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Show Me the Money – Unconventional Ways to Make Money on Amazon

how to sell on amazon without stock
April 19, 2024 10 mins to read

Think of an endless aisle filled with products, customers ready to purchase with credit cards, and a system automatically taking care of delivery and logistics. Does that sound like retail heaven to you? 

The retail utopia already exists, thanks to Amazon. 

With over 197 million monthly site visitors and counting, Amazon has created a money-making machine…if you know how to tap into it.

When most people think about making money on Amazon, they think about having an inventory and selling a product through the marketplace.

But, purchasing, stocking, and shipping physical products can quickly become capital, resource and time intensive (not to mention competitive!). 

So what if you could make money on Amazon without selling any product?

As it turns out, Amazon’s vast ecosystem also presents alternative and highly profitable income opportunities without direct sales.

Interested? Let’s explore 7 creative ways to earn income using Amazon in 2024 without directly selling anything. 

A quick peek into the article:

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Getting Paid to Recommend
  2. Kindle Ebooks – Turn Your Knowledge into Royalty Income
  3. Merch by Amazon – Become Your Own T-shirt Design Empire
  4. ACX Audiobook Narration – Turning Text into Audio Cash
  5. Amazon Virtual Assistant – Your Backoffice to Supporting Their Frontlines
  6. Amazon Home Services – Send Job Leads to Your Existing Local Biz
  7. Provide Amazon Account Reinstatement Services
  8. Ghostwriting Ebooks
  9. Writing Amazon Product Descriptions
  10. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)
  11. The Takeaway

Affiliate Marketing – Getting Paid to Recommend

how to sell on amazon without inventory

Affiliate marketing may be your ideal money-making method if your skills lean more toward content creation, analysis, and relationship building. 

Amazon’s affiliate program allows members to earn commissions by directing purchases to Amazon’s site. So rather than source and sell products yourself, you curate and recommend products for buyers on Amazon’s marketplace.

When a visitor clicks your affiliate link and completes a purchase, you earn a commission based on the total sales. No direct product costs or fulfillment duties are involved whatsoever.

Affiliate rates vary by product category but hover around 4-10%. Top Amazon affiliates can earn from $100 to $25000 per month simply by driving qualified recommendation traffic to items already available on Amazon.

Say your personal passion is mobile photography. You could start a YouTube channel reviewing the latest Android and iPhone gear. Embed affiliate links to the actual products on Amazon within your video descriptions.

If you get a decent viewership, when viewers purchase gadgets after watching your reviews, you earn affiliate income without ever touching the inventory or hassling with shipping products yourself. 

By creatively directing viewers toward Amazon’s product inventory, the earning potential from affiliate links can add up quickly, especially as your follower count and content library expands.

Kindle Ebooks – Turn Your Knowledge into Royalty Income

how to sell on amazon without buying product

What if writing and publishing appeal more to you than video creation? 

Developing information products may be the perfect avenue to profit through Amazon without managing physical products.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform allows authors to release ebooks and audiobooks specifically for Amazon’s market-leading Kindle ecosystem. That gives you instant access to millions of built-in book buyers.

Better yet, just like their physical counterpart, digital ebooks require no printing, materials, or shipping on your part. 

Upload your expertise formatted into a book layout, add a compelling cover image, and then watch the sales royalties stack up.

Income potential certainly varies based on niche, content quality, and author marketing efforts. 

However, top performers earn over $100,000 annually, releasing multiple editions over time. Certain viral book offerings even generate 7-figure royalty paydays for breakthrough authors!

For example, Tricia O’Malley is an author who writes fantasy romance novels and publishes them on Amazon KDP. In her words: “Self-publishing through KDP and Amazon has changed my life. My books have made it to the new York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal best-sellers list

Merch by Amazon – Become Your Own T-shirt Design Empire 

how to become an amazon seller without inventory

Perhaps ebook writing seems too solitary, and you prefer more visual creative expression like drawing, design, or graphic work. 

No worries, Amazon has you covered!

Merch by Amazon allows you to create and upload customized t-shirt designs, which Amazon then manufactures per order on-demand. That means no tedious silkscreening or bulk t-shirt stock sitting around your house taking up space. 

how to sell on amazon without any products

Just conceptualize cool t-shirt ideas, upload the artwork files, add product listing details like royalty rate and product description, and then Amazon handles production and shipping automatically based on incoming orders.

Monthly income potential for t-shirt designers ranges wildly from an extra $300 to a whopping $50,000…and that’s from t-shirt sales alone! 

Top designers focus carefully on trending themes, social media fame, and rabid niche fanbases when selecting concepts to maximize sales appeal.

ACX Audiobook Narration – Turning Text into Audio Cash

how to sell on amazon without stock

We’ve already covered options for bloggers, digital artisans, and ebook authors. But what if speaking is more your speed than writing? 

Consider exploring audiobook narration opportunities using Amazon’s ACX platform.

ACX efficiently connects published content rights holders to voice talent like yourself. Writers provide pre-written book scripts, then narrators like you turn those stories into audio form. Your completed recordings are listed on Audible for sale to wide audience segments.

Pay structure options include a flat project fee or shared royalties on each copy sold. Factoring typical length and investment, the average audiobook earns narrators $150 per finished hour. 

For example, stretch that across a 10-hour novel, and total base pay reaches $1500 plus ongoing royalty proceeds. Thanks to booming audio demand, top-earning narrators easily clear 6-figures annually just articulating words.

Vocal artist Diane, for instance, always enjoyed interpreting literature excerpts aloud. After investigating ACX, she set up a home voiceover studio and began providing narration services to fiction and non-fiction writers.  

