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Amazon Review Checker – Why Do You Need One?

amazon review analyzer
August 21, 2023 6 mins to read

Customer reviews are paramount for e-commerce sellers. In a buyer-centric platform like Amazon, reviews have almost become a tipping point for making purchasing decisions. As a seller, they provide you with social verification for your product quality because your customers love reading reviews.

That is why it is important to track and analyze your product reviews. We recommend signing up for a service that helps you scrape Amazon reviews.

Studies show that more than 80% of the customers read reviews before they purchase a product. With a large fraction of the population relying on product reviews to purchase a product, there is a huge rise in fake reviews and fraudulent ratings on Amazon. However, Amazon’s efforts to fight back this problem are not very effective, and the problem is still persisting. 

Here’s a peek into the content:

  1. Why are reviews important for your business?
  2. Amazon’s one-tap reviews
  3. How to spot fake reviews on Amazon?
  4. Amazon’s ‘verified purchase’ reviews
  5. Conclusion

Why Are Reviews Important for Your Business?

Reviews provide Market Intelligence

Selling on Amazon demands thorough research. Amazon reviews If you want to launch new products, you need to analyze product reviews of existing products in order to understand what exactly your customers want from the product. 

An Amazon review analyzer tool can help you find out your customers’ purchase interests and pain points which helps you with your product launch. 

Customers love reviews

Consumer decisions are changing rapidly over the past few years. Social media updates, product reviews, and comparing prices have become a norm in our daily lives. Consumers’ loving product reviews have become a primary reason for the sellers to step up their online review strategy. 

Good product reviews boost brand visibility and ranking 

A seller’s brand is defined by the list of products in his/her catalog. Sellers with a broad product range will have a huge scope to build positive reviews if they meet customers’ expectations. Having good reviews will boost brand awareness and visibility on Amazon and off Amazon. 

On the other hand, user-generated content has become quite prominent recently. Customers read reviews and buy your product which increases your product sales and conversion rate. Therefore, good feedback boosts your organic traffic. Also, customer reviews on Amazon, social media platforms, and other forums are gaining significance. Not only does this enhance your product visibility, but it also boosts your credibility. In other words, customer reviews work as a marketing tool for your product.

Why Do You Need an Amazon Review Checker?

Apart from the above-mentioned points, sellers need to focus on customer satisfaction to accelerate their business. It is one of the key metrics that sellers need to understand. This is where an Amazon review checker comes into the picture. Happy customers leave positive reviews on Amazon. However, you also need to address the negative reviews.

Negative reviews ruin your sales and product ranking and create a bad impact on your business. Therefore, you need to track your reviews with the help of an Amazon review analyzer or review checker tool. By tracking negative reviews, you can understand why the customer is unhappy with your product or his pain points. This makes it easier to fix the issue and increase your customer satisfaction. In the best-case scenario, this may turn a negative review into a positive one. 

Amazon’s One-tap Review

In 2019, Amazon introduced one-tap ratings for product reviews allowing customers to leave reviews at the click of a button. The new one-tap feature allows buyers to leave ratings anywhere between one and five. This is available for customers (verified purchase) who have purchased the product from Amazon. However, Amazon does not specify how the overall star rating is measured. Also, it is not clearly mentioned if the one-tap ratings have the same weightage as the written reviews. 

The upside of this one-tap review is that there is a huge chance for the sellers to receive product feedback. However, the one-tap rating is not descriptive enough for the customers to understand the product, but it still has the scope to influence potential customers. Simplify your Amazon review analysis process by leveraging an efficient review scraping tool.

Using the one-tap review system, Amazon is making an effort to streamline the review process making it easy for sellers to ask for reviews. Though this effort may not completely curb fake reviews, it will encourage genuine customers to provide rightful reviews. 

On the other hand, you also have Amazon feedback request tools on the internet to make your job easier.

How to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon?

Fake reviews exist on Amazon and are quite dominant on other online platforms. It is important to differentiate if a customer review is real or fake. It may be easy to aggregate reviews and ratings, but you need to look into at least a few of the reviews to understand whether they are reliable or not.
1. Look out for overly positive reviews and overly negative reviews. See if they are following any pattern. 
2. Look for reviews that don’t provide enough information and are overly positive.
3. Look for reviews that speak a different experience with the product than the rest of them. 
4. See if a bunch of reviews is posted around the same time which seems unreliable.

Amazon’s ‘Verified Purchase’ Reviews

Amazon introduced ‘verified purchase’ to encourage legitimate reviews. With the growing counterfeit measures, it is hard to get genuine reviews from real customers. You can get verified Amazon reviews by

  • Opting for an Early Reviewer Program.
  • Choosing Amazon Vine Program.
  • Include Product Inserts.
  • Using Chatbots.

If you want to know more about how to get verified reviews on Amazon, do watch this video now!

6 Strategies You SHOULD Know to Get More Amazon Verified Reviews 🚀🚀 in 2023

However, there are few sellers tampering with the ‘verified purchase’ reviews. These third-party sellers are contacting the customers via Facebook groups or other dedicated review groups and making them purchase their product. Sellers give a specific set of instructions to purchase and leave reviews for their products. After the buyers leave a positive review with a 5-star rating, sellers refund them via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. This transaction is done outside of Amazon’s view making it harder for Amazon to trace the activity. 

If you want to know more about Amazon’s fake review scenarios, check out this Reddit forum.


Making genuine customers leave reviews is hard and doesn’t guarantee good reviews. Though Amazon is making multiple efforts to curb fake reviews. Unless Amazon puts this situation under control, fake reviews are only going to flourish. These fake reviews are damaging the businesses which are playing by the rules. Therefore, as a seller, you need to analyze your product reviews on Amazon.

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