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The most intuitive, analytical, and accurate Amazon rank tracker you will ever need.


Reduction in Ad spends by monitoring the right keywords


Improvement in search visibility after optimizing the listing


Customer Satisfaction

Track the Performance of your Amazon Keywords

Discover your listing ranking in seconds and optimize your product SEO with high-converting keywords provided by our expert research tools.

amazon keyword tracker

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Get noticed by the right audience

Get noticed by your customers by leveraging our keyword tools. Maintain high visibility by incorporating the potential keywords from our keyword tracker.

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Get back the organic traffic you’re losing to your competitors.

Identify your top competitors’ keywords with the Reverse ASIN feature. Track them to understand where your listing stands for those keywords. Revise your optimization strategies with our precise inputs.

amazon keyword tracking tool


See the impact of your PPC campaigns on organic ranking

Gauge the success of your Amazon sponsored ad campaigns with our keyword ranking tool. Track the keywords to find if they are bringing in clicks and conversions. Fine-tune the search terms and match types to enjoy a high ROI.

analyze your keyword position

Best-in-class AI-powered Keyword Tracking tool configured to improve Product SEO

Leverage the next-gen Keyword Tracking tool designed to take your listings at the top of Amazon SERP.

Discover your listing’s rank for given keywords. Improve your optimization strategies by focusing on keywords that matter.

  • Our data-driven tools have the potential to analyze changing customer search trends. Take advantage of our keyword tracker to analyze keyword trends and search volume to anticipate consumer interests.
  • Given the complexities in the customer journey and the Amazon selling process, our analytics tools will help you achieve your business goals efficiently. Our in-house experts who know every nook and corner of Amazon SEO will help you in your selling journey.
  • Use real-time data insights from actual Amazon search queries. Our keyword tools are based on Amazon customer searches - boosting your chances for success.
  • Track your competitor’s keywords and observe their visibility and ranking strategies. Enhance your optimization approach based on your competitor techniques to stay ahead of the curve.


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