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Amazon Q4 Mastery is Back! Here are all the deets!

amazon 2022 q4 mastery
September 5, 2023 3 mins to read

Level up your Q4 sales growth with SellerApp Amazon Q4 Mastery!

Yes, SellerApp’s Q4 Mastery is back! We are bringing together outstanding professionals across the e-commerce industry to help sellers crack the Q4 puzzle.

Register here and join us for the live event on Oct 20th and Oct 21st, 2022, at 11 am EST. 

What’s unique about it, you ask?

With nine speakers and seven brainstorming sessions, this event covers the present and near future of the e-commerce industry. For those who have been following SellerApp’s Q4 mastery for the past three years, you should know this year’s event is slightly different from the previous ones. 

By 2026, the global retail e-commerce market is expected to grow to a staggering 8.1 trillion dollar business. The opportunities, as well as the challenges to scaling, are increasing equally.

The industry experts speak about all things right, from investments to inventory management to advertising analytics, during the event. So the sellers would take home innovative ideas, inspirations, and expertise to scale their e-commerce business. 

amazon 2022 q4 mastery agenda

What sellers get from Amazon Q4 Mastery

At the end of the event, we want our attendees to take home innovative ideas and key strategies and tips they can implement in their e-commerce business.

Hacking D2C growth

Sellers used to focus solely on Amazon for their business. In 2022, brands are taking a different approach and placing them first and foremost before the marketplace. So what is it going to take to stay on top in Q4 2022? Our experts will explain how to prepare your D2C brand for Q4 success. 

A look at Trends and Predictions for Q4

There’s no way we can roll into Q4 without Prime Day insights. Learn as the marketplace experts speak about Prime Day insights and take us through Q4 trends and predictions that are going to disrupt Q4

Preparing for Q4

Solid planning and preparation are the cornerstones of any successful e-commerce business. Industry leaders across the supply chain and inventory management will help you navigate inventory readiness, listing optimization, repricing techniques, and more in the event. 

Q4 is the right time to transition your e-commerce business to the next level. It requires capital. Before you opt for funding, you should be clear on what exactly you need funds for and be specific about business goals. So our speakers will guide you through the process and options in funding. 

Advertising, Automation, and Insights

Building a funnel to bring customers through ads has become highly competitive in the Amazon space. You need a concrete advertising plan to increase sales to meet your revenue targets. In this Amazon seller event, experts from the industry speak about cutting-edge techniques like automation, and DSP in PPC and talk about the metrics like break-even ACoS, and ROI that you should look at in order to capitalize during Q4.

Goodie bag

Who doesn’t like freebies? All the registered sellers will get a free goodie bag at the end of this online summit. It has some interesting items that will further strengthen your Q4 play on Amazon.

Meet the Speakers and Partners

This two-day event is hosted by SellerApp’s Product Evangelist, Ankita Patil


amazon q4 mastery points
amazon q4 mastery challenges


amazon q4 mastery ranking
amazon q4 mastery program

Register for the event and get your ticket to join Amazon Q4 mastery. In case you missed the event, you can go to our YouTube channel or watch the session on the above link. 

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4 Comments on “Amazon Q4 Mastery is Back! Here are all the deets!”

  1. Ethan
    October 28, 2022

    well done!! exactly what I was looking for.

    1. Arishekar N
      October 28, 2022

      Glad you liked it.

  2. Nathaniel
    October 28, 2022

    Nicely Done & Written!!

    1. Arishekar N
      October 28, 2022

      Glad you liked it.

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