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Amazon Product Reviews: Easy Ways To Get More Reviews On Amazon [2018]

Struggling to get raving Amazon Product Reviews for your product? Are you getting sick of begging and pleading your family members, friends, and fellow sellers to leave you Amazon Product Reviews? Wondering why people who buy your product don’t bother to post Amazon Product Reviews?

In this article, I’m going to reveal why the vast majority of new sellers are completely misguided in their approach to getting Amazon Product Reviews. Following it is the top ways to get unbiased, quality reviews and testimonials. No begging required!

How Amazon Product Reviews contribute to More Sales?

The fact that Amazon product reviews generated by real users have a great influence on buying decisions is nothing new. For example, current studies show that 75% of all online buyers consider product evaluations in their buying decisions. This is especially true for Amazon as product reviews and ratings are highly visible on the product page. They serve in the primary comparison of different products and help in decision-making.

From a consumer’s psychological perspective, this behavior is called social proof; i.e. most people’s behavior mirrors the behavior of other people. It is interesting that even in the brick & mortar business; online product reviews are already creating an impact on a third of all interested sales. Instead of believing the individual opinion of a salesman, customers believe in the statements of an independent person, who already has an experience with the product.

So how can the number of customer evaluations/reviews be increased to make your product one of the bestselling Amazon products?

Before I reveal the strategies, it’s much more important to cover a key principle to success.

If You Want To Get Anything of Value, First Give Something of Value

There’s nothing wrong with asking yourself, “How can I get more Amazon product reviews?” But this question too is left out the fact that if you want to get something, you must first give something. And as you’ll find out, I’m not simply talking about Amazon product review swaps.

So what do you need to ‘give’ in order to ‘get’ great amazon product reviews?

For starters, you need to give the great quality product. Ask yourself, “Would people recommend this to their friends?” If the answer is no, then expecting people to leave five-star reviews is essentially asking them to lie.

Hopefully, this should be obvious, and I’m assuming you already know the importance of having a great product, so let’s consider another reason why people may love your product and not review it.

It’s The Why That Motivates People to Action

If you find your request for Amazon product reviews goes unfulfilled, it could be because you haven’t given a clear reason why someone should post a review. And more importantly, you haven’t given the customer a reason to write a product review that applies to them.

Imagine someone comes up to you and says:

“Hey, you! Take 5-10 minutes of your time and write an Amazon product review so I can sell more products!”

Doesn’t that come across as a little selfish? Even if you’re happy to oblige because you’re a very generous person, you might you be wondering, “Why should I help you?”

Now imagine someone says:

If you enjoyed my product, it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave a review so others can receive the same benefits you have. Your review will help me see what is and what isn’t working so I can serve you better and all my other customers even more.”

Let’s break down why something along these lines is much more likely to get positive results.

First of all, it gives people a condition that respects their personal opinion. Whenever people ask me to leave a five-star review of their product before I’ve even used it, I’m instantly turned off. It’s because they’re not respecting the fact that I might not consider it to be a five-star product.

On a side note, it is pretty clear that they’re not interested in genuine feedback. It’s obvious that they are only interested in getting a review. It’s not a very customer friendly way of doing things.

Successful people are open to all kinds of feedback – positive and negative. The honest feedback process is part of how they became successful.

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How to get more Amazon Product Reviews?

The fact that Amazon product reviews have a great influence on buying decisions is nothing new. For example, current studies show that 75% of all online buyers consider product evaluations and reviews in their buying decisions. This is especially true for Amazon as reviews and ratings are highly visible on the product page. They serve in the primary comparison of different products and help in decision-making.

Let’s go through a few important points one by one:

  1. No more Amazon product reviews from family and friends

This does not mean to stop getting reviews for your product, but it means that getting reviews through friends or family members is restricted by Amazon.

That’s right. The days of driving over to Uncle Joey’s pad to drop off free silicone baking gloves are over.

From Amazon’s Product Review Creation Guidelines, “Family members or close friends of the person, group, or company selling on Amazon may not write Customer Reviews for those particular items.” But if it’s any consolation, approaching people one-by-one is really time-consuming.

  1. Ask your customers to share their experiences

A simple way to get reviews is sending an after-sales e-mail. The email should be sent after a reasonable period of time following the order. The customer can be asked to rate the product about two weeks after the purchase.

In addition, the opportunity to publish the experiences with products purchased so far appears on the thank-you page. You can write the follow-up emails like this:

Email 1: Immediately after an order placement.

Subject: Thank you for your *[product-name]* purchase!

Body: Hello *[buyer-first-name]*,

Thank you for purchasing your *[product-name]*. This is the first of three emails you will receive to ensure proper delivery and satisfaction.

*[order-link: Your order can be viewed on here]*

We value your complete satisfaction and strive to offer a high-quality product and service. We will personally follow up with Amazon to make sure a timely arrival of your brand new product.

If for whatever reason you have any issues receiving your product, don’t worry, we have you covered. Reply to this email or contact Amazon customer service right away.


While you wait for your item to be delivered, please find a stranger and give him a high five. It will make their day and you’ll enjoy it too.

Thank you again for your purchase.

