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11 Amazon Black Friday Selling Tips to Boost Sales in 2022

amazon black friday updates
September 4, 2023 11 mins to read

Black Friday is around the corner!

And it’s known to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year! 

On average, US shoppers spent around $8.9 billion on online shopping during Black Friday and $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday (source)

If your Amazon store is not yet ready for this November holiday sale, you are missing out on plenty of revenue opportunities. 

When does Amazon Black Friday Sale Start, and How Long Does It Last?

Amazon’s Black Friday sale will start on November 25, 2022, followed by Cyber Monday, which starts on November 26, 2022, and ends on Monday, November 28

But you’ll see a lot of pre, and post-Black Friday deals several weeks before and after the big day. 

11 Amazon Black Friday Selling Tips for 2022

If you are an Amazon or e-commerce seller, it’s time to ramp up your preparation for the November holiday selling.

Here are 11 Amazon selling strategies to help you boost sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  1. Study Last Year’s Shopping Trends And Understand Sales Patterns
  2. Stock Enough Inventory for the Holiday Demand
  3. Submit Your Black Friday Deals for Approval on Time
  4. Sprinkle Deals Throughout The Holiday Season
  5. Optimize Your Product Listings With Holiday Search Terms
  6. Offer Same-Day Delivery and Free Returns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
  7. Use Different Advertising Strategies to Get More Sales
  8. Use Social Media Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Listing
  9. Improve Customer Retention Through Excellent Customer Service
  10. Market Your Products to GenZ and Millenials
  11. Use Past Data to Make Decisions

1. 🚀 Study Last Year’s Shopping Trends to Understand Sales Patterns

Successful sellers plan ahead of time! 

To get the most out of the Black Friday sales on Amazon, you need to get familiar with the previous and current year’s shopping trends.

  • Look at credible sources that monitor and report retail news and consumer shopping trends. 
  • Talk to buyers and sellers to learn about their opinions and insights.

The aforementioned will help you figure out what’s currently trending in the e-commerce industry

Here are some shopping trends of the previous year that’ll help you:

  • 43% of Black Friday sales happened on mobile phones in 2021
  • The most popular product category searched with “Black Friday” was “tv,” followed by “laptop.”
  • Top-selling products on Cyber Monday were toys, video games, and electronics. (source)
  • Closely looking at such selling patterns can help you effectively plan your Black Friday selling strategy. 

2. 🚀 Stock Enough Inventory for the Holiday Demand

Prepare your inventory to handle the holiday demand. This not only applies to Black Friday and Cyber Monday but also the upcoming Christmas and New Year. 

  • Use ABC analysis to identify the best and worst-performing products
  • Remove worst-performing products from your inventory to make room for the best-selling products
  • Stock up the Amazon Top Selling products to your inventory for November and December. 

It will help you fulfill all your orders on time and make your customers happy. 

3. 🚀 Submit Your Black Friday Deals for Approval Ahead of Time

Your Black Friday deals need to get approval on Amazon Seller Central before you can run them on your listing. And it can take some time.

So, submit your deals to Amazon Seller Central ahead of time, and ensure you get approval before the Black Friday sale. 

Eligibility Criteria for Amazon Black Friday

Amazon has several criteria for sellers who want to join in on the Black Friday shopping deals.

  • The selling product must be eligible for prime shipping within the country
  • Discount must be at least 10% off non-promotional non-prime member price
  • The prime discount price must be lower than the lowest ASIN price for the last 30 days
  • The product must have at least 3.5-star ratings or no rating. 

Make sure you fulfill all the criteria before getting approval from Amazon. 

4. 🚀 Sprinkle Deals Throughout The Holiday Season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about deals and offers! But it doesn’t mean you have to offer deals only on Black Friday.  

Skilled Amazon sellers know that most Black Friday deals start much ahead of time and last until a week later. 

Thankfully, Amazon offers various deal types you can run to improve conversion on your products throughout the holiday season. 

Give Discounted Price

And it’s known to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year! 

amazon discounted price

This is by far the easiest way to give deals during the holiday season and get more sales. Just ensure that the sale price is lower than the last ASIN price for the last 30 days.

Give Coupons

amazon discounted price with coupon

Coupons are a great way to grab a customer’s attention during the holiday season. The best part is, you can set up a budget limit for your coupons, and once the budget is hit, the coupons will automatically get deactivated. 

Run Buy X Get Y (BXGY) Offers

run buy x get y offers

Another great way to generate more sales during Black Friday is running BXGY offers on complementary products to promote basket-building. It helps you move through high-volume inventory and get people to buy products that they never would’ve considered buying. 

5. 🚀 Optimize Your Product Listings With Holiday Search Terms

Though Amazon does not allow words such as ‘deals,’ ‘sale,’ ‘best,’ etc., in your listings, 

you can still get your products optimized for Black Friday and Cyber Monday by updating the titles and descriptions with holiday keywords such as ‘gifts,’ ‘party decor,’ etc. 

You can use the SellerApp Reverse ASIN tool to find high-ranking keywords from your competitor’s listings and add them to your product. 

optimize your amazon product listings
  • Go to SellerApp Dashboard → Keywords Tool → Reverse ASIN.
  • Enter your own ASIN and your competitor’s ASIN, and hit “Compare.
  • Sort the keywords based on “Very High” and “High” relevancy scores and identify high-converting keywords that are not in your listing. 
  • Optimize your product listing with these keywords. 
sellerapp amazon reverse asin tool

Pro Tip: Optimize the product description with Amazon A+ content to make it holiday friendly. This will increase your conversion rate. 

