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The Amazon Wish List – Everything You Need To Know


Wish lists are an integral part of the online shopping experience. It is a list comprising all the products that a buyer desires and hasn’t purchased yet. Now if you’re wondering what it means on Amazon in particular or have questions like “how does the Amazon wish list work?”, this article will provide you with all the information you need. 

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  1. What is an Amazon wish list?
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  3. How does the Amazon wish list work for sellers?
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  5. Managing an Amazon wish list 
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  7. How to find someone’s wish list on Amazon
  8. Amazon Wish list FAQ

What is an Amazon wish list?

The wish list on Amazon serves two purposes. Suppose you’re browsing through products on Amazon and see something you like or need, but don’t intend on buying them right away, then you can add it to this list. This way, you know that you can always find it on this list, especially if it’s something that you consider to be important. 

Another purpose of the wish list is that it acts as a form of a gift registry. When you create a list and add items to it, you have the option to make that list available to other people. This way, you can add family members and friends so that they can see what items you desire and it simplifies the whole process of buying gifts for someone.

How does the Amazon wish list work?

It has been estimated that there will be 200 million paying Prime members in 2021 (source: This shows how many people shop on Amazon and are familiar with it. If you’re one of them then you would have noticed when you’re viewing a product, there is an option to either buy the product or add it to one of your lists. If you’re using the app then you will see a little heart symbol on the bottom left corner of the product, which when tapped on, will add the item to the wish list of your choice.”

how does amazon wish list works

It’s a great way for people to save money while buying gifts for their loved ones. How? Simply put, it eliminates the chances of buying something that the recipient is not going to use.

How does the Amazon wish list work for sellers? 

These wish lists act as valuable assets to sellers and help them in analyzing buying habits of customers. SellerApp has a feature that helps sellers with product ideas that also includes a tool called ‘Most Wished.’ This particular feature provides sellers with useful insights into what products are wished for the most along with their opportunity score. The opportunity score throws light on demand for the product and its profit margin as well as other important factors such as the competition, overhead costs, etc. 

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Amazon wish list offers the following advantages and uses to sellers

  • Price reductions 

While viewing items on a wish list, there are notifications to alert customers of price drops. One reason people add items to lists is that they’re not ready to make a purchase right away. Therefore, price drop alerts push customers towards buying the product, which ultimately means more sales for a seller.

  • Products research and ideas

For a seller who is researching what products he should sell, Amazon’s ‘Most Wished’ list comes in handy. By clicking on it, one can view what products are being searched for and what products are currently being bought by a lot of shoppers. By studying the pricing and features of these products properly, sellers can finalize what they want to sell. 

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  • Gift ideas

When it comes to special occasions, buyers are always looking for the best gift ideas for their loved ones. As a seller, you can constantly provide updates on holiday offers, discounts, and ideas for gift bundles. These, in turn,  will convince the shoppers to add the mentioned items to their wish list and from there on to the cart, leading to a purchase. 

  • Promotion and marketing 

A seller needs to engage in marketing and promotional efforts constantly. You can use your marketing content to get your audience to share items from their wishlist on pages and groups on social media. Engaging with your target audience with contests is also a great way to conduct market research on new products as well as to sell the products that you already have. 

The inclusion of the Amazon wish lists in a seller’s marketing campaign helps to reach a broader audience. Even for new sellers who want to grow and track updates in price changes, this is a valuable feature. 


How to create an Amazon wish list 

Now a lot of people wonder if you can have multiple wishlists on Amazon. Yes, you can because Amazon does not impose any restrictions on the number of lists that you can create. So you can create multiple ones, each for a different purpose or occasion – wedding, birthday, for different members of the family and so on. 

If you need help with how to make a wishlist on Amazon, follow the steps below 

  • Firstly you need to be registered on Amazon as a user. You can create your account by heading over to the official website.

Once your account has been set up, making wish lists is super easy. 

  • On the top right part of the Amazon home page, you will have to find and click on the option that says “Accounts and Lists.” 
  • From the drop-down menu, click on “Create a List”. Now you will have to give your list a name. 
  • After you give a name, click on the “Create List” option. 
amazon wish list creation

All lists are private when first created, and you can make changes to them as you go.

