How to increase profitability from selling internationally on Amazon


Before getting started

Prior to extending to international customers, the effects of going international on the business must be understood. Information like getting basic information on selling on Amazon internationally, retail websites of Amazon, what constitutes a good customer experience across countries must be understood carefully.

In totality, Amazon operates 11 marketplaces on a global level using which business can be grown internationally and independent of the actual place where the business is present physically.

The geographies where Amazon operates are CA US MX UK DE FR IT ES IN CN and JP.

increase profitability from selling internationally on Amazon

These marketplaces provide quite many of the largest opportunities for e-commerce.

Considerations for increasing profitability:

  • Considering the market demand

The demand for products which fall into essential categories, though would remain to be present across the geographies, the particular taste of the people among these various items would vary. Tailoring the inventory of products as per the demand is essential.

  • Efficient command of the language

To be operating in the new marketplace, a consideration to be made in the very initial stages is if the business can be operated in the local language. However, if the seller is fulfilled by Amazon, this is not a requisite.

However despite lack of local language proficiency sellers can still do well using these services and tools provided by Amazon

-> Seller Central Language Switcher

Regardless of the local language is Japanese, French, German Spanish or Italian, one can still be selling in Japan and Europe. Using seller central language switcher, all the marketplaces can be operating in the English language.

-> Amazon European Marketplaces account

One account for all of the marketplaces in the UK, Frances, Italy, Germany and Spain granting complete control over what is to be sold at which geography using a single seller account interface.

  • Following seasonal Trends

International selling is prominently influenced by the seasons. Different seasons mark a surge in products of a particular kind, thus turning sellers’ business more profitable. Examples include Wedding season being in April to August, and Christmas holiday Season being from October until December.

  • Lower costs of currency exchange

Foreign currency exchange markets are dynamic and unpredictable. Using the currency tools provide a stronger grip on the international sales. Examples: Forward Contracts, Rate watch.

  • Use software solution to help e-commerce business

There are several things about the international business practice the prowess of which comes with practice. However, a lot of software solutions exist with the help of which selling internationally becomes much easier. It’s a good idea to be spending on a software solution to help improve the international sales.

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