How Amazon FBA Impacts Your Seller Reputation 1

How Amazon FBA Impacts Your Seller Reputation


Your Amazon seller reputation affects everything from sales to eligibility for special programs and incentives offered to Amazon sellers. Maintaining positive seller metrics is imperative for the continued growth of your Amazon business.

In this article, we’ll discuss how using Amazon FBA impacts your seller reputation, how it can benefit you, and why it’s always important to have a backup plan.

Amazon FBA and Seller Feedback

Amazon customers can provide feedback about your ability to meet their expectations related to packaging, shipping, the accuracy of your product’s description, product condition, and customer service provided. This feedback can only be left by an individual who has made a purchase from you.

Amazon includes seller feedback in your overall account health metrics. This rating lets Amazon see whether you are consistently meeting buyer expectations and providing the quality experience shoppers expect from Amazon. Remember, some shoppers never even realize that they are making a purchase from a third-party seller. It is important to provide reliable service to meet buyer expectations and protect your seller reputation.

Fulfilling orders with Amazon FBA is a smart way to guarantee a consistent post-order experience and fast shipping. It directly impacts your seller feedback because Amazon is managing the post-order experience on your behalf. If you receive a negative feedback for an FBA order, Amazon will strike through the rating, which will not impact your overall feedback score.

How FBA Benefits You

In addition to helping you provide a quality post-order experience, utilizing Amazon FBA offers several benefits for your business. Enrolling your products in FBA means they are automatically eligible for the fast free shipping associated with Amazon Prime. Since many consumers use Prime eligibility as a filter on Amazon, you may sell more items with Amazon FBA.

As your Amazon business grows, you can scale faster without investing in additional employees and infrastructure while continuing to provide the level of customer service that Amazon shoppers anticipate. Amazon FBA will pick, pack, and ship orders in addition to managing returns and other customer service inquiries. You can even have your items prepped, packaged, and labeled at the Amazon fulfillment centers.

If you’re considering expanding your business internationally, the Amazon FBA Export and Global Selling programs offer ways to experiment with listing in new marketplaces. If you’re located in North America, you can sign up for a North America Unified Account to offer your products in the US, Canada, and Mexico and use FBA to fulfill your orders in all three countries.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Although FBA provides numerous benefits for sellers, it’s also important to have a backup plan. Earlier this year, the need to fulfill essential orders as fast as possible caused Amazon to temporarily place limits on the inventory that could be shipping to the fulfillment centers. That meant that some sellers found themselves scrambling to fulfill orders themselves.

Make sure that your team is equipped to pick, pack, and ship orders if needed. It’s important to be able to merchant fulfill orders if needed, and to be equipped to meet Amazon’s expectations when doing so.

Many businesses find that maintaining a mix of inventory in stock at FBA and locally works well. You are subject to long term storage fees and potential IPI storage limits if your sell-through rate is low or if you have excess inventory at FBA. In many cases, it makes sense to store the majority of your seasonal inventory outside of FBA until closer to your busy season.

Build Your Seller Reputation with FBA

The importance of providing an exceptional Amazon customer experience cannot be overemphasized for third-party sellers. Make the buyer experience your priority and stay educated about Amazon policies to keep your business thriving. 

Amazon FBA provides a smart way for you to ensure a consistent customer experience without the need to immediately hire additional staff to continue providing great service. It’s also important to ask for and monitor Amazon feedback and product reviews. 

FeedbackFive makes it easy to send branded requests for feedback or reviews in fifteen Amazon marketplaces. You can also send official Amazon requests by scheduling automation for the system behind the Amazon Request a Review button. Get text/email alerts for negative ratings so you can take action right away. 

Requesting and monitoring Amazon ratings helps you ensure that you are providing the level of service required for continued success on Amazon. 

  1. In case I am using fulfillment by Amazon and receive a negative review, would it affect my overall feedback score?

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