Check out the 2022 Amazon Product Listing Optimization Guide for more details. 

6. 🚀 Offer Same-Day Delivery and Free Returns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Holiday shoppers are spoiled with choices. Offering free shipping and return might be the only differentiating factor between you and your competitors’ products. 

Offering free shipping and returns will spice up your holiday sales and convince the shoppers to buy your product.

7. 🚀 Use Different Advertising Strategies to Get More Sales

Advertising is your holy grain during Black Friday, and you should double down on it if you want to enjoy higher sales. 

Here are some advertising strategies you can implement during the holiday season.

  • Optimize your campaigns regularly to ensure maximum conversions within a set budget. 
  • Use Amazon Sponsored ads to target every part of your sales funnels. Redirect Sponsored brand ads to personalized landing pages with your top-selling products
  • Ensure your ads run before, during, and after the holiday season. Shoppers usually shop throughout the holiday season, so you’ll experience a huge amount of searches at this time. And it’s essential to ensure that your products show on top of the results throughout the holiday season. 
  • Use day-parting and targeting options effectively. Eliminate the keywords that generate little to no sales. Optimize your keywords and ensure that you are staying within your target ACoS
  • During the holiday season, you’ll see a lot of traffic coming to your listing without much conversion. Run retargeting campaigns to bring this traffic back to the listing and get more conversions.

You can use SellerApp’s advertising feature to identify the search terms with higher ACoS and optimize them for the best results. 

Note: Tailor your ad campaigns to fit your business goals. It’s often easy to get lost amid the holiday rush. However, based on your end goals, you need to optimize your advertising KPIs such as conversion rate, click-through rate, CPC, etc. 

8. 🚀 Use Social Media Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Listing

Use Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and blog in your conversion funnel. Drive attention through exciting product discounts and offers! 

If you are creating campaigns on social platforms, you need to have a plan with a goal of what you want to achieve. Regardless of your paid advertising strategy, you should promote your products on social media to stay on top of your customer’s minds.

Apart from promoting, social media allows you to engage and interact with your customers directly. Take that opportunity to find out what they plan to buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

9. 🚀 Improve Customer Retention Through Excellent Customer Service

The best way to retain customers during the holiday season is by providing them with exceptional customer service. 

If you are selling using Amazon FBA, Amazon handles your customer service. 

But if you are selling through FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant), you must ensure that your customer service is ready to handle the shopping rush.

10. 🚀 Market Your Products to GenZ and Millenials

market your amazon products

Millennials have one of the highest disposable incomes in the USA. (source) And 58% of Gen Z buy in the Black Friday sale, closely followed by 54% of millennials.

However, you can’t simply target them based on their age. Millennials are a different kind of audience. You need to offer something unique. Here are a few things to consider while targeting millennials in your ad campaigns:

  • Consider looking into their behavioral insights. Refine your campaigns based on the sales and advertising insights you get.
  • Create campaigns based on their interests. Give them a reason to buy your product. Around 50% of millennials prefer to buy from sustainable brands. Some of them include recycling, cruelty-free, zero-waste, etc. 
  • Consider looking into their demographics by location. Tweak your campaigns and videos, and refine your messaging based on their demographics. For example, customers of Amazon India would be more price-sensitive than Amazon US customers, so you need to change your marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Use influencer marketing to engage and target your audience.

11. 🚀 Use Past Data to Make Decisions

Take a good look at your Amazon Black Friday sales for the last 1-2 years. Use that data to make smart and strategic decisions for sales this year.

There is a whole world of data on Amazon’s Sales Dashboard. You need to find the right set of data to make strategic decisions. Such as

  • Analyze your sales data for the past few months (since the pandemic) and also for the last year or two. 
  • Identify best-selling products in your portfolio as well as in your niche.
  • Identify your peak sales days and products that have the potential to perform well. 
  • Take a look at your competitor’s data and analyze metrics such as keyword positions, rankings, search volume, and CPC rates. Target the top-converting keywords in your listings and PPC campaigns. You can also use the SellerApp free chrome extension to track your competition.
  • You need to cover all your bases when it comes to holiday selling strategies. Make sure you set alerts for price changes, Buy Box, etc. SellerApp business alerts will help you stay informed about critical product changes on Amazon. You’ll be alerted as soon as a competitor changes his product price, loses Buy Box, and so on. Being prepared is crucial for holiday sales.  

Recommended Guide: Amazon Seller Tips to Increase Sales in 2023.


Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Get your Black Friday deals approved ahead of time.
  • Keep enough products in your inventory to last through the holiday season.
  • Optimize your product listing with holiday search terms
  • Give offers throughout the holiday season, not only on Black Friday.
  • Offer free same-day shipping and a return policy to get more conversions.
  • Create dedicated conversion channels for product listings. You can use Amazon stores, your blog, or your website for this.
  • Use last year’s sales data to identify trends to identify best-selling products and peak sales days.
  • Focus on Gen Z and millennials to market your products. They have more disposable income. 

The holiday season can be hectic and competitive for sellers. But it also brings plenty of opportunities to maximize your revenue.

Follow the above mentioned points, and see how Amazon fills your pocket during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

If you still have questions regarding Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let us know in the comments below or shoot us a mail at

Happy Selling!!

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