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After having found an appropriate product/niche of the products to sell, the most obvious question that comes is how to find an appropriate supplier for the same, Here are best ways to find wholesale suppliers for FBA.

Finding Wholesale Suppliers For Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

The suppliers can be classified in the following categories:

Private Label Product Manufacturers

They are the company salespeople or independent representatives through most retailers make a purchase. The prices that they offer are usually very low.

The only thing affecting the low prices would be the retailer’s location being too far leading to costly shipping freight.

Amazon Product Wholesalers

 Also Known by the terms distributors or brokers, they purchase from various warehouses and manufacturers in big quantities and sell to the retailers. As expected their prices are higher than the manufacturer ’s, but the benefit is that they provide the flexibility of providing products from several manufacturers.

Not all retailers would be able to get orders from manufacturers as they sometimes require big orders. The whole sellers eliminate this issue.

The wholesalers are generally known for faster delivery and a lower freight cost as compared to the manufacturers.

The Craftsmen

The products which are unique and of the artistic kind are offered by independent craftsmen.

Import sources

When talking about foreign goods there are many domestic importers operating similar to the domestic wholesaler.

Alternatively, goods can be purchased by oneself by traveling abroad.

Who’s a good supplier?

While undoubtedly price is an important factor through which we pick up a supplier, there’s much more than price to a supplier. Timely and good quality supply is an important aspect of the supplier to look at.

Going for the stable supplier is a usually favorable as they have been in the market for quite some time and they are less likely to give you a hard time with certain issues that come up from no where.

Location, another prime factor decides on your costs of freight and the time it takes for the goods to be delivered to you. It’s very advised to ascertain the freight policies with the supplier prior to ordering.

All of the things don’t make sense if the product doesn’t sell, hence competent suppliers who can offer up to date products and services should be sought after.

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