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Amazon Seller Scanners: Everything You Need to Know

amazon seller scanner app
February 27, 2024 10 mins to read

If you want to outperform your competitors on Amazon, here’s the good news.

Amazon Seller Scanner App can be your secret weapon. 

These apps not only help you keep up with your competitors but also help you move ahead in the competitive landscape of Amazon. 

In this article, we’ve seven Amazon seller scanner tools that can assist you in gaining a better understanding of your competitors and generating more sales

So, let’s dive in.

A quick look into the article,

  1. What is an Amazon Seller Scanner App?
  2. How Does the Amazon Seller Scanner App Work?
  3. Why use an Amazon Seller Scanner App
  4. Seven Best Amazon Barcode Scanner Apps
  5. Conclusion

What is an Amazon Seller Scanner App?

An Amazon Seller Scanner App is a mobile application designed to assist Amazon sellers in finding profitable products, managing inventory, and monitoring sales performance. 

These apps utilize the smartphone’s camera to scan product barcodes and provide sellers with essential information like:

  • Sales rank
  • Number of competing sellers
  • Current pricing
  • Historical sales data
  • Estimated profitability and more

This valuable data empowers sellers to make well-informed choices about product selection, pricing strategies, and inventory management.

Amazon Seller Scanner Apps are particularly popular among retail arbitrage sellers, who source products from physical stores and resell them on Amazon. These apps are helpful in quickly identifying items that can be purchased at a lower cost in stores and sold at a higher price on Amazon.

These apps improve efficiency, save time and money, and enable sellers to make informed decisions that contribute to the success of their Amazon businesses.

How Does the Amazon Seller Scanner App Work?

An Amazon Seller Scanner App uses the smartphone camera to function. Its primary task is to capture an image of a barcode and decode the barcode data for user convenience.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Amazon Seller Scanner App functions:

  • App Activation: To begin, you install one of the Amazon barcode scanner apps on your smartphone.
  • Barcode Scanning: With the app now installed, open the app, direct your phone’s camera towards the barcode you wish to scan, and click a picture.
  • Image Processing: The app then analyzes the captured barcode image. It identifies the unique patterns and lines that constitute the barcode and decodes the data.  This decoded information can vary widely, ranging from product identification to pricing details.
  • User Display: Once the information is successfully decoded, the app displays the relevant product or data to you. The app does it in real-time, offering you immediate access to the details associated with the scanned barcode.

Why use an Amazon Seller Scanner App

There are many reasons why Amazon sellers should use a scanner app. Here are a few of the most important ones:

Time and Effort Savings

Amazon seller scanner apps streamline and automate your process of product sourcing and research. Rather than manually checking on Amazon for products and comparing prices, you can quickly scan a product’s barcode. The app provides all the necessary information, thus reducing the time and effort required.

Informed Decision-Making

These apps can help you make informed decisions about which products to sell, how much to price them for, and how much inventory to keep on hand. Apps like these can help you identify the most profitable products to sell and avoid selling products already being sold by a lot of other sellers by providing information like sales rank, number of sellers, and profitability estimates.

Profitable Product Discovery

Amazon seller scanner apps assist you in finding profitable products that provide access to historical sales data and profitability estimates. 

You can easily identify items with high demand and profit margins with these tools.

Competitive Edge

Staying competitive is crucial in the Amazon marketplace. Scanner apps help you monitor your competitors’ prices, ensure that they remain competitive, and attract customers effectively.

Seven Best Amazon Barcode Scanner Apps

Here are the seven good Amazon Seller Scanner

Amazon Seller App

What is an Amazon Seller Scanner App

This eCommerce application, which is available at no cost, allows you to oversee and operate your online store from any location. It grants you increased control and flexibility in managing your eCommerce business.

Here are the key features: 

  • Analyze Sales: Gain insights into your sales performance and trends.
  • Fulfill Orders: Efficiently process and fulfill customer orders.
  • Find Profitable Products: Discover products with selling potential.
  • Manage Offers, Inventory, and Returns: Take control of your offers, inventory levels, and returns.
  • Responsive Customer Messaging: Quickly address customer inquiries and messages.
  • Stay Informed: Receive timely alerts for inventory and pricing updates.
  • Manage Sponsored Product Campaigns: Effectively oversee your sponsored product advertising campaigns.
  • Access Detailed Inventory Information: Get in-depth product-level inventory details.
  • Conduct Research and Listing: Easily research and list products, enhancing your selling efforts.
  • Create and Enhance Listings: Create and edit listings with high-quality product photos for a professional touch.

Price: It’s free!

Compatibility: Android and iPhone devices

Profit Bandit

Why use an Amazon Seller Scanner App

Profit Bandit is a paid but budget-friendly scanning app that provides real-time data by connecting directly to Amazon’s API. It’s like having a product’s complete story right at your fingertips on a single screen, making it easy to decide whether to buy it or not.

Here are the essential features of the app:

  • Swift Scanning: Scan products with lightning speed.
  • Direct Amazon Results: Get information directly from Amazon.
  • Amazon Offer Highlight: Easily identify Amazon’s listings.
  • Buy Box Tracking: Keep tabs on who currently holds the Buy Box.
  • Comprehensive Profit Calculation: Calculate profits accurately, factoring in 15 critical variables.
  • Restricted Item Notifications: Receive alerts for items you are not allowed to sell.
  • Quick Sales Rank Reference: Instantly view sales rank data.
  • Transparent Profit Calculations: Easily understand and assess profit margins.

Price: It’s available for a monthly fee of $9.99.

