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Track Your Listings’ Position on Amazon to Improve your SEO

Detailed  Keyword  Insights
Detailed Keyword Insights

With important metrics like page rank, position, change in position, and search visibility at your fingertips, drawing actionable insights has never been this easy.

Get Real-Time Updates
Get Real-Time Updates

View the position of your keywords in real time using the Chrome Extension. With just one click, view the present rank of your listing for any given keyword in real time.

Expert Help and Consultation
Expert Help and Consultation

Drop in your listings’ rank? Don’t worry, we got your back. Our Customer Success team will help you strategize to improve your organic rankings.

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Find Your Listing’s Organic Search Rank Easily

Adding the right set of keywords alone to your listing is not enough. You need to track their performance and understand which keywords are working for you and which aren’t.

Using our Amazon Keyword Tracker tool, you will see how your product listing is ranking organically within the Amazon’s search results for given keywords. Also, easily monitor your listing’s exact rank with page rank and position, and visualize whether your optimization efforts are on the right path or not.

You will also perceive the impact of any changes that you have made in your Amazon SEO strategies immediately and observe the change in your listings’ position over time.

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View Search Visibility Trends for your Tracked Keywords

Every keyword you track using the tool will be presented with metrics like index status, and the number of products indexed for that specific keyword. With this, you can also see page rank, position, and change in position. Additionally, you can also observe how the position of your listing in the search results has varied in the past for the given keyword using our Keyword Trends feature. Correlate this data to the tweaks you made in your SEO strategies at the time and evaluate the success of your efforts.

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Analyze Your Position by Tracking Competitors’ Keywords

Thoroughly understanding the top keywords in the niche you’re after on Amazon is just as important as any other aspect of your business. Identify your top competitors’ keywords with the Reverse ASIN feature, and track them to understand where your listing stands for those keywords. Revise your optimization strategies with the inputs found here and observe the discernible change in your listings’ position.

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Monitor the Position of Your Newly Launched Products

After launching a new product on Amazon, it is essential to observe its organic rank within the search results for the different keywords that you are targeting. The change in your listings’ position with time will tell you whether your approach to driving traffic to your listing and taking it off the ground is working or not - be it through referrals, social media marketing, or PPC campaigns.

Monitor the position of keywords

See the Impact of Your PPC Campaigns on Organic Ranking

In addition to the ad performance reports, gauge the success of your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns with our Amazon keyword rank tracker. Simply track the keywords for which you are running the advertisements. If they are bringing in clicks and conversions, then the product’s sales history will improve and consequently, its organic positions for the given keywords will become better. On the other hand, if the keywords are still not ranking well, then it may require further optimization.

track your ppc campaign keywords

Understand Your Search Visibility Share with Respect to Your Competitors

Given that you are not the only one doing business on Amazon, it is important to figure out where you stand in the niche among your peers. One way to do this is to track the same set of keywords for you and your top competitors are using and observe the visibility that your listings get. This will also give you If your competitors’ listings have a superior rank than yours, then it is time to enhance your optimization approach and get on par with them!

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Boost Your Amazon SEO and Drive More Sales

It is Amazon’s golden rule: the better your products’ rank, the more exposure they will get and therefore, the more sales you can expect. Our Amazon Keyword Tracking tool will keep you informed of your product listings’ rank in real time so that you can work on optimizing your Amazon SEO for superior visibility, exposure, and sales. We update the search rank data every 12-24 hours so that you always know how you stand in the market and what needs to be done to improve your product listing optimization.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How often are the Keyword Tracking metrics updated?

    The essential metrics like page rank, current position, and position change are updated every 12-24 hours. You can observe the same in the ‘Last Updated’ section. You can also track the performance immediately, in real time, using the Chrome Extension.

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