Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.
Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.


Advanced Tools to analyze the Market Competition

Keep an eye on changes in competitor keyword ranking, best seller ranking changes, listing improvements, pricing changes, seller rating, and reviews. Track your competitor and gain intelligent insights in to your Amazon business.

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With the competition on Amazon higher than ever, keeping a track of the competition is a necessity to observe an increasing growth. With more and more sellers flooding the Amazon marketplace, it’s quite a challenge to manually keep track and research the competition.

Take out the stress and effort required in manual competitor research analysis

Robust Tracking

Daily data checks to provide up to date information.

Advanced Filters

Understand your data using a combination of filters

Easy Exporting

Export data reports with the click of a button

Expert Consultation

Our unique platform combined with expert in-house consultation provides a comprehensive look into successful PPC optimization.

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Amazon Price Tracker

Monitor your competitors’ repricing strategies

Competitor Price Tracker - Stay competitive. Strategize your pricing points by tracking your competitors' pricing.

Price Trend Tracker - Analyze how your pricing strategies affect your marketing efforts and sales. Keep a track of your pricing point over a period of time.

Pricing Alerts Notifiactions - Improve the chances of making a sale. Get notified each time your competitor drops or raises his prices to reprice your product.

Listing Quality Analysis

Keep track of changes in competitor listings

Listing Quality Index - Analyze the quality of your competitors’ listing with the LIsting Quality Index. Keep track of both the discoverability and the desirability of your competitor’s listing

Listing Quality Alerts - Stay informed on the slightest amends and changes made to your competitor’s listing. Get notified each time there’s an effective change made in their listing quality.

Competitor Keyword Rank Tracker

Monitor changes in your Competitor’s Keyword Rankings

Track Keyword Ranks - Compare your product’s position for top Amazon keyword with your competitor’s keyword rankings to strengthen your market position and SEO ranks.

Visualize Keyword Rank History - Keep a track of your product and your competitor’s keyword ranking history on Amazon in easy to visualize charts along with the daily changes in search positions for a period of time.

Listing Hijacker Alerts

Ensure your competitor does not snatch your revenue

Listing HIjackers are a constant threat in the Amazon seller world. Often they are cheap variations of your brand and could even tamper your market value with low-quality products.

Constantly monitor your product listings to ensure that you are always the sole contender to win the buy box.

Competitor Sales Estimates

Analyze Competitor Product Metrics

Best Seller Tracking - The rise and fall in the BSR translates to variation in the sales rate. Keeping a track of your competitors’ BSR helps strategize your marketing efforts to be at par with your competitors.

Real-Time Product Analysis - Make the most out of the super powerful Chrome Extension. Real-time analysis of data metrics like the number of FBA sellers, daily sales and revenue estimate to accurately analyze the competition intensity. Explore and analyze product opportunities to add winning products to your product line.


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“After I got SellerApp, things have been a breeze. Keeping a track of the competition has always been a hard task. Especially with the constant changes happening in every metric, it would easily take about 2-3 hours just to check what’s happening. Now all I have to do is log in to my account! ”


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