Compatibility: Works flawlessly on both Android and iPhone devices.

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how to use the amazon seller scanner

Scoutly, formerly known as FBAScan, is a sophisticated Amazon seller scanning tool that stands out because it offers a downloadable database. With this app, you can scan products even when you’re in areas with no Wi-Fi or data signal, making it super convenient for sellers on the go.

Here are the standout features:

  • Instant Database Access: Get lightning-fast pricing results, even without an internet connection. Database download ensures results in under 1 second.
  • Extensive Database Coverage: Search across the USA, Canada, and the UK, with live search capabilities for the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe.
  • Comprehensive Product Catalog: Access the entire Amazon catalog, spanning categories like books, music, video, games, toys, home, grocery, and more.
  • Automatic Profit Calculation: Let the app calculate profits effortlessly, including all fees for both FBA and seller fulfillment.
  • Customizable Profit Triggers: Tailor profit-based triggers to your specific preferences.
  • Historical Data Retrieval: Retrieves historical data on rank, price, and Buy Box status for up to a year.
  • OCR Support: Utilizes OCR technology to scan ISBN numbers when barcodes are unreadable.
  • Purchase History Tracking: Keep tabs on your scanning and buying history with ease.

Price: It offers two pricing tiers – $9.95 per month for live mode and TurboLister Listing App only or $35 per month for both live mode and database mode and TurboLister Listing App.

Compatibility: Scoutly works smoothly on both Android and iPhone devices.


How do I get an Amazon scanner

Keepa is a widely recognized tool among Amazon sellers that offers valuable price and sales data charts. It’s known for providing accurate historical information about many products available on Amazon. You can access Keepa not only as a browser extension but also as a mobile app, which is handy when you’re out looking for products to sell.

Here are the key features:

  • In-Depth Price History: Access comprehensive price history graphs for informed decision-making.
  • Price Alerts & Availability Notifications: Stay updated with alerts for price drops and product availability.
  • Browser Integration: Install the Keepa browser extension to view price history graphs on Amazon product pages effortlessly.
  • Global Price Comparison: Compare prices across different international Amazon platforms.
  • Multi-Region Support: Enjoy compatibility with various Amazon locales, including .com,, .de,, .fr, .ca, .it, .es, .in,, and
  • No Mandatory Registration: Use the tool optionally without requiring mandatory registration.
  • Wishlist Import: Easily import items from your wishlist.
  • Deal Insights: Get an overview of recent price reductions and deals.

Price: Keepa offers a free version with basic features. For more advanced capabilities, you can subscribe to the premium version, which costs €19 per month.

Compatibility: You can use Keepa on both Android and iPhone devices.


best Amazon barcode scanner apps

ScanPower goes beyond a simple barcode scanner app; it’s a comprehensive Amazon FBA business management system. 

With ScanPower, sellers can efficiently handle inventory, create shipments, and, of course, scan products. 

However, this robust set of features comes at a relatively higher cost compared to some other tools.

Understand the key features

  • Effortless Scanning: Scan products seamlessly with ScanPower Mobile.
  • Real-time Market Insights: Access current pricing and demand data for any Amazon-listed product.
  • Precise Sales Analytics: Rely on accurate sales data for a comprehensive product performance assessment.
  • Detailed Product Information: Find comprehensive details, including titles, images, rankings, and the five lowest prices across new, used, and FBA offers.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility: Get the convenience of Bluetooth scanner support.
  • Customizable Alerts: Set up accept/reject profiles to receive notifications based on your specific criteria.
  • Historical Data Access: Dive into historical sales rank and pricing data to make well-informed choices.
  • Sales Rank Trends: Understand a product’s average Best Sellers Rank over various timeframes, such as 20, 180, and 365 days.

Price: ScanPower’s pricing starts at $79 per month.

Compatibility: You can use ScanPower on both Android and iPhone devices.

Seller Amp

amazon best seller scanner

SellerAmp offers a versatile 3-in-1 toolset designed for serious Amazon sellers. It encompasses a Chrome extension, a web-based application, and a mobile app. 

Here are the following key features:

  • Swift Information Access: Quickly retrieve essential product information.
  • Profit Calculation Tool: Calculate profits with ease.
  • Instantly Access Offers: Easily view available product offers.
  • Alert System: Stay informed with customizable alerts.
  • Storefront Search Capability: Search through storefronts efficiently.
  • Keepa Charts Integration: Access Keepa charts for in-depth data analysis.
  • Sales Ranks and Pricing Insights: Gain insights into sales ranks and prices.
  • Speed Matters: Obtain a fast and efficient user experience.

Price: $19.95 per month for the ‘Getting Started’ plan and $27.95 per month for the ‘Getting Serious’ plan, which includes additional features.

Compatibility: Accessible on both iPhone/iOS and Android devices, making it convenient for users across various platforms.

Scoutify 2

best scanner for amazon fba

The Scoutify 2 app is a user-friendly scanning app designed to provide you with comprehensive data for well-informed purchasing choices.

The key features of this app are:

  • Assess Item Profitability: Evaluate potential profitability per item.
  • Check Selling Restrictions: Verify if you’re eligible to sell a particular item.
  • Monitor Competing Offers: Observe the number of other offers for the item on Amazon.
  • Track Sales and Purchase History: Access your historical records for item sales and purchases.

Price: $69/month

Compatibility: Android and iPhone


Amazon Seller Scanners are invaluable tools that empower sellers with real-time data and insights to thrive in the competitive world of online commerce. These apps simplify product sourcing, pricing decisions, and inventory management, ultimately enhancing efficiency and profitability. 

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