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Top Websites for Amazon sellers to Find Private Label Product Ideas

private label websites list
September 5, 2023 9 mins to read

There are millions of customers on Amazon. When you are launching a business, you need to tap into a vast group of potential buyers. Picking the right private label product leads to stupendous growth in profits. If you’re looking for trending private label product ideas, look no further, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we are going to give you a list of 13 best websites for private label product ideas to help you in your market research and Amazon product research.

Quick Guide:

  1. Algopix
  2. Kickstarter
  3. Fundable
  4. Indiegogo
  5. Trend Hunters
  6. eBay’s Global Deals
  7. Market Research with eBay WUANTO
  8. Angel
  9. Instagram
  10. Pinterest
  11. Google trends
  12. Oberlo
  13. Amazon’s List

Why Private Label Business?

In Amazon, a seller can make profits in three different ways. 

  1. You can choose to sell the products you manufacture.
  2. If you’re authorized, you can sell the products manufactured by other brands, as a form of online resale.
  3. The third one is the private label – manufactured by other companies, but sold under your brand name. 

The third option, Private label products, the major element of our today’s topic is popular among Amazon retailers as it is the most profitable e-commerce business model

The reason why I chose this topic is, there is a steep learning curve for the Amazon private label sellers in recent times. To become a successful private label seller on Amazon, you need to overcome many obstacles including shipping issues and price hikes.  

Entering into a new niche that has no social proof may not generate potential sales while entering into a trending or proven market skyrockets your sales.

One of the most painful points for a new Amazon private label seller is to identify an apt product or niche that is profitable. Most of the time, sellers end up choosing a product idea or a market that is already saturated which results in gaining low profits. On the contrary, brilliant investors always look for innovative and refreshing ideas to pitch in new products. While many of the e-commerce sellers are struggling to find a sweet spot, the intelligent ones powered by the right decisions are finding it as a cakewalk to shift their products from digital shelves. So, in this post, we put together a few top websites for your Amazon product research and market research to aid your selling groove. 


Algopix is a product research and market research website that helps eCommerce sellers to make smarter product choices and inventory decisions. Using its algorithm, also pix provides real-time data analytics taking data across three major marketplaces including eBay, Walmart, and Amazon among different countries making it easy for international sellers to grow. Its unique recommendation system and competitor analysis give insights to customers if a product is worth investing in or an idea is worth chasing for. 

The user base of Algopix is growing including newbies and established sellers. Providing services across three different marketplaces gives Algopix competitive edge over other similar companies on the market.

algopix private label research


Kickstarter is primarily a crowdfunding platform that allows the project creators to fund creative projects by running campaigns on the platform itself. Many people might be familiar with the site. But, this platform is a great source to extract private label product ideas. With its diverse search options, you can search for a particular genre, niche, or category, based on your criteria.

kickstarter product finder

As a well-versed source of private label product ideas and niche finder, Kickstarter helps Amazon sellers to create partnerships with its fundraisers. Also, it provides a great opportunity for creators to launch their products or services into the mainstream market with defined goals. 


Fundable is a similar crowdfunding platform to Kickstarter. It works on a reward and equity-based system and is renowned for its fast pace and quick results. Fundable is set for businesses but is open for projects too. It offers affordable charges for campaigns that act as a sticking point for many businesses. Besides, it charges no fees for unsuccessful campaigns. However, this platform forbids social donations, charities, and adult related products.

Fundable is a good choice for inspiration-seeking Amazon sellers.

top ecommerce businesses


Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform which helped many entrepreneurs to solicit funds for their start-ups. This website is a great one for inspiration and is similar to Kickstarter. Based out of California, U.S, this website allows people around the globe to raise funds for their ideas, businesses, or charity. Using the explore section, users can identify the current projects and the funds raised. Also, users publicize projects using various social media platforms. 

Any investor, customer, or donor who is willing to raise funds for a project gets rewards in return. 

indiegogo companies

Trend Hunters 

Once you have the list of profitable niche, Trend Hunters provide you up to the minute private label product ideas that are cutting-edge. Trend Hunters is all about ‘what’s hot’ in the market. 