10 books in just a year earned Diane over $18,000 in flat fees alone! Add royalty kickbacks from strong audiobook sales, and her income after Year One working exclusively with Amazon hit $92,000.

Amazon Virtual Assistant – Your Backoffice to Supporting Their Frontlines

Now let’s explore some tactical opportunities for those comfortable organizing processes plus communicating clearly with clients. Providing virtual assistance for Amazon 3rd party sellers could be the perfect gig.


Many Amazon sellers struggle with bandwidth to handle administrative tasks like customer service, listing enhancements, inventory updates, data entry, etc. 

As business growth accelerates, fulfilling orders and support inquiries alone becomes overwhelming. 

That’s why hiring a virtual assistant makes perfect sense to manage the seller’s back office work so they can better focus on frontline sales and product expansion.

As a home-based VA yourself, you handle labor-intensive yet essential admin responsibilities that keep the seller’s operations running smoothly. Check out just some examples of responsibilities:

  • Managing Inbox Communications
  • Processing New Orders  
  • Updating Product Listings
  • Tracking Advertising Efforts 
  • Providing Customer Support
  • Monitoring Daily Reports
  • Researching New Products

The pay for virtual assistants is generous, ranging from $15-$50+ per hour based on your experience level with Amazon and e-commerce. 

Many established VAs even command over $100 per hour consulting enterprise brands on scaling seven and eight-figure companies. Utilizing an outsourcing calculator can help determine the potential cost savings and efficiency gains by hiring virtual assistants for various tasks.

Amazon Home Services – Send Job Leads to Your Existing Local Biz

Our last money-making method with Amazon flips the script towards service-minded individuals like electricians, landscapers, house cleaners, and more.  

Introducing Amazon Home Services, an integrated lead generation platform connecting established home repair, maintenance, and cleaning talent with customer projects.

Home Services allows local business owners to list their professional skills like mowing, power washing, interior painting, etc. When Amazon shoppers search for related assistance in your town, your contact information and company qualification details appear automatically.

Essentially, Amazon provides free advertising exposure and job lead referrals. You simply review the inbound requests like plumbing repair or furniture assembly, then directly contact promising prospects. Schedule estimates, complete project work, and then service more clients thanks to the added awareness.

How much does Home Services cost? 

Amazon bills either per lead sent or charges commission on total jobs completed. Compared to traditional yellow page ads or SEO spending, their integrated customer access proves very affordable, especially factoring in higher close rates.  

Recommended read: Five Methods to Sell on Amazon Without Inventory.

Provide Amazon Account Reinstatement Services

Thousands of Amazon seller accounts get suspended yearly for violations like counterfeit products, fake reviews, and policy breaches. 

While devastating for sellers, this creates an opportunity for you to provide professional Amazon account reinstatement services.

The process involves deeply understanding Amazon’s policies and then carefully filing appeals explaining how the suspended account should be reinstated. 

Success requires strong communication abilities, attention to detail, and persistence corresponding with Amazon.

Each reinstated account can earn you anywhere from $200 to $2000+ in fees, given the revenue recovery value. 

Perform 5-10 of these monthly account rescues, and your skills may secure a very nice income stream.

Ghostwrite Ebooks

Ghostwriting involves authoring ebooks for clients seeking quality books but lacking writing skills or time themselves. After agreeing on content direction, you handle researching, writing, and formatting based on the customer’s requirements.

Payment terms vary, but a 50/50 split of royalties is common. Alternatively, ghostwriters charge a fixed upfront fee, then the client retains all future book earnings.

Given Amazon Kindle’s immense reader traffic, ghostwritten ebooks can easily sell thousands of copies annually. 

Make sure to negotiate respectable terms so financial rewards match the effort invested into creating best-selling book content on the client’s behalf.

Writing Amazon Product Descriptions

Every Amazon listing contains a product description explaining features, benefits, and uses to prospective buyers. Sellers often struggle to write effective descriptions that convert, creating demand for Amazon Product Descriptions Copywriter.

Offer your product description writing services to Amazon sellers. Clients will provide background product information, and you can craft compelling sales-oriented narratives, maximizing appeal and clickthroughs.

Many freelancers earn $30-$75 per description. Complete just 10-15 weekly, and your specialized copywriting abilities translate into over $2000 per month of administrative income.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Have some spare time and are looking to offset a few bills?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) connects businesses with remote workers to perform online clerical tasks like data entry, survey taking, image tagging, and more.

Think of it like micro freelancing or gig work, earning small amounts that add up over time. Pay per task averages just $0.10-$0.50. However, variety and volume keep top performers making $500+ monthly.

It’s one of the best ways to make money on Amazon without selling any physical product.

The Takeaway

Hopefully, you now know different Amazon money-making ways without requiring direct product creation or selling on your part.

From consultants earning $5000 showing brands how to sell on Amazon…to artists making $50,000/month selling digital files online…to authors cranking out Kindle ebooks making $2500 a pop in royalty residuals – you have unique experiences and talents just waiting to transform into income. 

So rather than copying someone else’s money-making business model, do a bit of self-reflection instead. 

What skills make YOU stand out? What niche knowledge do YOU possess that others may find valuable? The possibilities are truly endless, given Amazon’s expansive ecosystem.

Ultimately, from writing to speaking, designing to building, cleaning to beautifying, your distinctive abilities can drive revenue without you needing to sell any physical products whatsoever.

Simply craft your compelling offer, then match it to the appropriate Amazon monetization method. With some grit and hustle, you CAN claim your own lucrative slice of the income pie from the world’s largest marketplace!

Now venture out there, get creative, and apply your personal skills so you can prosper right alongside Amazon’s global retail dominance!

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