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How Can SellerApp Chrome Extension Help You With Amazon Review Requests?

Product review is a powerful metric to influence the purchasing decision of your buyer. Reviews improve your product sales radically as they are social proof that your product is doing well. So, start using SellerApp’s free Amazon review request tool to automate your review requests on Amazon. All you need to do is:

  • Log in to your Seller central account.
  • Download and click on SellerApp chrome extension
  • Select your marketplace. Our chrome extension will give you the list of eligible items for review.
  • Tick the products of your choice. And, click on the ‘Request Review’ to get product review and seller feedback.


Sell Smarter

Review requests are made easier and quicker with our Free Amazon Review Request chrome extension. Don’t trust us. Give it a try and see for yourself.


Capture the Buyer’s Insights

For any Amazon seller, turning positive buyer experience into a review is quite important to boost sales. And we’re here to automate your work.


Boost Your SEO and Visibility

Customer reviews and seller feedback are great sources for conversions. Products with positive reviews make it to the top of the Amazon search rank results. This boosts your search rank and sales of your product.

Build Your Amazon Feedback foundation with our Amazon Review Request Tool

Buyers may not be aware of how important reviews are. But for an Amazon seller, a product review is of utmost importance. Sometimes, all you need is a little help to kickstart things. Our Review Request tool will give a gentle nudge to your buyers to review your product. And you can increase your sale to review ratio dramatically.


Gather More Reviews to Increase Your Sales

Reviews play a decision-making role in a product purchase. Our product review software will help you gain more buyer reviews. Seller feedback and ratings are few of the key metrics that influence Buy Box chances. More reviews implies more sales.


Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Check out our FAQs below!

  • What is the right time to generate an Amazon review request email?

  • What are the marketplaces do SellerApp’s Amazon Review Request tool support?

  • How many orders can we send the review request at once?

  • Can you customize the review request email template using our chrome extension?

  • Do you need any additional information to access our FREE Amazon Review Request chrome extension?


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