budget in the beginning and increase it steadily based on the performance.

As Sponsored Display ads are displayed based on the customers’ interests and browsing trends, you don’t need to add any keywords to your ad campaigns. 

Step 3: Track Your Sponsored Display Ads Performance

Tracking your key metrics to understand the results is important for any ad campaign. You need to monitor them to align them with your goals. Ensure you audit your campaigns once a week or a fortnight and optimize them for better results. 

Sponsored Display ads provide a great opportunity to reach your target audience and boost your sales on Amazon. 

So, if you have questions about Amazon Sponsored Ads, let us know in the comment section below. SellerApp is happy to help you with the answers.

Additional Resource:

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2 Comments on “Amazon Sponsored Display Ads – Retarget and Re-engage Your Potential Customers”

  1. Rama
    May 9, 2021

    What do sponsored display ads do?

    1. Arishekar N
      August 23, 2021

      The main aim of this Sponsored Display Ads is to engage shoppers who demonstrate an interest in the related product categories or complimentary items to their purchased product.

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