Customer Service

Email 2: Send it after 5 days of order shipment.

Subject: How is your *[product-name]* working for you?

Body: Hello *[buyer-first-name]*,

This is the second of three emails you will receive from us. By now Amazon should have delivered your brand new *[product-name]*. Remember, if you have any issues whatsoever, please reply to this email or contact Amazon Customer Service (they are very helpful and speedy) at


We are a growing company and appreciate every purchase. We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction and hope that you truly are.

2 Minute Favor to Ask

I hope you loved the product. We ‘d be happy to hear from you. Please spread the word by leaving a review. Takes only about a couple of minutes.

Feel free to comment on how the product is working for you, and our customer service. Your feedback helps ensure we keep doing things right. You can create your review here:

*[product-review-link: Write your review here]* (We thank you profusely and even find a homeless kitten to feed on your behalf!)

Again, if there are any issues with the product, please reply to this email or contact Amazon Customer Service before leaving a review, so we can handle the issues first.


Customer Service

Email 3: Send it 10 days after the order shipment.

Subject: [Last Email] Dedicated To Your Experience!

Body: Hello *[buyer-first-name]*,

This will be our final email to you regarding your brand new *[product-name]*. If you have not already left a review on our product we’d really appreciate you doing that. All reviews are taken seriously. We also want to ensure prompt processing and timely shipment.

We strive for a high-quality product and customer experience. If you have just 2 minutes to spare and are enjoying your product please do leave us a review here.

*[product-review-link: Write your review here]* (For each review we receive we will find a public place to spontaneously dance in your honor 😉 )

Lastly, if there are any issues with the product, please reply to this email directly or contact Amazon Customer Service before leaving a review so we can take care of any issues first.


Thank you and please have a fantastically glorious day. Again, this is the last email you will receive from us. We really do hope you’re enjoying your purchase.

Customer Service

  1. Use social networks

In addition to generating Facebook-Likes, social media can also increase the number of shop-internal customer opinions. For example, you can occasionally send out campaigns to fans and supporters on Twitter and Facebook to write about their experiences and reviews.

There are a number of Facebook groups out there that let sellers promote their products. A couple years ago, these groups were a close-knit group of people that really worked to support each other. With most sellers trying to self-promote their products, many of these groups have become saturated. That doesn’t mean shouldn’t join these groups and share your products whenever they’re free. But have realistic expectations, your results may be hit or miss.

The upside is that they’re free to join and you can often paste a simple message about your product in a number of these groups in a matter of minutes.

  1. Find potential Amazon Product reviewers

This is way easier than you may think. Simply go to your existing product page for your own product on Amazon. Then scroll to the section that says “Customer Also Bought Items By” and the section “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed.” These sections list the competing products that customers view and buy when they consider your product. This is a goldmine. You are one step away from targeting the best reviewers that you could ever have–the people reviewing your competitor’s offering!

Visit the Amazon page for the first competitor you identified. Now, near the top left of the page, click on the link to the customer reviews. This will list every Amazon product review the competing product has received. To make this process easy to track, click on the option that lets you sort the reviews by “Newest First.” Now you will see the list of sorted reviews with the Amazon name or “Real Name” of each reviewer. Welcome to the pot of gold.

Click on each reviewer to get details on the person. Note that this step may require some sleuthing skills. In some cases the reviewer will share their contact information, in other cases, they will share their name and business, and in some cases they reveal squat. I have found about 50 percent of the time I can find a way to contact the person in under a minute—often via e-mail, other times via a Facebook page or Twitter.

Amazon Product Reviews are game changers for every business in every industry. Now that you know the method, make the game changer work for you.

Amazon website SEO strategy plans

Getting reviews is social proof for each new visitor that the product is good or bad. The more detailed your reviews are, the higher is the probability of a new visitor buying your product. More importantly, a number of reviews and higher average rating of the product will help you increase the relevance of your product in Amazon search.

When we are talking about Amazon SEO, Amazon A9 Search Algorithm, On-Page and Off-Page optimization are also areas which will greatly improve with high-quality Amazon product reviews. In the field of On-Page optimization; Title, Brand Name, Bullet points, Images, Product Description should contribute to the best possible content and the correct placement of keywords to the relevance determination by the Amazon A9 Search algorithm.

Amazon product reviews are one of the external inputs that feed into Amazon ranking. Backlinks on Google and various other search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Yandex work similar to them. Off-Page optimization is addressed through external reviews, ratings, Q&A, and evaluations, although similar aspects are relevant here as with the current structure of backlinks for search engine optimization.

  • Class instead of mass. Amazon looks at the quality of reviews rather than the number of reviews. Quality reviews actually increase the relevance of your product in a search.
  • As a seller, you have no direct influence on the structure of reviews and ratings. But there are some ways to support them positively, put your thoughts & responses in the FAQ.
  • An area to be carefully managed is that Amazon has started monitoring incentivized reviews and reviews by friends and family. So be careful about who reviews your product whenever you launch a new product.

To conclude a good quality product, along with after-sales services, a personal touch in customer contacts motivates users to write Amazon product reviews. So, try to address your customers personally. Also be friendly to them to increase your Amazon product reviews.


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