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What Is Amazon Inspire: A Comprehensive Guide for Sellers

What is amazon inspire?
January 24, 2024 10 mins to read

Imagine finding an intriguing product ad while scrolling through Instagram or TikTok. The usual process involves clicking the link, exploring the product details, and possibly checking out other items. At the end of this journey, you might or might not decide to make a purchase.

Now, picture Amazon Inspire, where the process is remarkably streamlined. While casually browsing your feed, you spot an appealing product with a “Buy” button. A quick click adds it to your Amazon shopping cart, and a few more clicks seal the deal.

This simplicity makes Amazon Inspire an enticing marketing strategy. In this guide, we’ll break down the fundamentals of Amazon Inspire and how it can not only boost your product’s visibility but also enhance brand recognition among your customers.

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  1. What is Amazon Inspire?
  2. How Does Amazon Inspire Work?
  3. Requirements to Create Amazon Inspire
  4. How to Upload Content on Amazon Inspire?
  5. Who Can Post Content on Amazon Inspire
  6. Benefits of Amazon Inspire for Brands
  7. Does Amazon Inspire Give Commissions to Sellers?
  8. Conclusion

What is Amazon Inspire?

Studies have revealed a fascinating fact: the average human attention span is just 12 seconds. In today’s fast-paced world, when a buyer encounters a video, it captures their attention more effectively than sifting through lengthy product descriptions or listings. 

Here’s where Amazon Inspire comes into the picture.

Amazon Inspire is a new feature within the Amazon shopping app applicable only in the United States. It simplifies the process for customers to explore and purchase products through a personalized feed. In Amazon Inspire, you’ll find an engaging collection of vertical videos and images featuring a variety of products from brands, customers, and Amazon influencers.

With Amazon Inspire, customers can effortlessly discover new products tailored to their interests. At the same time, it provides brands with a powerful platform to display their products to potential customers, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Amazon created Inspire to make discovering new products fun and engaging, moving away from the traditional product listing approach. It offers an appealing alternative to platforms like TikTok, where brands directly market to consumers. The goal is to shift the focus toward boosting sales on

How Does Amazon Inspire Work?

Here’s how Amazon Inspire works for customers. It’s pretty simple:

Accessing Inspire: To get started with Amazon Inspire, users should open the Amazon Shopping app and click on the “Light bulb”  icon.

Selecting Interests: Upon entering the Inspire section, you’ll choose your interests from a list of over 20 categories. These categories include makeup, skincare, sports, clothing, games, and interior design.

Personalized Feed: Your selected interests help generate a personalized feed, similar to TikTok. This feed displays video and photo content that aligns with your chosen interests.

Shopping: While browsing your personalized feed, you can easily shop for products. When you come across a product that piques your interest, you can click on it to see more details or add it to your shopping cart.

Amazon Inspire offers a user-friendly and personalized shopping experience. It begins by tailoring your feed based on your interests, making it a convenient way to discover and shop for products that align with your preferences. 

Requirements to Create Amazon Inspire

To create content for Amazon Inspire, here are the requirements:

Orientation: Ensure that the videos and images you upload are in a vertical format, appearing full-screen when viewed on a mobile device.

Length: Amazon recommends keeping your videos short, ideally 30 seconds or less. This brief duration helps keep customers engaged.

Products: Your content must highlight at least one product available on Amazon, which you can tag in your uploaded content. You can include multiple product tags as long as all the featured products are available on Amazon.

Use Existing Content: If you’ve made content for Amazon to share on other social media platforms, you can upload it to your Amazon storefront and tag the featured products. Just remember to remove any social media watermarks from the existing video, if there are any.

Guidelines: Adhere to Amazon’s community guidelines and video content guidelines to ensure your eligibility for using Amazon Inspire.

Music: Avoid using copyrighted music in your videos to prevent any legal issues.

Video Size: Your video file should be in either .mp4 or .mov format and should not exceed 5GB in size.

By following these requirements, you can create content for Amazon Inspire that is engaging, compliant with Amazon’s guidelines, and tailored to the mobile viewing experience.

How to Upload Content on Amazon Inspire?

To upload content on Amazon Inspire, you need to be part of the Amazon Influencer Program. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Publishing Videos Directly from the Amazon Mobile App:

  • Open the Amazon shopping app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the “Light Bulb” icon to visit Amazon Inspire on the bottom navigation bar.
how to post on amazon inspire
  • On the top right of the screen, you’ll find a “+” button. Click on it to upload your content.
how to use amazon inspire
  • You can choose from different options like Posts (Video and Photo), Idea Lists, and Live Video (iOS only).
ture off amazon inspire
  • For Posts, select the “Video” option.
  • Once you’ve uploaded the content, press “Choose.”
  • You’ll be redirected to an Amazon page where you can tag the products seen in your video. You can use options like Idea Lists, Your Orders, or Browse History to tag the products. Press “Done” once you’re finished.
Where is amazon inspire available
  • In the next section, add a title for your content (maximum 80 characters) and press “Submit Post.”
Who can post content to Amazon Inspire?