With the online business growing rapidly, you need to stay updated with the current trends and tactics to scale your e-commerce business. Trend Hunters’ innovative and valuable insights come handy to the Amazon seller who is looking for new private label product ideas.


eBay’s Global Deals 

The next one on the list is the famous auction giant – eBay. Most of us are likely to  have used it or heard of it at least. There are multiple features in this platform that makes it perfect to gather inspiration, especially for the FBA private label sellers. eBay’s Global deals section contains the hottest products and best deals of the time. In a way, a website like this is more beneficial for Amazon sellers who are looking for new ideas. 

ebay private label products

Market Research With eBay WUANTO

Another potential feature of eBay that caught our eye is eBay watched item – WUANTO. The reason why we chose this is – we want you to stay relevant with the current trends and demographics. Researching for a marketplace, or product is often time-consuming but it is a vital part of online selling business. Using WUANTO, users can search for the country they want to sell in and find out the products that have more demand in a niche. This gives a brief idea of what’s trending in a particular marketplace. 

wuanto private label ideas

Angel – To Find the Right Investment Avenues

Angel is all about startups. Right from investment opportunities to the latest news in different verticals, to job vacancies in startups, it has a range of options suitable for entrepreneurs. Amazon sellers can find the latest products and services offered on this website as well as identify the hottest startups in different domains.

ecommerce startup directories


Do you know what makes an account popular on instagram? 

It’s engaging content. 

Social media platforms such as Instagram and facebook are popular among youth. So, if your private label product is youth-centric, it is easy to find trends and customer interests using instagram. Look for patterns that bring potential leads to your business or product.  


If you have underestimated Pinterest as a platform to share exotic locations and selfies, then you are yet to unveil its true potential. It is one of the fastest-growing channels to share online content. Some people spend hours together on this platform. Pinterest is a visual treat and a great source to discover people’s interests and lifestyle through their pins and boards. Amazon sellers can gather new product ideas that touch the lives of the people. It can also facilitate conversations about their brands or websites by sharing links. 

pinterest newly launched products

Note: Loosely, Tumblr also caters to a similar purpose. An Amazon seller can browse the trending topics or products in a particular niche and can identify what works for his/her business.  

Google Trends

The list is incomplete without mentioning the mighty Google. Amazon sellers take a while to adjust to the Google trends console and its features. Not only it gives trending keyword volume but it also gives a great inspiration for the sellers about the latest trending products, services, and topics based on a particular country. The topics are broad and vary from health, business, politics, finance, sports, and more. You can find ample inputs for your private label product ideas using demographics too. 


Oberlo is everything you need to setup your Amazon business. It answers all your basic questions from what to sell? Where to sell? How to setup a store? Amazon sellers can research for product ideas or simply browse through the list of their articles, guides, and tips that aid their Amazon business in multiple ways.

oberlo top products finder

Here goes Amazon’s list –

Amazon is the best source to research for someone looking to sell on Amazon. For a private label seller, understanding how this giant operates is worth it. There are many features on the list. We are providing a glimpse of them.

Amazon’s Best Sellers

Amazon’s best sellers give a list of the most-sold products with their sales, product details, and ranking. Based on the category or ranking, users can search the trending products that attract the shoppers in real-time. This is the best choice when you are trying to narrow down your niche and the list may surprise you at times. 

Amazon’s New Releases

Amazon’s new releases section is a great tool to start finding a product and monitor through its entire lifecycle which helps to maximize your sales. It gives a quick and easy view of the latest products and categories that hit Amazon’s shelves.

Movers and Shakers

Updated hourly, Amazon’s movers and shakers is the best guide to get updated with the trends as they unfold. It has a list of the products which generated maximum sales in the last 24 hours. 

And the list goes on.


With SellerApp, you get the power to uncover the most profitable product ideas by using the keyword search volume and competitor pricing. This will help you understand the seasonality and trends of a product. Furthermore, you can identify the top selling products based on their ranking, average price points, and reviews with an estimate of monthly sales, revenue, and reviews which is one of the easiest ways to validate your product research.

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2 Comments on “Top Websites for Amazon sellers to Find Private Label Product Ideas”

  1. kyrie 6
    April 26, 2021

    How does Amazon put a product under the best selling category?

    1. Arishekar N
      August 23, 2021

      Amazon’s best sellers give a list of the most-sold products with their sales, product details, and ranking which helps them to be on the best selling category.

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