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Amazon Trade-In Program – Everything You Need to Get Started

January 10, 2023 5 mins to read

Got a bunch of old gadgets, books, and videos lying around the house? Want to clear your household clutter and get credit from Amazon? Amazon Trade-In Program is your right choice!

Read this post to learn more about the Amazon Trade-In program.

Here’s a Peek Into the Content:

  1. What is the Amazon Trade-In program?
  2. What are the eligible items under the Amazon Trade-In Program?
  3. How does Amazon Trade-In Program work?
  4. How to Submit in a Trade-In?
  5. Amazon Trade-In – Things to Remember

What is Amazon Trade-In Program?

Due to technological advances and innovation, many old and obsolete electronic devices are remaining on our shelves. Thanks to these Trade-In programs, we are able to clear the clutter lying around and benefit from it. Many retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are allowing you to sell your old electronics. Tech liquidation is made easy with Amazon now. 

What are the eligible items under the Amazon Trade-In Program?

Amazon Trade-In program is one of the best choices out there if you want to trade your old items like books, videos, electronics, and other items for gift cards. These options include:

  • Mobile phones
  • Cameras
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Gaming equipment
  • Games and DVDs
  • Books

How does Amazon Trade-In Program Work?

Amazon Trade-In program allows you to sell the items that you no longer want, free of charge. It’s pretty straightforward and convenient. You can check the highest value of the product on the Amazon Trade-In page. Furthermore, Amazon provides you a quick quote with a trade-in value for your items along with free shipping. Follow the steps provided by Amazon and once Amazon accepts your product, you will receive a gift card from Amazon. 

Initially, there was no requirement to verify the condition of the product. Recently, Amazon introduced a way to check the product and verify the product and offer trade-in value. This is rewarding for the users who trade quality products.

How to Submit in a Trade-In?

  • Go to the Amazon Trade-In
  • You can find the list of eligible products in the store. If you did not find the product for which you are looking, click on Find more items.
submit trade in program
  • Select the items of your choice and choose your item condition. 
amazon trade in program conditions
  • Fill the other details before submitting the Trade-In. 
  • Amazon provides you with shipping information which you print and attach to the package.

Upon receiving, Amazon examines your product to make sure its condition matches the description you provided. Usually, products in excellent condition will receive more money in the form of gift cards, whereas items in poor condition have chances to trade at a low value.

Amazon will not confirm the trade-in value for your item until they receive your trade-in. If there are any changes in the trade-in value (TIV), Amazon may choose to contact you for further instructions or can cancel the trade-in and notify you about it. Once Amazon agrees with the description you provided, you will receive the amount credited to your account in the form of gift vouchers. 

Before shipping the product, you need to ensure that your personal information on the device is backed up. Amazon destroys the data on the device upon the acceptance of the item to ensure customer privacy.

Amazon Trade-In – Things to Remember

  • Amazon trade-in program is currently available in the US. 
  • This program allows users to trade products up to a value of $1800 in one transaction. 
  • Beware that Amazon reserves the right to delay payment for a product up to 25 days from receipt
  • You can choose to cancel your Amazon trade-in at any point of your process. (However, you may be charged if you choose instant payment.) If you want to cancel, log in to your Amazon Trade-In account and select your order number and click on Cancel. Amazon will ship back your product. Whether you decide to opt for trade-in or cancel it, you pay nothing. 
  • Amazon insists that users need to erase all the data in the gadgets and other devices. All the devices should be unlocked and de-registered from the cloud before they are packed and shipped to Amazon.
  • Ensure you follow the terms and conditions before you go ahead with the process.  

Best Practices to Follow: 

  • Unlike other retailers, Amazon trade-in pays out in the form of gift vouchers. And, these gift vouchers can be used to purchase items on Amazon. Therefore, one needs to think carefully while trading high-value products. 
  • You need to use your own packaging for the products you chose to trade-in. Opt for high-quality, sturdy packaging, and use bubble wrap to prevent any sort of damages during shipping which may result in rejection from Amazon. Amazon provides a free shipping label for the Trade-In program. 
  • Ensure that you compare the prices with other marketplaces before you choose Amazon trade-in. Though the Amazon trade-in program helps you to get rid of unwanted items lying around your house, it’s better that you compare prices ahead, especially for high-value items. Add your product to Amazon trade-in and see what the company is offering, and check out other sites like eBay etc. 
  • If there is a dispute over a product, Amazon may accept the situation and give you the gift card. However, there are chances that Amazon could ban your account if you abuse the system. Therefore, make sure you have adequate proof to your claim. 

Final Thoughts

Unlike other retailers, Amazon accepts a vast portfolio of products in the Trade-In program. It’s one of the best choices out there if you want to make some money by trading unwanted gear. You can use that extra cash to buy on Amazon and clean your closet simultaneously. However, there are other options on the internet. Ensure you have an idea about them before you proceed.

Additional Resource: 

Amazon LTL Shipping

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