Uploading Videos from Your Desktop:

  • Visit your Influencer Storefront.
  • Click on “Add Video” to manage your videos.
  • After adding your video, give it a title.
  • Adjust the thumbnail and tag the relevant products, then click “Submit.”

Uploading a Set of 15 Videos at Once on Desktop:

  • Go to the Creator Hub on your desktop.
  • Click on “Upload Videos.” You can upload up to 15 videos from your local folder or simply drag and drop them.
  • Once uploaded, you can see the status in the Creator Hub.
  • Click on “Edit Draft” to add details to your videos, including video titles, product tags, and thumbnails (remember to do this for each video).
  • Review the details and press “Submit.”

Note: Your videos will go through a moderation process once published, which typically takes around 2 days. You can monitor the status of your videos in the Creator Hub. Once your content passes moderation, customers can discover your videos on your Influencer Storefront.

This guide should help you navigate the process of uploading content to Amazon Inspire, whether you’re using a desktop or a mobile app.

Who Can Post Content on Amazon Inspire

Amazon Influencers, Amazon Customers, and Brands usually share content on Amazon Inspire. Let’s break down who can post content on Amazon Inspire:

1. Amazon Influencers

Amazon Influencers are individuals accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program. They’re typically content creators, social media personalities, bloggers, or experts in specific product areas.

Amazon Influencers are the main contributors to Amazon Inspire. They create and share videos and images showcasing products available on Amazon. Their content often includes recommendations, reviews, and insights based on their experiences with the products.

Becoming an Amazon Influencer typically involves meeting certain criteria. This includes having a substantial social media following, creating high-quality content, and demonstrating expertise in specific product categories.

2. Amazon Customers

Amazon Customers are the regular users of Amazon who shop and engage with the platform. They can be anyone, not necessarily content creators, influencers, or experts.

Amazon Customers, although not regular content creators, can indirectly contribute to Amazon Inspire. When they leave product reviews with videos or images alongside their written feedback, there’s a possibility that their content could appear in Inspire. However, the selection process for which reviews are included is often random and not under their control.


On Amazon, you can find all kinds of brands, from big companies to small businesses and even individual sellers. They all use Amazon to sell their products.

Brands can participate in Amazon Inspire by allowing Amazon Influencers and approved content creators to feature their products in their content. While they don’t post content directly on Inspire, they play a crucial role in collaborating with influencers to reach a broader audience through these creators’ content.

To have their content featured on Amazon Inspire, brands must be part of the Amazon Brand Registry. They also need to actively participate in Amazon Posts. Posting content in Amazon Posts enhances their likelihood of having their products showcased in customers’ shoppable feeds on Inspire.

Brands play a pivotal role in collaborating with influencers and content creators, making their products available for featuring in Inspire and benefiting from the exposure generated by these content creators.

Benefits of Amazon Inspire for Brands

Indeed, having your products featured on Amazon Inspire offers several valuable benefits for sellers and brands:

Enhanced Visibility and Brand Recognition:

When your products appear on Amazon Inspire, they become more visible to a wide audience. This increased exposure helps potential customers discover your brand and what you offer. As people browse their feeds, your products have a chance to catch their eye, building greater brand awareness.

Higher Likelihood of Sales:

Featuring your products in the visually engaging format of Amazon Inspire can attract interested customers. This can lead to more sales as users are more likely to make a purchase when they see products presented appealingly.

Customized Brand Communication:

Amazon Inspire allows you to create personalized branded posts that align with your brand’s identity and message. This level of personalization allows you to connect with customers on a deeper level, strengthening your brand’s image and resonance with the audience.

Showcasing Product Benefits:

Amazon Inspire enables you to showcase lifestyle videos and images of your products, allowing you to demonstrate how your products enhance customers’ lives in real-world situations. This gives them a better understanding of the benefits.

Streamlined Shopping Experience:

A standout advantage of Amazon Inspire is the seamless shopping process. Customers can make purchases directly from their feed, eliminating the need to navigate to your product listing separately. This convenience simplifies the buying process and can potentially lead to more sales.

Does Amazon Inspire Give Commissions to Sellers?

Videos on Amazon Inspire can help you earn onsite commission. If a customer clicks on a product from your video and makes a purchase, you can earn commission rates directly on the Amazon platform.

It’s important to note that videos uploaded to Influencer Storefronts have always had this onsite commission feature. However, with the introduction of Amazon Inspire, your videos have more opportunities to be seen by a wider audience, increasing your chances of earning commissions.

If you want to learn more about the specific onsite commission rates, you can find detailed information on Amazon’s website.


Amazon Inspire is a dynamic platform that enhances the shopping experience for both sellers and customers. It offers a visually engaging way to discover and purchase products, making online shopping more exciting and convenient. 

For sellers and brands, it’s a valuable tool to boost exposure and engage with a broader audience. Amazon Inspire reflects Amazon’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, cementing its significance in the e-commerce landscape.

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