How to manage an Amazon wish list 

There are several settings you can apply to your wish list to simplify managing it. Follow these steps to learn how to organize an Amazon wish list 

  • On the right-hand side, you will find a ‘More’ button. It will give you a drop-down menu.
  • Click on the ‘Manage List’ option.
    • You will now have various options to choose from. 
  • You can choose the privacy of your list and set it either to
    • ‘Private’ – means that it is visible only to you.
    • ‘Public’ – means that it can be viewed by anybody
    • ‘Shared’ – means that only specific people that you share the list with can view it.
    • You can then choose to manage your list with the help of Alexa or Amazon Echo as well
    • Now you must choose whether the list is meant for you or an organization 
  • Enter your email id, birthday, and shipping address.
  • Next, in the description box, you can type in whatever you want the recipient of the list to see so that it will make it easier for them to find it.
  • You can then enter a shipping address 
  • The last option is to choose between ‘Don’t Spoil my Surprises’ and ‘Keep purchased items on the list. The former means that even after a product is purchased, it will remain highlighted in the list. The latter means that when an item from the list is purchased, it will remain for a short time but if an attempt is made at duplicate purchase of the product, then a warning will be issued. 
  • Once you have put all the settings in place, click on the ‘Save Changes’ option. 
  • Alternatively, when you want to delete a list, there is a button just above ‘Save Changes’ that says ‘Delete List.’
how to manage amazon wishlist

On your list dashboard, you have the option to add to your idea list and make notes for new lists that you create. 

How to add items to your wish list 

Adding items to an Amazon wish list is something you can do as and when you are browsing and find something that you need or that piques your interest. When you find an item that you want to add, these are the steps to follow:

  • On the page of the product, there will be a Buy Box drop-down menu on the right-hand side. At the bottom of that menu, click on the option that says “Add to List.” 
  • If you have multiple lists, choose which one you want to add the item to. 
how to add items on amazon wish list

Once items have been added to any list, they can be viewed by people according to the settings you have applied. From here on, shoppers can just select whichever products and purchase them the normal way that you purchase any product on Amazon. There are options for the buyer to keep his purchase a secret so as not to spoil surprises. This is done by choosing the option that doesn’t allow notification to be sent to the list’s owner. 

How to share Amazon’s wish list

The most important use of having a list on Amazon is that you can share it with others. Follow the steps below:

  • On the list dashboard page, go to ‘Manage List’
  • Click on the ‘Shared’ option under Privacy. 
  • Now click on ‘Save Changes’. 
  • Now that the list editor window will be closed, you can choose the option that says ‘Send the list to others.’
  • Next, there will be a window displaying two options. You can choose to either send a link to someone to ‘View Only’ or ‘View and Edit.’ The former means that anybody with a link can only view the list and not make any edits. The latter means that people with a link can view, edit, and remove items from the list. 
  • You can now copy the link and send it to your desired recipients. 

How to access the Amazon Wish List

You can access your friends’ wish lists just like how they can access yours by inviting people to collaborate, which will make it easy on family or friends who are planning a list of gifts for some important upcoming events. 

how to access amazon wish list

Collaborating on an Amazon wish list can be done with the following steps 

  • On your wish list dashboard, select the one that you want to collaborate on with other people.
  • Click on the ‘Invite’ tab displayed on top of the list.
  • Now you can either invite by copying the link or using the ‘Invite by email’ option 
  • Send the link to people you want to collaborate with 

Finding someone’s Amazon wish list 

You can easily find the wish list of someone that you need to buy a present for as long as their list is set to be visible to the public and then you can follow these steps. 

  • On the Amazon search page, there is a ‘Find a Registry or List’ option. Click on it. 
  • Now, you have to enter the name of the person whose wish list you want to view 
  • Click on ‘Search’
  • You can also click on ‘Add friend’ 
  • This will then make visible all the public wish lists of that particular person. 

Amazon has the option to add friends so you can always search for someone’s wish list from your list of friends. 

Amazon Wish list FAQ

1. How to find out if strangers bought something from your wish list

Well, firstly it depends on the privacy settings – whether you’ve set it to private, shared with specific members or if it is public, in which case anybody can view it. Either way, when items from your list are purchased, they disappear from the list. This also avoids the chance of duplicate purchases. 

2. How do you use the Amazon wish list?

You can use the wish list feature only if you have an Amazon account.  These lists can be kept private, solely for your reference. You can save important items that you don’t want to forget about. Additionally, you can also set your list to ‘public’ or share it with specific people.

3. Are Amazon wish lists anonymous?

It is anonymous to an extent. If you are making purchases from a wish list, it can be shipped to whichever address. However, all the information related to the wish list owner will not be displayed. Only their name, the city they reside in, and the state that the address belongs to will be displayed to the buyers in keeping with the privacy norms. Things like your street address and very personal information will not be displayed. 

Final Thoughts

The Amazon wish list gives great insights to sellers on what is trending and facilitates brand engagement. It also simplifies the whole process of gifting to a large extent and reduces wastage. The concept of public wish lists throws light on what kind of products people are genuinely interested in and engage with. 

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