How to get reviews on Amazon

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How to get reviews on amazon legally and fast ?

Your potential customers can’t pick up your product and look it over before they decide to buy. But they can get opinions from others who already bought your product through online reviews. Good legit reviews make a world of difference in making sales.

how to get reviews on amazon

It is all about the ‘QUANTITY’

Amazon reviews are crucial to convincing buyers to go ahead and make the purchase. They act as social proof therefore sellers need to get customers to leave genuine reviews through Amazon-approved methods.

The more reviews that people see for your product, the more likely they are to buy it. When others do something, we automatically and subconsciously determine that it is safe and even in our best interest to do the same. It triggers the social proof shortcut for your consumers. “Obviously, many others are buying it, so I will buy it.” Even if it sucks!

And here’s a crazy fact, a product with 400 reviews with 4.3 stars is sure to sell better than a product with a 4.8 rating having 14 reviews.

With Amazon’s ban on incentivized reviews , things went a bit sore. However getting reviews is not a very hard task, except that it requires a bit of planning and tracking.

To start with, you need to give a great quality product to get reviews on Amazon. Ask yourself, “Would people recommend this to their friends?” If the answer is no, then expecting people to leave five-star reviews is essentially asking them to lie.Hopefully, this should be obvious, and I’m assuming you already know the importance of having a great product.

We’ll look into three other things that you could do to get reviews legally on Amazon.

Give the sales a little push

Reviews influence sales and more sales bring you more reviews. You may have the most interesting, helpful, and useful product. But you still have to ensure that it reaches the ears of people. A majority of people aren’t just going to stumble on your product. The idea is to give it a little push, so that you can see it take off. You can create promotions for your product, use social media networks, Amazon PPC.

Create a mailing list and request customers to leave reviews

A simple way to get more product reviews is sending an after-sales e-mail.It is totally fine to send mails and request your customers to write reviews for you. The email should be sent after a reasonable period of time following an order.The only thing to keep in mind is not to sound pushy, outright or annoying in your mails.

Use a Keyword research tool

Gone are the days when you use the paper and pencil or excel spreadsheets to shortlist keywords for your Amazon product. SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword Research tool helps you shortlist the best keywords relevant to your product based on 10 different filters. You can also track the performance of these shortlisted Amazon keywords.

Use social media

Social media can increase the number of customer opinions. For example, you can occasionally send out campaigns to fans and supporters on Twitter and Facebook to write about their experiences and reviews.

Use Amazon Review Services

The struggle to build early reviews for new products is a problem for Amazon sellers.If new products do not have any reviews, customers are much less likely to purchase the item. Amazon Vine and Amazon Early Reviewer program are product review programs created and managed by Amazon.

The Early Reviewer Program is an attempt by Amazon to help sellers accumulate reviews for new products. At the same time, Amazon retains control of the Early Reviewer program by contacting randomly selected buyers of the participating products and ask them to provide a review.

The main allure of the Amazon Vine program is that it is a relatively quick way to add product reviews to a listing. Many businesses opt to participate in Amazon Vine just before launching a new product so that by the time the product is made available to customers to purchase there are already product reviews included in the listing.

Successful people are open to all kinds of feedback – positive and negative. The honest feedback process is part of how they became successful. How to use Amazon negative reviews to improve your product is something you must know to make the best use of negative reviews as well.

Tracking Reviews is as important as getting reviewed. Staying alert about negative reviews and ratings that are published about your Amazon product helps you resolve the issue quicker and also increases the response time to customer complaints, so you are in a better position to resolve product issues. SellerApp lets you set email rating alert notifications. You can also customize the range for the rating alerts. Sign up to get access.

how to get reviews on amazon

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